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RTRP Registered Tax Return Preparer

The Registered Tax Return Preparer Test (RTRP) focuses on the ethical
responsibilities of federal tax return preparers and the completion of the Form 1040
series returns including basic related schedules and forms. The test specifications
below are intended to provide guidance on the content of the RTRP test. The
examples provided within each item are not all inclusive of what may be tested in a
given area. All efforts have been made to develop questions and answers based on
general tax rules covered in IRS publications, forms and instructions rather than
exceptions found only in the Internal Revenue Code or Income Tax Regulations.

Domain 1 – Preliminary Work and Collection of Taxpayer Data

1. Review prior years return for accuracy, comparison, and carryovers for current year return.

2. Collect taxpayers biographical information (e.g., date of birth, age, marital status, citizenship, dependents).

3. Determine filing status.

4. Determine all sources of taxable and non-taxable income (e.g., wages, interest, business, sale of property, dividends, rental income, income from flow-through
entities, alimony, government payments, and pension distributions).

5. Determine applicable adjustments to gross income (e.g., self-employed health
insurance, self-employment tax, student loan interest deduction, alimony paid,
tuition, and fees deduction).

6. Determine standard deduction and Schedule A itemized deductions (e.g., state and
local tax, real estate tax, cash contributions, non-cash contributions, unreimbursed
employee expense, medical expense, and mortgage interest).

7. Determine applicable credits (e.g., Earned Income Tax Credit, child tax credit,
education, retirement savings, dependent and childcare credit).

8. Understand tax payments (e.g., withholding, estimated payments).

9. Recognize items that will affect future returns (e.g., carryovers, depreciation).

10. Determine special filing requirements (e.g., presidentially declared disaster areas).

11. Determine filing requirements (including extensions and amended returns).

12. Understand due dates, including extensions.

13. Determine personal exemptions, including dependents.

14. Determine qualifying child/relative tests for Earned Income Credit.

Domain 2 – Treatment of Income and Assets

A. Income

1. Taxability of wages, salaries, tips, and other earnings (e.g., W-2 Wage and Tax Statement, cash).

2. Interest income (taxable and non-taxable) (e.g., Schedule B and 1099-INT).

3. Dividend income (e.g., Schedule B and 1099-DIV).

4. Self-employment income and expenses (e.g., Schedule C Profit or Loss From Business and Form 1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income, cash).

5. Rental income and expenses (e.g., Schedule E Supplemental Income and Loss).

6. Identification of forgiveness of debt as income (including Form 1099-C Cancellation of Debt).

7. Other income (e.g., alimony, barter income, hobby income, non-taxable combat pay, state income tax refund from prior years, prizes).

B. Retirement income

1. Reporting requirements of Social Security benefits (e.g., Form SSA-1099 Social Security Benefit Statement).

2. Taxable distribution from an IRA including basis in an IRA (e.g., Form 8606 Non-deductible IRAs).

3. Distributions from qualified plans (e.g., 401k, IRA, Roth IRA).

4. Required minimum distributions from retirement plans.

C. Property, real and personal

1. Short-term and long-term capital gains and losses (e.g., Schedule D Capital
Gains and Losses, Form 1099-B Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange

2. Determination of basis of assets (e.g., purchased, gifted, or inherited).

3. Sale of non-business assets (gains or losses).

4. Sale of a principal residence (e.g., IRC 121 exclusions, 1099S Proceeds From
Real Estate Transactions).

D. Adjustments to income

1. Self-employment tax (e.g., Schedule SE Self-Employment Tax).

2. Tuition and fees (e.g., Form 8917 Tuition and Fees Deduction, Form 1098T
Tuition Statement).

3. Eligible Moving expenses (e.g., Form 3903 Moving Expenses).

4. Other adjustments to income (e.g., IRA contribution deduction).

Domain 3 – Deductions and Credits

A. Itemized deductions

1. Medical and dental expenses.

2. State, local, and real estate taxes.

3. Mortgage interest expense (e.g., Form 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement).

4. Charitable contributions (e.g., cash, non-cash, Form 8283 Non-Cash Charitable

5. Miscellaneous itemized deductions (including deductions subject to 2% AGI

6. Employee travel, transportation, education, and entertainment expenses (e.g.,
Form 2106-EZ and Form 2106 Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses).

B. Credits

1. Child and dependent care credit (e.g., Form 2441 Child and Dependent Care

2. Child Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit (e.g., Form 8812,
Additional Child Tax Credit).

3. Education credits (e.g., Form 8863 Education Credits (American Opportunity
and Lifetime Learning Credits), Form 1098T Tuition Statement).

4. Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) (e.g., Schedule EIC Earned Income Credit,
Form 8867 Paid Preparers Earned Income Credit Checklist).

5. Retirement savings contribution credit (e.g., Form 8880 Credit for Qualified
Retirement Savings Contributions).

Domain 4 – Other Taxes

1. Alternative Minimum Tax (e.g., Form 6251 Alternative Minimum Tax).

2. Early distributions from retirement plans (e.g., Form 5329 Additional Tax on
Qualified Plans).

3. Self-employment tax (e.g., Schedule SE Self-Employment Tax).

4. Unreported Social Security and Medicare tax (e.g., Form 4137 Social Security and
Medicare Tax on Unreported Tip Income).

5. Repayment of first-time homebuyer credit (including Form 5405 First-Time
Homebuyer Credit and Repayment of the Credit).

Domain 5 – Completion of the Filing Process

1. Check return for completeness and accuracy.

2. Explain and review tax return.

3. Explain record-keeping requirements to the taxpayer.

4. Discuss significance of signatures (e.g., joint and several liability, penalty of
perjury, Form 8879 IRS e-file Signature Authorization).

5. Understand tax preparer's responsibilities related to rejected electronic returns.

6. Understand timeframe for submitting electronic returns (e.g., Form 8879 taxpayer
signature and date prior to submission).

7. Understand payment options (e.g., check, direct debit, EFTPS, credit card,
installment agreement-Form 9465).

8. Understand estimated tax payment requirements (e.g., potential for penalties,
Form 1040-ES Estimated Tax).

9. Understand refund options (e.g., Form 8888 Allocation of Refund).

Domain 6 – Practices and Procedures

1. Penalties to be assessed by the IRS against a preparer for negligent or intentional
disregard of rules and regulations, and for a willful understatement of liability
(e.g., IRC 6694(a), IRC 6694(b)).

2. Appropriate use of Form 8867 Paid Preparers Earned Income Credit Checklist and
related penalty for failure to exercise due diligence (e.g., IRC 6695(g)).

3. Furnishing a copy of a return to a taxpayer (e.g., IRC 6695(a)).

4. Signing returns and furnishing identifying (PTIN) numbers (e.g., IRC 6695(b),
IRC 6695(c)).

5. Rules for the return preparer for keeping copies and/or lists of returns prepared
(e.g., IRC 6695(d)).

6. Compliance with e-file procedures (e.g., timing of taxpayer signature, timing of
filing, recordkeeping, prohibited filing with pay stub).

7. Completion and use of Form 2848 Power of Attorney and Declaration of
Representative and Form 8821 Tax Information Authorization.

8. Safeguarding taxpayer information (e.g., Publication 4600 Safeguarding Taxpayer
Information, Quick Reference Guide for Business, IRC 7216).

Domain 7 – Ethics

Circular 230 Subparts A, B, and C (excluding D, E), covering topics including, but not
limited to, the following:

1. Preparers due diligence for accuracy of representations made to clients and IRS;
reliance on third-party work products (Circular 230, section 10.22).

2. What constitutes practice before the IRS and categories of individuals who may
practice (Circular 230, sections 10.2(a)(4) and 10.3).

3. Limits on practice by a registered tax return preparer (Circular 230, section

4. Requirement to furnish information to IRS upon request (Circular 230, section

5. Prompt disposition of matters before the IRS (Circular 230, section 10.23).

6. Prohibition on receiving assistance from or providing assistance to disciplined
practitioners (Circular 230, section 10.24).

7. Rules regarding fees, including contingent fees (Circular 230, section 10.27).

8. Rules in dealing with clients, including return of client records, conflicts of interest,
advising on omissions and errors, solicitation (including advertising), and
negotiation of taxpayer refund checks (Circular 230, sections 10.21, 10.28, 10.29,
10.30, and 10.31).

9. Due diligence standards with respect to tax returns and other documents;
standards for signing, advising positions on returns and advising submissions of
other documents; advising on penalties; good faith reliance on client information;
reasonable inquiries regarding incomplete, inconsistent, incorrect information
(Circular 230, sections 10.34 and 10.35).

10. Responsibility of individual(s) who have principal authority over a firms tax
practices (Circular 230, section 10.36).

11. Incompetence and disreputable conduct that can result in disciplinary proceedings
(Circular 230, sections 10.51 and 10.52).

12. Sanctions that may be imposed under Circular 230 (Circular 230, sections 10.50
and 10.60).

Registered Tax Return Preparer
IRS Registered information hunger

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RTRP Registered Tax Return Preparer

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Registered Tax Return Preparer Practice
Question: 96
In the event an applicant for registered tax return preparer status is denied enrollment,
(s)he may file an appeal of that decision with the Deputy Commissioner of the Internal
Revenue Service.
A. True.
B. False.
Answer: B
An applicant who is denied enrollment may, within 30 days after receipt of the notice of
denial, file a written appeal to the Secretary of the Treasury. A decision on the appeal will
be rendered by the Secretary of Treasury as soon as practicable.
Question: 97
Mike, age 30, and his daughter lived with Mikes mother during the year. Mikes earned
income and adjusted gross income for the year was $4,000. The mothers adjusted gross
income for the year was $37,000. Assuming that the daughter is a qualifying child for
both Mike and his mother, which of the following statements is true with regard to the
Earned Income Credit?
A. Since the daughter is a qualifying child for both Mike and his mother, they both can
claim the credit providing they allocate the earned income.
B. Neither can claim the credit.
C. Mike can claim the credit since he is the parent, and his mothers adjusted gross
income exceeds the limit for the year.
D. Mikes mother can claim the credit because her adjusted gross income is more than
Answer: C
The Earned Income Credit is a refundable tax credit for low-income taxpayers under Sec.
32. The credit is based on a taxpayers earned income subject to certain limitations. An
individual is eligible for the Earned Income Credit if (s)he has a qualifying child for the
tax year or does not have a qualifying child for the tax year and (1) has a principal place
of abode in the United States for more than one-half of the tax year, (2) has attained age
25 but not age 65 before the close of the tax year, and (3) is not a dependent of another
taxpayer for any tax year beginning in the same calendar year. A qualifying child is one
who bears the necessary relationship to the taxpayer, has the same principal place of
abode as the taxpayer for more than one-half of the tax year, and meets the requisite age
requirements, and one for whom the necessary identification requirements are satisfied. If
more than one person has the same qualifying child, then the parent is given priority to
claim the credit.
Question: 98
Which of the following is false?
A. A taxpayer who is a qualified child of another person cannot claim the EIC.
B. You cannot claim the Earned Income Credit if you do not have a SSN.
C. You can claim the Earned Income Credit with an ITIN.
D. You are not allowed the Earned Income Credit if you are married filing separately.
Answer: C
Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITINs) disqualify the taxpayer and/or the
otherwise qualifying child (QC) from the credit.
Question: 99
A taxpayer should itemize deductions if the taxpayers total itemized deductions are
A. Less than the taxpayers interest income.
B. More than the taxpayers standard deduction.
C. Equal to the taxpayers self-employment tax.
D. Double the taxpayers unemployment compensation.
Answer: B
A person itemizes deductions if the total allowable itemized deductions, after all limits
have been applied, is greater than the standard deduction. A person must elect to itemize,
or no itemized deductions will be allowed.
Question: 100
Where is unreported tip income reported as income?
A. Schedule D.
B. Schedule B.
C. Schedule A.
D. Line 7 of Form 1040.
Answer: D
Unreported tip income as calculated on Form 4137, Social Security and Medicare Tax on
Unreported Tip Income, line 4, will also increase Form 1040 line 7.
Question: 101
Which of the following statements is false regarding registered tax return preparers?
A. Practice is limited to preparing and signing tax returns and claims for refund and other
documents for submission to the Internal Revenue Service.
B. They may represent taxpayers before revenue agents, customer service representatives,
or similar officers and employees of the Internal Revenue Service during an examination
if the registered tax return preparer signed the tax return.
C. They are subject to the provisions of Circular 230 in the same manner as attorneys,
certified public accountants, enrolled agents, enrolled retirement plan agents, and
enrolled actuaries.
D. They may represent taxpayers before appeals officers, revenue officers, counsel, or
similar officers or employees of the Internal Revenue Service or the Treasury
Answer: D
A registered tax return preparer may not represent taxpayers before appeals officers,
revenue officers, counsel, or similar officers or employees of the Internal Revenue
Service or the Treasury Department.
Question: 102
If the IRS rejects the electronic portion of a taxpayers individual income tax return for
processing, and the ERO cannot rectify the reason for the rejection, the ERO must take
reasonable steps to inform the taxpayer of the rejection within 48 hours.
A. True.
B. False.
Answer: B
If the IRS rejects the electronic portion of a taxpayers return and the reason for the
rejection cannot be rectified by the actions described in Revenue Procedure 98-50, the
ERO must take reasonable steps to inform the taxpayer that the taxpayers return has not
been filed within 24 hours of receiving the rejection.
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IRS Registered information hunger - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/RTRP Search results IRS Registered information hunger - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/RTRP https://killexams.com/exam_list/IRS IRS issues warning about emerging tax season scams

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is warning taxpayers and tax professionals to be on the lookout for emerging scams and protect sensitive information as the filing season approaches.

The IRS released the warning to taxpayers as it observed National Tax Security Awareness Week in concert with its Security Summit partners. The Security Summit includes 42 state tax agencies as well as other entities connected to the tax community – including tax preparation firms, software developers, payroll and tax financial processors, tax professional organizations and financial institutions. Tax filing season is expected to begin in mid-January 2024.

"Identity thieves are relentless and use a variety of techniques," said IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel, who added that he would "urge people to be careful with their personal information and be wary of email and text scams."

"With people anxious to receive the latest information about a refund or other issues during tax season, scammers will regularly pose as the IRS, a state tax agency or others in the tax industry. People should be incredibly wary about unexpected messages that can be an elaborate trap by scam artists, especially during filing season," Werfel added.


The IRS, state tax agencies and other entities in the tax community are warning taxpayers about scams ahead of tax filing season. (Photographer: Timothy Fadek/Bloomberg via Getty Images / Getty Images)

The IRS noted that identity thieves will also use recent news events and tragedies as part of an effort to trick taxpayers. 

Another common tax season scam involves identity thieves contacting tax professionals posing as new, potential clients by email or phone to access a company’s systems that could enable them to file fake tax returns to secure a refund.


IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel warned, "People should be incredibly wary about unexpected messages that can be an elaborate trap by scam artists, especially during filing season." ((Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images) / Getty Images)

Taxpayers should be on alert for phishing emails sent by fraudsters claiming to come from the IRS or another legitimate entity like a state tax organization or financial firm that looks to lure unsuspecting victims with the promise of a phony tax refund or false allegations of tax fraud. 

Similarly, "smishing" messages sent via text message have emerged as a similar technique and may claim a taxpayer’s account has been put on hold or send a fake unusual activity report with "solutions" to restore the recipient’s account.

Individuals "should never respond to tax-related phishing or smishing or click on the URL link," the IRS noted. "Instead, the scams should be reported by sending the email or a copy of the text/SMS as an attachment to phishing@irs.gov."

Unexpected emails or text messages purporting to be from the IRS or other official tax community sources could be from fraudsters and contain malware or ransomware. (iStock / iStock)


The IRS notes that it initiates most contacts through regular mail, so taxpayers shouldn’t be getting an unexpected message by email, text or social media about a bill or tax refund.

Partners in the IRS Security Summit also reminded taxpayers and others to never click on any unsolicited communication that claims to be the IRS or another entity in the tax community because such links can surreptitiously load malware onto the device in use. It can also allow malicious hackers to load ransomware that prevents a device owner from accessing their system or file.

Tue, 05 Dec 2023 23:00:00 -0600 Eric Revell en-US text/html https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/irs-issues-warning-about-emerging-tax-season-scams
1098-T IRS information reporting

In January of each year, the University of Nevada, Reno issues the IRS Form 1098-T to qualifying students. This form is informational only. It serves to alert students that they may be eligible for federal income tax education credits and should not be considered as tax opinion or advice.

In previous years, your 1098-T included an amount in Box 2 that represented the qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE) we billed to your student account for the calendar (tax) year. Due to a change to institutional reporting requirements under federal law, beginning with tax year 2018, we will report in Box 1 the amount of QTRE you paid during the year.

Depending on your income (or your family's income, if you are a dependent), whether you were considered full or half-time enrolled, and the amount of your qualified educational expenses for the year, you may be eligible for a federal education tax credit. (You can find detailed information about claiming education tax credits in IRS Publication 970, page 9.)

The dollar amounts reported on your Form 1098-T may assist you in completing IRS Form 8863 - the form used for calculating the education tax credits that a taxpayer may claim as part of your tax return.

University of Nevada, Reno is unable to provide you with individual tax advice, but should you have questions, you should seek the counsel of an informed tax preparer or adviser.

The electronic version of the 1098-T is available through your MyNevada for students who meet the criteria to have a 1098-T generated.

The University of Nevada Reno does NOT produce a 1098-T for students whose QTRE is completely covered by scholarships, grants, or a third-party.

More information about Form 1098-T.

Wed, 12 Aug 2020 13:57:00 -0500 en-us text/html https://www.unr.edu/campus-business/controllers-office/cashiers-office/1098-t-irs-information-reporting
What Is IRS Form 5498: IRA Contributions Information? No result found, try new keyword!Depending on the type of IRA you have, you may need Form 5498 to report IRA contribution deductions on your tax return. Form 5498: IRA Contributions Information reports to the IRS your IRA ... Tue, 04 Aug 2020 07:34:00 -0500 text/html https://www.thestreet.com/taxes/what-is-irs-form-5498-ira-contributions-information-turbotax Tax — tax increment finance district No result found, try new keyword!Where a tax increment finance district (TIF) takes additional years to complete beyond the 23 years authorized by the authorizing act, additional payments must be made for each additional year. Fri, 05 Jan 2024 02:45:00 -0600 text/html https://www.thestreet.com/taxes/what-is-irs-form-5498-ira-contributions-information-turbotax IRS tax tips-Getting a free transcript of tax return information
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There are two easy and convenient options for obtaining free copies of your federal tax return information — tax return transcripts and tax account transcripts — by phone or by mail.

A tax return transcript shows most line items from the tax return (Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ) as it was originally filed, including any accompanying forms and schedules. It does not reflect any changes you, your representative or the IRS made after the return was filed. In many cases, a return transcript will meet the requirements of lending institutions such as those offering mortgages and student loans. You should receive your tax return transcript within 10 working days from the time the IRS receives your request.

A tax account transcript shows any later adjustments either you or the IRS made after the tax return was filed. This transcript shows basic data, including marital status, type of return filed, adjusted gross income and taxable income. The IRS does not charge a fee for transcripts, which are available for the current and past three years. Allow 30 calendar days for delivery of a tax account transcript.

To request either transcript:

  • Phone: Call 800-829-1040 and follow the prompts in the recorded message.
  • Mail: Complete IRS Form 4506-T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return.
  • If you still need an actual copy of a previously processed tax return, it will cost $57 per tax year and take much longer. Complete Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Form, and mail it to the IRS address listed on the form for your area. Please allow 60 days for actual copies of your return. Copies are generally available for the current and past six years.

    Forms 4506-T and 4506 can be found on the IRS Web site at IRS.gov or by calling the IRS forms and publications order line at 800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676).

    Form 4506-T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return (PDF 45.3K)

    Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Form (PDF 42.3K)

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Wed, 08 Apr 2009 12:00:00 -0500 en text/html https://abc7ny.com/archive/6642520/
Hunger relief event set to start Saturday in Goshen

Jan. 4—GOSHEN — The Mennonite Central Committee mobile meat canner will be stationed at The Depot in Goshen, 1013 Division St., this Saturday and again Jan. 8-13 and 15-17.

In just ten days, volunteers will can 80,000 pounds of chicken for distribution around the world, and MCC news release stated.

Hundreds of volunteers work with the canning crew to grind the meat into chunks and fill and seal the cans. They then wash, label and pack the cans for shipment.

Last year, MCC shipped 574,560 pounds of canned meat to Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, Malawi, South Sudan, Ukraine, Zambia and the U.S., including Puerto Rico. In addition to the international distribution, 10% of the meat canned in Goshen is available for local distribution throughout the Great Lakes region.

These cans of meat provide vital nourishment and nutrition when meat is hard to purchase. In refugee camps in Ethiopia, a lack of sufficient food sources leaves many young children malnourished. MCC's canned chicken and turkey help combat undernutrition for 6,000 children under two years of age.

The Goshen stop is one of 29 MCC meat canning stops throughout the United States and Canada. Each year, 30,000 people volunteer to fill, weigh, wash and label every can.

Volunteers can help with meat canning at The Depot. Donations are also welcomed to help cover the cost of the chicken and canner operations. For more information contact Elam Weaver, Goshen meat canning committee chair, at 574-831-4927.

Mennonite Central Committee, a worldwide ministry of Anabaptist churches, shares God's love and compassion for all in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice.

To learn more, visit mcc.org/canning.

Thu, 04 Jan 2024 13:22:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://news.yahoo.com/hunger-relief-event-set-start-032200508.html
IRS leadership changes include move to better align IT with business units

The Internal Revenue Service is overhauling its leadership structure, a move that comes amid the agency’s modernization push fueled by an $80 billion influx of funding from the Inflation Reduction Act.

The agency will now have one deputy commissioner instead of two, and four chiefs, who will be charged with managing taxpayer service, tax compliance, information technology and operations. Rajiv Uppal is set to join the agency next year as its chief information officer and will oversee the IRS IT unit, which is currently helmed by Kaschit Pandya.

“Our work in the technology arena is critical to our current work on everything from filing season to our phone lines and our online tools,” IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel said in a statement. “And we must continue to make foundational improvements in this area to ensure the success of our transformation work and bringing new tools to help taxpayers. 

“Creating this position will be critical to making sure information technology works closely with our business units and our transformation teams to create successes for taxpayers and the tax system, now and in the future,” he said.

Doug O’Donnell, who currently serves as the IRS’s deputy commissioner for services and enforcement, will transition to the new overarching deputy commissioner role for the agency. He served as acting commissioner from November 2022 through March 2023 and has been with the agency for more than 37 years.

In addition to Uppal, the three other chief roles will be filled by Ken Corbin (taxpayer service), Heather Maloy (taxpayer compliance) and Melanie Krause (chief operating officer).

“This new governance model better supports the agency’s mission as well as giving heightened importance to these four key areas of taxpayer service, tax compliance, IT and operations,” Werfel said. “These are critical areas we need to focus on, and this structure will reflect those priorities.”

In comments last week at the ACT-IAC/DCI CX Summit in Arlington, Va., Werfel said the agency is making progress on its digitization push, a move largely made possible by IRA funds that will “benefit taxpayers of the nation, not do something that anyone should be concerned about.”

The IRS’s move toward a paperless future includes a pilot program next year that will allow eligible taxpayers in 13 states to file their returns using a free online system. The agency is also currently seeking information to scale up its robotic processing automation program.

Written by Matt Bracken

Matt Bracken is the managing editor of FedScoop and CyberScoop, overseeing coverage of federal government technology policy and cybersecurity. Before joining Scoop News Group in 2023, Matt was a senior editor at Morning Consult, leading data-driven coverage of tech, finance, health and energy. He previously worked in various editorial roles at The Baltimore Sun and the Arizona Daily Star. You can reach him at matt.bracken@scoopnewsgroup.com.

Wed, 13 Dec 2023 10:01:00 -0600 Matt Bracken en-US text/html https://fedscoop.com/irs-leadership-changes-information-technology-chief/
Gypsy Rose Blanchard says she'd still be abused if her mother were alive today No result found, try new keyword!In an interview with CNN, Gypsy Rose Blanchard said she would still be abused by her mother if she were alive today. Blanchard became the subject of tabloid fascination after her mother Dee Dee ... Fri, 05 Jan 2024 00:42:00 -0600 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/ HIDDEN HUNGER

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Sun, 25 Dec 2022 16:41:00 -0600 en text/html https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/tag/hidden+hunger
Norway To Send Two F-16s To Denmark For Ukrainian Pilot Training

In a rare admission of its military operations in Crimea, Ukraine has admitted it carried out attacks on a Russian military command post and a military unit in separate strikes on the Russia-occupied peninsula, saying it had inflicted "serious damage" to Russia's defense system.

Kyiv seeks to reclaim Crimea, which Russia seized and illegally annexed in 2014. It has staged a string of damaging attacks on the peninsula during the war, including on warships, the headquarters of Russia's Black Sea Fleet, and the bridge that connects the peninsula to southern Russia.

Live Briefing: Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

RFE/RL's Live Briefing gives you all of the latest developments on Russia's full-scale invasion, Kyiv's counteroffensive, Western military aid, global reaction, and the plight of civilians. For all of RFE/RL's coverage of the war in Ukraine, click here.

Nataliya Humenyuk, the spokeswoman of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine, said on January 5 that "really powerful combat" operations took place earlier this week, hitting Russia's military operations in Crimea especially hard.

"Not only one command post was affected," she said in a rare detailing of Ukrainian operations to repel the full-scale invasion Russia launched in February 2022.

"Now they have the same hysteria with movement again. They are trying to maneuver and position both the defense systems themselves and the objects they protect in other places," she added in an interview on the show Social Resistance.

It was not possible to verify Humenyuk's claims.

The attacks on Crimea come after an intensification of Russian missile and drone strikes on Ukraine.

Russian hypersonic and other missile attacks combined with drone strikes blanketed Ukraine on December 29 and again on January 2, killing more than 40 people and injuring dozens more. Ukraine hit back with attacks in southern Russia on December 30. Authorities in the Belgorod region said 25 people were killed.

Air raid sirens rang out three times across the Crimean city of Sevastopol on January 5, though there were no reports of explosions or impacts from drones or missiles.

In the early hours of January 5, the Russian city of Belgorod also was targeted by another round of Ukrainian shelling, officials said, hours after schools in the region were ordered to extend their holiday closures due to the risk of further attacks.

Ukrainian forces were engaged in 59 close-quarters clashes over the past 24 hours, the General Staff of Ukraine's military said in its daily update on January 5, adding that its troops had repelled multiple Russian attacks in the Donetsk, Kharkiv, and Zaporizhzhya regions.

U.S. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters at the White House on January 4 that recently declassified intelligence found that North Korea has provided Russia with ballistic-missile launchers and several ballistic missiles.

Russian forces fired at least one of those missiles into Ukraine on December 30, and it landed in an open field in the Zaporizhzhya region, Kirby said. Russia also launched multiple North Korean ballistic missiles on January 2 as part of an overnight attack, he added.

Kirby also said Russia is seeking close-range ballistic missiles from Iran. A deal has not been completed, but the United States is concerned that negotiations "are actively advancing.”

With Russia ramping up its missile and drone attacks, Ukraine has been pleading with its Western allies to keep supplying it with air-defense weapons.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba on January 3 expressed confidence that Ukraine will continue to receive the international aid it needs.

"Ukraine will always fight with the resources given to it," Kuleba told CNN. "What is given to Ukraine is not charity. It's an investment in the protection of NATO and in the protection of the prosperity of the American people."

The remarks coincided with a warning by the commander of Ukrainian joint forces. Serhiy Nayev, that after the recent massive Russian bombardments, his country will soon struggle to withstand such attacks with its present supply of air-defense ammunition.

U.S. President Joe Biden has proposed a national security spending bill that includes $61 billion in aid for Ukraine, but it has been blocked by Republican lawmakers who insist Biden and his fellow Democrats in Congress address U.S. border security.

With reporting by CNN and AFP
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