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OMG-OCUP2-INT200 student - OMG Certified UML Professional 2 (OCUP 2) Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: OMG-OCUP2-INT200 OMG Certified UML Professional 2 (OCUP 2) student January 2024 by team

OMG-OCUP2-INT200 OMG Certified UML Professional 2 (OCUP 2)

Exam Details for OMG-OCUP2-INT200 OMG Certified UML Professional 2 (OCUP 2):

Number of Questions: The exam typically consists of multiple-choice questions, with a total of around 90 questions.

Time Limit: The total time allocated for the exam is usually 150 minutes.

Passing Score: The passing score for the exam varies, but it is generally set around 70% or higher.

Exam Format: The exam is usually conducted in a proctored environment, either in-person or online.

Course Outline:

The OMG Certified UML Professional 2 (OCUP 2) course covers the following key areas:

1. UML Fundamentals:
- Introduction to UML and its purpose
- UML diagrams and their types
- UML notation and syntax
- Basic modeling concepts and relationships

2. UML Diagrams and Modeling Elements:
- Use Case Diagrams
- Class Diagrams
- Object Diagrams
- Interaction Diagrams (Sequence Diagrams and Communication Diagrams)
- State Machine Diagrams
- Activity Diagrams
- Component Diagrams
- Deployment Diagrams

3. UML Modeling Techniques and Best Practices:
- Requirements gathering and analysis using UML
- Modeling software systems and architectures
- Design patterns and their representation in UML
- System integration and interoperability using UML

4. UML and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC):
- UML in the context of the SDLC
- UML for requirements engineering
- UML for system design and architecture
- UML for software testing and quality assurance

Exam Objectives:

The objectives of the OMG-OCUP2-INT200 exam are to assess the candidate's understanding of the following:

1. UML concepts, notation, and diagram types.
2. Ability to read, interpret, and create UML models and diagrams.
3. Proficiency in applying UML modeling techniques and best practices.
4. Knowledge of UML's role in the software development life cycle.
5. Familiarity with UML-based software analysis, design, and testing.

Exam Syllabus:

The exam syllabus for OMG-OCUP2-INT200 includes the following topics:

1. Introduction to UML
2. Use Case Diagrams
3. Class Diagrams
4. Object Diagrams
5. Interaction Diagrams (Sequence Diagrams and Communication Diagrams)
6. State Machine Diagrams
7. Activity Diagrams
8. Component Diagrams
9. Deployment Diagrams
10. UML Modeling Techniques and Best Practices
11. UML and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
OMG Certified UML Professional 2 (OCUP 2)
OMG Professional student

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OMG-OCUP2-INT200 OMG Certified UML Professional 2 (OCUP 2)

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OMG Certified UML Professional 2 (OCUP 2)
Question: 40
What kinds of arrows connect to central buffers?
A. object flows
B. state transitions
C. unidirectional associations
D. control flows
E. message passing
F. dependencies
Answer: A
Question: 41
What is true when an event does not trigger any transitions in the current state?
A. The state machine is not well formed.
B. The handling of the situation is a semantic point.
C. An exception is raised.
D. The event is discarded.
E. The event is deferred until a state is reached that responds to that trigger.
Answer: D
Question: 42
When either a message m or a message q is to be sent-but not both-what kind of operator for combined fragment
would be used?
A. var
B. break
C. opt
D. par
E. alt
Answer: E
Question: 43
What does reaching the terminating pseudostate mean?
A. The context object of the state machine is terminated.
B. The enclosing region is completed.
C. The final state has been reached.
D. A completion transition has occurred.
E. The "do" activity of the current state has completed.
Answer: A
Question: 44
What is NOT a correct assertion?
A. A model element can be extended by several stereotypes at the same time.
B. Un-applying a profile from a model deleted stereotypes extending the model.
C. Stereotypes extending a model element can be retracted at any time.
D. Stereotypes extending a model element are immutable.
Answer: D
Question: 45
Instances of the Communication Path class connect instances of which classes in a deployment diagram?
A. Instance Specification and Deployment Specification
B. Deployment Target and Deployed Artifact
C. Node and Property
D. Node and Signal
E. two Nodes
Answer: E
Question: 46
What is true of outgoing transitions from a fork pseudo state?
A. are taken serially in arbitrary order
B. can only exist of the object is declared concurrent
C. are mutually exclusive
D. may have guards
E. must terminate in different regions of a state
Answer: E
Question: 47
Refer to the exhibit.
How many interfaces does the Customer Service component make visible to its clients?
A. 3
B. 1
C. 0
D. 4
E. 2
Answer: A
Question: 48
Which list contains only connectable elements?
A. behavior, connector end, and port
B. behavior, port and property
C. port and connector end
D. connector end, port and part
E. property, port, and parameter
Answer: E
Question: 49
Triggers on two different transitions originating from two states at different levels of the same state are simultaneously
enabled (as shown in the exhibit).
A. The state machine is not well-formed.
B. More deeply nested transitions take precedence over those with less depth.
C. Both transitions are taken in arbitrary order.
D. The less deeply nested transition takes precedence over those with more depth.
Answer: B
Question: 50
What does a state list represent?
A. set of states that share a single outgoing transition
B. notational shorthand for a set of states
C. set of states that share the same entry and exit actions
D. list of the substates of a composite state
Answer: B
Question: 51
If the node in the exhibit receives a value, what happens to other values flowing in the diagram containing the node?
A. nothing
B. They stop for a time specified by the small circle.
C. They are aborted.
D. They stop until the small circle emits a value.
Answer: A
Question: 52
Which must be true in order to use a delegation connector to connect two components?
A. The components must be related to each other via a dependency.
B. One component must be part of the internal realization of the other component.
C. The components must have complex ports.
D. One component must be a subtype of the other.
Answer: B
Question: 53
What does a structured node contain? (Choose two.)
A. messages
B. edges
C. classes
D. nodes
E. lifelines
F. States
Answer: BD
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Office Professional Plus is free for all UTSA students and consists of full versions of Microsoft Office software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Skype for Business, and InfoPath. Students are able to download this software on up to five personal devices.

  1. Visit and sign in using your new email address.
  2. To download and install software, click on the tiles menu “waffle icon” in the upper left-hand corner"

    Waffle Icon

  3. Click on Office365

    Click on Office 365

  4. Click on Install Office and select Office 365 apps

    Click Install

  5. Activate Office365
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Apply as a Graduate or Professional Student

Funding a graduate or professional education is a challenge for many students. As students seek financial support for their studies, they should first look to their academic department or professional school for assistance. Students seeking access to the Federal Student Loan program should make sure to file a FAFSA.  

Grants and Scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid does NOT award scholarships or fellowships for graduate students. The primary source of information for these opportunities is the academic department or professional school in which the student is enrolled or plans to enroll. These links may help:

School of Education Financial Aid Information - information on School of Education scholarships and graduate assistantships.

Law School Financial Aid Information - additional information for Law students concerning financial aid, Virginia in-state tuition, and scholarships.

Mason School of Business Full-time MBA Program Financial Aid Information- additional information for full-time MBA students regarding scholarships and graduate assistantships.

Arts & Sciences Funding Opportunities - a list of funding opportunities for graduate students in Arts & Sciences programs.

School of Marine Science (VIMS) Funding Opportunities - a list of funding and award opportunities for current and prospective School of Marine Science students.

Student Loans

The Office of Financial Aid can offer only student loans to graduate students. Students must determine how much they borrow based on their personal resources, the length of their program, and their ultimate career plans. If students believe they will require assistance beyond scholarships, grants, or fellowships, the Office of Financial Aid offers student loans that will be helpful. However, students cannot borrow loans for more than the total cost of the student's program, which includes certain cost of living allowances. In order to qualify for Title IV federal aid (Direct Unsubsidized and Direct Grad PLUS Loans), students must meet all eligibility requirements and file the FAFSA. Before filing the FAFSA, you should take a look at our list of common application errors.

Students should consider their loan debt (current and projected) and examine their budgets to minimize expenses in an effort to avoid the temptation to borrow too much. Consult the loan repayment calculator on to get an idea of what monthly payments would be when your loan enters repayment. This will also help determine how much loan money to borrow by projecting out potential debt. These are the available loan options for graduate students:

If you are interested in borrowing loans through the Federal Direct Loan Program (Unsubsidized Loan & Graduate PLUS Loan), follow the instructions below.

1) File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

Program Start Date
FAFSA to File
Spring 2024 2023- 2024
Summer 2023 2022 - 2023
Fall 2023 2023 - 2024

2) Check your W&M email account for your electronic award notification that will be produced after our office receives your FAFSA.

3) Follow the instructions outlined on the Loan Application Instructions page of our website.  Be sure to sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for each loan type that you accept.  Entrance Counseling must also be completed for all loans borrowed at the graduate level.

4) After all loan requirements have been satisfied, the loans that you have accepted will appear on your student account in Banner as “authorized aid” against your tuition charges.

Additional Information

Deferred Loan Payments - Federal loans will be automatically deferred while you are enrolled at least half-time (4 credits per session).  You can opt to make payments on the accruing interest while you are in school if you can afford to do so.  Please contact your loan servicer for more information on how to do this.  Information on your assigned loan servicer can be found on website (login with your FSA User Id and Password). 

Cost of Attendance & Loan Eligibility – Your loan eligibility will be based on the total cost of attendance for the period of at least half-time enrollment. The cost of attendance includes tuition per credit hour plus allowances for room, board, and books/supplies. You may also request to include the cost for purchasing a laptop and for the College Health Insurance coverage. 

Funds Disbursement & Refunds - Disbursement of loan funds will take place after classes begin for each semester or session that you are enrolled in. In some cases, the disbursement will be held until after the drop/add period is closed or your enrolled credits are 4 for the semester. If you are due a refund of excess loan funds, refunds will be processed according to the institution’s refund policy. Information about refunds can be found on the Bursar’s Office website.

Withdrawal/Aid Adjustment – Adjustments to financial aid may be required if you withdraw. Federal loans are subject to the federal refund calculation. For information about adjustments to your loans due to withdrawing, please visit the Bursar’s Office website on Withdrawals.

Financial Aid for Health Insurance Coverage

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Student Organizations for Engineering Students

These organizations are primarily for undergraduate engineering students.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics student section at Drexel University is a student organization that is dedicated to the continuing education of its members in the field of aerospace science and engineering. The club promotes trips to museums, educational trips and adventure trips equally, and provides opportunities to hear from guest speakers and get involved in exciting projects.

Learn More

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

AIChE provides valuable links to the world of chemical engineering. Students can engage themselves in chemical engineering academically and professionally through activities like the ChemE car competition, guest speakers, plant tours and social events.

Learn More

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

ASCE promotes greater understanding of civil engineering through speakers, workshops, conferences, professional and social events. The concrete canoe and steel bridge teams are two important facets of ASCE.

Learn More

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

DUASHRAE is the Drexel student branch of the nationally recognized American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-conditioning Engineers. DU ASHRAE members participate in Philadelphia Chapter ASHRAE events such as bowling nights and other networking events. They also organize events such as facility and factory mechanical system tours, information sessions, and guest speakers from the HVAC community.

Learn More

Drexel American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

ASME is an international society that creates governing standards, offers education and provides networking opportunities for mechanical engineers.

Learn More

Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honors Society

Chi Epsilon is an honors society for civil, environmental, and architectural engineering majors. This organization fosters academic excellence among our student body and the CAEE department. Membership is by invitation based on academic accomplishment.

Learn More

Drexel Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI)

AEI is a collaborative group of engineers, architects, and others who are interested in the building industry. Events such as building tours and professional lectures are offered to members.

Learn More

Drexel Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Association (DBUA)

DBUA strives to encourage undergraduate participation in the BME community at Drexel and beyond, by organizing and participating in a large array of events, from lectures with distinguished professionals to volunteering for charity. DBUA seeks to both stimulate academic curiosity about biomedical engineering and promote camaraderie within its student population.

Learn More

Drexel CyberDragons

This organization is for students who want to learn more about cybersecurity and/or compete in collegiate competitions.

Learn More

Drexel Electric Racing

The Drexel Formula EV club's students design and construct a high-performance, all-electric vehicle for use in the annual Formula SAE electric competition. The club brings together students with varied skill sets and academic backgrounds to build an F1 style electric race car. During the build process, students learn and complete tasks ranging from fundraising and marketing to computer-aided design and machining. The project prepares students for the working world with knowledge of design and manufacturing methods, as well as marketing and business development techniques.

Learn More

Drexel Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE advances the theory and practice of electrical, electronics, computer engineering and computer science by hosting technical speakers and social events throughout the year.

Learn More

Drexel Robotics Club

The Drexel Robotics Club is a student-run robotics organization that aims to devise, develop, and demonstrate the importance of robotics within real-world scenarios. Cultivating professional, leadership, and linguistic skills within their organization, Drexel Robotics club promotes interest in STEM education within the community and provides students of all backgrounds and majors with knowledge of corporate situations pertaining to robotics.

Learn More

Drexel Smart House (DSH)

Drexel Smart House is a student-led multidisciplinary project to promote undergraduate research and public involvement in sustainability and advanced technologies through the Smart House on 35th and Race Streets. The purpose of this project is threefold: to develop a mixed-use space promoting undergraduate research focused on advanced technologies and sustainable living; to create a community focused on personal responsibility with respect to sustainable living; to connect student research with the professional world.

Learn More

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

EWB is a non-profit organization that advocates sustainable engineering projects in various regions of the world. EWB partners with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through implementation of environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects.

Learn More

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN)

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) is dedicated to encouraging and recognizing excellence in the electrical and computer engineering field. Members consist of students, alumni, and other professionals who have demonstrated exceptional academic and professional accomplishments.

Learn More

Formula SAE (FSAE)

FSAE is an international collegiate competition where students design, build and complete and small-scale, open-wheel race car. Students gain hands-on experience in current manufacturing techniques, state-of-the-art engineering anaylsis software, metal and composites fabrication and racecar setup and timing.

Learn More


I am ME is a professional organization at Drexel focused on promoting equal partnership, equal opportunities, and in-creased visibility for female engineers in Mechanical Engineering. Through the creation of a safe space for female engineers, I am ME strives to have an inclusive, respectful, and diverse space for all Drexel students. By connecting members with alumni and other women in ME, the organization helps build a base of support through networking, mentorship, and experiences that also educates members on how to succeed in the professional world.

Learn More

Icarus Interstellar

Icarus Interstellar at Drexel University is the first ever university-level chapter of interstellar engineers. The goal as Icarus is to study and advance the sciences and humanities needed to bring interstellar flight to fruition. The mission statement of Icarus Interstellar is to achieve interstellar flight by the year 2100.

Material Advantage

Material Advantage provides students with a low-cost way to be a member of four materials professional societies:  The American Ceramic Society (ACerS), Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST), ASM International, and The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (TMS).  Student members have the opportunity to apply for scholarships, network with industry professional, research, find co-ops and become a part of the thriving materials community.

Learn More

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

NSBE strives to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

Learn More

Pi Tau Sigma (PTS)

Pi Tau Sigma, Drexel Xi Chapter, is a national honorary society for mechanical engineers. Students must be in the top 25% of their Junior class or in the top 35% of their Senior class to be invited to join Pi Tau Sigma (PTS). PTS is actively involved with the MEM Department at Drexel and strives to foster a community, which promotes the academic success of its members. Pi Tau Sigma frequently hosts events such as industry presentations, FE Exam reviews, industry tours, social events, and provides and opportunity for students to give back to their community.

Learn More

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE)

The purpose of SASE Drexel is to create an encouraging environment in which Drexel University students from the Asian community can develop professionally for careers in the fields of science and engineering through networking, skill-building, and campus and community involvement. This Chapter seeks to address the challenges that professionals of Asian heritage may encounter in their careers through workshops, seminars, and mentorship.

Learn More

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers - (SHPE)

SHPE's mission is to promote the development of Hispanics in engineering, science and other technical professions within the STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) to achieve educational excellence, economic opportunity, and social equity.

Learn More

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

SME promotes an increased awareness of manufacturing engineering and keeps manufacturing professionals up to date on leading trends and technologies.

Learn More

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

SWE is a diverse and active organization which focuses on stimulating women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders. Activities include outreach programs, professional speakers, social events, a weekend retreat and the annual regional and national conferences.

Learn More


TechServ helps bridge the Digital Divide in the Philadelphia area, primarily by refurbishing computers and donating them to non-profit organizations in need. TechServ also hosts student-organization websites and technology-related workshops, while organizing events throughout the year.

Learn More

Theta Tau

Theta Tau is a nationwide co-ed professional engineering fraternity that focuses on brotherhood, professional development, and community service. Theta Tau strives to deliver a network of lasting personal and professional relationships, develop strong communication, problem solving and leadership skills, and give back to the community though various service projects. Drexel University's chapter of Theta Tau provides many opportunities such as academic help and tutoring from upperclassmen, project development, professional development workshops, community service in the Philadelphia area, and the chance to establish lasting friendships with other engineers. All undergraduate engineering and computer science majors are encouraged to come out to rush in the early fall or spring time.

Learn More

These organizations are primarily for graduate students in engineering.

Chemical and Biological Engineering Graduate Student Association (CBEGSA)

CBEGSA facilitates the realization of that environment that is conducive to research and learning activity.  To this end, CBEGSA sponsors graduate-student-initiated social events, discussions, and seminars that promote interactions between graduate students, staff, faculty and other visiting researchers and define the research direction and working atmosphere here at Drexel's Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Learn More

Drexel Graduate Women in Society & Engineering (DGWISE)

DGWISE was founded at Drexel University in 2010 with the purpose of enhancing the graduate experience of women in science and engineering, improving the environment of women pursuing careers in science and engineering and increasing the representation of women in science and engineering at all levels of Drexel University.

Learn More

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN)

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) is dedicated to encouraging and recognizing excellence in the electrical and computer engineering field. Members consist of students, alumni, and other professionals who have demonstrated exceptional academic and professional accomplishments.

Learn More

Material Advantage

Material Advantage provides students with a low-cost way to be a member of four materials professional societies:  The American Ceramic Society (ACerS), Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST), ASM International, and The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (TMS).  Student members have the opportunity to apply for scholarships, network with industry professional, research, find co-ops and become a part of the thriving materials community.

Learn More

Materials Research Society (MRS)

MRS promotes interdisciplinary basic research on materials of technological importance as quintessential of 21st century research. Membership in the Society includes over 12,000 scientists, engineers, and research managers from industrial, government, and university research laboratories in the US and close to 70 countries.

Learn More

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Graduate and Professional Student Federation

The Graduate and Professional Student Federation represents graduate and professional students at UNC. The group is an arm of the UNC student government. Graduate and professional students can request travel grants, departmental allocations and other funding through the federation.

It is comprised of executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The executive branch is responsible for advocacy for its constituents. The legislative branch disburses graduate student fees, as well as creates legislation. The judicial branch houses the Graduate Honor Court, which hears cases that deal with academic or conduct violations.

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Employment Eligibility

Eligibility for Student Employment

(*Note: For Graduate Staff Appointments, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Employment of Graduate Student Staff (Policy VI.F.11)) 

A “student” employee is defined as an individual who is at least a half-time undergraduate student or a half-time graduate/professional student whose intent is to obtain a degree, certificate, or other recognized educational credential. High school and non-Purdue students are also eligible to work in this employee class.

Graduating students who hold regular hourly student positions may continue employment in their existing hourly student position for up to 90 days after enrollment ends. Continued employment beyond this timeframe must be in another employee class.

All hourly paid student positions are temporary and thus not eligible to participate in the University staff benefits program. Full-time Purdue students are not eligible to work full-time in a benefits-eligible position at the University.

Employment of Minors

For employing minors, the pertinent laws of the state of Indiana and the United States must be followed. 

Employing International Students

International students may be eligible for student employment positions. The International Students & Scholars Office provides support and oversight for international student employment including eligibility and working hours.


In addition to other employment types, J-1 and F-1 students are eligible for on-campus hourly employment. Visa type determines the rules and regulations a student must follow in order to be employed. J-1 students must obtain authorization from the ISS Office for on-campus hourly employment. J-1 students need to obtain a J-1 Student Employment Information Form from the ISS Office, have the on-campus employer complete the form, and submit it to ISS for approval during the semester of employment. F-1 students are not required to obtain permission from the ISS Office prior to accepting on-campus employment.

Hours Per Week

J-1 and F-1 students are restricted to the amount of hours per week they may work:

  • Fall/Spring academic semesters: maximum of 20 hours per week
  • Semester breaks, official school/summer vacation: 40 hours per week
    • Exception: if a student is required to register during the summer, a maximum of 20 hours per week is permitted.

Please note that on-campus employment is not permitted after completion of a degree program unless the student:

  • has been issued a Form DS 2019 to begin a new program and intends to enroll for the following semester, or
  • has obtained Academic Training authorization to be employed on-campus.

Additional details for F-1 student employment

Additional details for J-1 student employment

Other Resources, Purdue ISS

Working in the United States,

Background Checks

Background checks are required for all student employees at Purdue University.
(Reference: University Policy Office, Background Checks (VI.F.6) -

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Graduate Student Day
Graduate Student Association and Graduate College Presents Drexel Graduate Student Day

Celebrating Drexel's Graduate & Professional Student Community

Graduate Student Day, hosted by the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and the Graduate College, is an annual occasion recognizing the outstanding contributions of graduate and professional students and those who serve students within the classroom, lab, community, society, and beyond.

During the celebratory event, the Graduate College recognizes high-achieving graduate and professional students with Graduate Student Excellence Awards across disciplines in mentorship, scholarship, civic engagement, service, research, and teaching assistance. A reception with hors d'oeuvres and refreshments then follows.

All University community members, family, friends and guests are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Graduate Student Day 2023

In addition to the Graduate Student Excellence Awards, the 2023 Drexel Emerging Graduate Scholars Conference award winners were recognized at this year's Graduate Student Day!

Thursday, June 1

Awards Ceremony
4 to 5 p.m. ET
Mitchell Auditorium, First Floor

5 to 6 p.m. ET
First Floor Lobby

Bossone Research Enterprise Center

3126 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Building 7 on the University City Campus Map

Watch the Recording [YouTube]

Questions? Contact

Awards & Winners

2023 Award Winners & Nominees

Visit the Graduate Student Excellence Awards page for award descriptions and nomination information. If you have any questions about Graduate Student Day or the Graduate Student Excellence Awards, please contact

See the list of previous years' award winners in the left-hand menu.

View photos from past Graduate Student Day celebrations:

Accommodation Requests

Disability Resources provides equal opportunity and equal access to programs and activities for all individuals at Drexel University and empowers individuals who have documented disabilities by working together proactively to provide reasonable accommodations. To request accommodations for this event, please contact the Disability Resources at We appreciate requests at least 72 hours in advance. Thank you!

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Student Involvement

Ascend (Pan-Asian Leaders)

Ascend is the premier professional organization dedicated to enabling its members, business partners and community to leverage the leadership and global business potential of Pan-Asians.

Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA)

ALPFA is the leading professional association dedicated to enhancing opportunities for all business related professions. Established in 1972, this Association continues to build upon our proud legacy of shared values and guiding principles. ALPFA advances into the 21st century as an experienced professional association with student chapters nationwide and over 15,000 members, and with the mission to enhance opportunities for building leadership and career skills.

Visit Website

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)

Beta Alpha Psi is a nonprofit international honorary and service organization for accounting, finance, and information systems students. Beta Alpha Psi provides opportunities for development of technical and professional skills to complement university education; participation in community service; and interaction among students, faculty, and professionals.

Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society (BGS)

Beta Gamma Sigma is an international honor society that provides the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a baccalaureate or post-baccalaureate (graduate) program at a school accredited by AACSB International.

Black Business Association (BBA)

The Black Business Association is an inclusive student organization focused on uplifting underrepresented minority students interested in any aspect of business. We aim to achieve this by providing a network of current students, alumni, and professionals in the workforce. Our programming includes professional and faculty speaker sessions, seminar-style discussions, coverage on topics like investing, entrepreneurship, and much more.

The Business Association of Supply Chain Expertise (BASE)

BASE assists students in developing imperative skills that are used in the professional world. This organization, and the skills promoted by this organization are beneficial to all business majors, with a special concentration to Supply Chain majors.

Visit Website

Delta Sigma Pi (DSP)

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce; and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.

Visit Website

Fashion Organization of Retail and Marketing (FORM)

The Fashion Organization of Retail and Marketing strives to unite Rutgers students with a passion for fashion, encourage interest, provide learning and networking opportunities, and enable students to explore prospective careers in the business of fashion. Between lectures and workshops with industry professionals, students can collaborate ideas and foster a fashion-oriented community through interactive activities.

Future Business Leaders of America

Future Business Leaders of America is a professional development organization open to all majors, built around the pillars of Service, Education, & Progress. Their mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

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Investment Bankers of Rutgers (LIBOR)

We focus on placing students in "front-office" positions (Investment Banking, Sales and Trading, Research and Investment Management) at leading firms on Wall Street.

We host a wide range of educational and networking activities throughout the academic year, giving students opportunities to obtain and succeed at interviews. Our meetings and workshops are specifically designed to prepare our members for the rigorous Wall Street interview process. In any given year, the overwhelming majority of Rutgers students who receive summer internship or full time job offers in front-office positions are active LIBOR members.

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Rutgers Association of Marketing & Strategy (RAMS)

RAMS serves the RBS and general Rutgers community as the outlet for industry and career information within the Marketing Communications sphere. We aim to educate students about careers in Advertising, Media, Marketing, or PR. Our organization offers opportunities to gain hands-on experience and a wealth of industry knowledge.

Rutgers Enactus

En ∙ trepreneurial – having the perspective to see an opportunity and the talent to create value from that opportunity;

Act ∙ ion – the willingness to do something and the commitment to see it through even when the outcome is not guaranteed;

Us – a group of people who themselves connected in some important way; individuals that are part of a greater whole.

Enactus is an international non-profit organization that brings together student, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need.

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Rutgers Phi Chi Theta

A national, co-ed professional business & economics fraternity. Open to students majoring in Business, Economics and Human Resource Management.

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Rutgers Business Governing Association (RBGA)

The Rutgers Business Governing Association (RBGA) is the student governing body of the Rutgers Business School (RBS). We are the voice of the Business School students to the rest of the University and act as a liaison between faculty, administration, and students.

RBS Blockchain Hub

RBS Blockchain Hub brings together students from all disciplines and helps educate them about the future of blockchain applications for business. This is done through offering student-led workshops, speaker events, and sponsored travel to blockchain conferences and hackathons. The Hub also empowers students into careers involving blockchain by obtaining partnerships with companies onboarding blockchain-educated students, ranging from startups to establish corporations.

Rutgers Business School Innovation Committee (RBSIC)

The Rutgers Business School Innovation Committee (RBSIC) is a dynamic organization that plays the role of a liaison between RBS students and the Office of Career Management

Rutgers Consulting (RC)

Rutgers Consulting (RC) is the one-stop shop for students aspiring to succeed in the Consulting Industry. We deliver value across three focus areas: (I) Learning & Development, (II) Client Service, and (III) Postgraduate Opportunities.

Rutgers Real Estate Club

We organize events throughout to semester to educate students on real estate. These events include speaker series, case competitions, and Q&As. Once Covid restrictions have been lifted, we will attend real estate conferences.

Rutgers Undergraduate Women in Business (RUWIB)

The Rutgers Undergraduate Women in Business is a student run organization whose purpose is to empower future women leaders by building a strong community that develops professional skills; promotes business education; and fosters personal growth.

Rutgers University Accounting Association (RUAA)

The RUAA, Rutgers University Accounting Association, strives to provide current, new, and prospective accounting students with the resources they need to improve themselves and succeed both at Rutgers and in the professional world. The Association’s primary goals are to organize study groups for accounting students, bring in speakers to inform students about opportunities in the accounting field, and to have seminars with professionals to improve students accounting skills.

Rutgers University Supply Chain Association (RUSCA)

RUSCA serves as an intellectual and social forum that provides students with corporate and academic experiences to promote their growth as future supply chain professionals. To that end, we are dedicated to providing academic, professional, and networking resources in order to cultivate Rutgers supply chain majors into leaders of their chosen industries across all levels of business organizations and society in the future.

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Rutgers University Valuating (RU Valuating)

The focus of RU Valuating is to facilitate the education of financial concepts on campus and to bridge the gap between Rutgers students and intercollegiate peers when it comes to interview preparation.

TAMID Group at Rutgers

TAMID Group is a nonprofit organization that develops the professional skills of undergraduate students through hands-on interaction with the Israeli economy. 

TAMID Consulting provides pro-bono consulting for the most exciting and innovative companies coming out of Israel. TAMID members engage in projects during the academic year that build skills in market research, competitive analysis, market entry strategy, beta testing/product development and design, and more.

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Pre-Professional Studies at Purdue

Professional programs DO NOT have a preference when it comes to undergraduate major. You can be a German major and still go to medical school or veterinary school! Choose something that interests you, that you will be successful in, and that provides what we call parallel plan--another plan should you decide not to go to professional school.

Explore your many major/minor options at Purdue.

Think about what you most enjoy studying--you tend to do better in these classes and grades matter.

Consider what might be a solid parallel plan/plan B/pivot plan for you. Most websites for Purdue majors tell you what their students have gone on to do with that major.

Remember to keep exploring. Just because you liked/disliked something in high school does not mean you will feel the same in college. Try new things. Your career goal as a child may not really be the best thing for you as you come to know yourself as an adult. Be open to new experiences and new thinking about your goals. It is ok to change your path.

Really don't know what you want to major in? Purdue has a number of places where you can start as you figure things out.

Can't decide? Don't know where to start? Exploratory Studies is for you. They do an exceptional job of helping you learn more about yourself, your interests, and your opportunities at Purdue. If you are pre-professional, their advisors will help you start on your pre-professional courses so that you do not get behind until you choose your major.

If you are interested in veterinary medicine, you could also consider the Pre-Veterinary Program in the College of Agriculture. Their advisors will help you explore your options of majors while starting you in your pre-vet courses then help you move into your chosen major.

You can also be an undecided student in the College of Liberal Arts.

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School Mentor Lets Her Dismissive Students Learn The Hard Way To Hit Deadlines. – ‘Can’t you, like, chill out? When we need you we will contact you.’ No result found, try new keyword!Career advice, how to apply for different exchange programs that can boost their professional growth ... Both had 5 members, and the youngest (in team A) was 8 y.o. I thought: omg, that will be tough, ... Tue, 05 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en-us text/html Student Organizations Phi Delta Phi, The International Legal Honor Society, Est. 1869

-Promoting a Higher Standard of Professional Ethics-

Welcome to Murphy Inn, founded at Saint Louis University School of Law in 1949.

Phi Delta Phi International, established in 1869 to promote a higher standard of professional ethics, is among the oldest legal organizations in North America. Phi Delta Phi was established only six months after the Columbus, Ohio Bar Association and nine years before the American Bar Association. It holds a unique position in the history of the North American bench, bar and law schools. During the past three decades, Phi Delta Phi's reputation as an organization devoted to legal excellence has spread into México and Europe.

Phi Delta Phi has 131 active chapters — called Inns — in the Western Hemisphere, and the number increases yearly. Phi Delta Phi has initiated in excess of 200,000 members.

The total initiated membership of Phi Delta Phi exceeds 200,000 persons. More judges, American presidents, governors, senators, representatives, cabinet members, ambassadors, American Bar Association presidents, Association of American Law School presidents and law school deans have come from the ranks of Phi Delta Phi than from any other legal society.

Phi Delta Phi’s dedication to ethics, professionalism, community service and leadership is driven neither by religious nor political ideology, but by the will of its individuals to foster an appreciation for ethical behavior and to create a good impression of our oft-maligned profession.

Prominent members of Phi Delta Phi include:

  • Antonin Scalia
  • Benjamin N. Cardozo
  • William J. Brennan
  • William H. Rehnquist
  • Thurgood Marshall
  • Gerald R. Ford
  • Sandra Day O'Connor
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Teddy Roosevelt
  • Robert F. Kennedy
  • John Paul Stevens
  • Adlai Stevenson

Membership is limited to students of good moral character who meet our standards of scholarship and service.

For more information, visit and email, or contact one of SLU LAW’s Phi Delta Phi officers.

Every year Phi Delta Phi awards twelve $3,000 Balfour Scholarship Awards to law students thanks to a grant from the Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation. In addition, there is a Balfour Minority Scholarship and an International Exchange Award.

Faculty adviser: Carol Needham

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