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Exam Code: NACE-CIP1-001 Coating Inspector Level 1 Free PDF January 2024 by team

NACE-CIP1-001 Coating Inspector Level 1

Exam Specification:

- Exam Name: NACE-CIP1-001 Coating Inspector Level 1
- Exam Code: NACE-CIP1-001
- Exam Duration: 2 days (16 hours)
- Exam Format: Combination of theoretical and practical assessment

Course Outline:

Day 1:
1. Introduction to Coating Inspection
- Overview of coating inspection and its importance
- Roles and responsibilities of a coating inspector
- Coating standards and specifications

2. Coating Materials and Application Techniques
- Types of coating materials and their properties
- Surface preparation methods
- Coating application techniques and equipment

3. Coating Inspection Tools and Techniques
- Introduction to coating inspection tools and instruments
- Measurement techniques for coating thickness, adhesion, and surface profile
- Visual inspection and defect identification

4. Coating Inspection Procedures and Documentation
- Developing coating inspection plans
- Conducting coating inspections according to standards and specifications
- Documenting inspection findings and preparing reports

Day 2:
5. Coating Performance and Failure Analysis
- Understanding coating performance and degradation mechanisms
- Identifying common coating defects and failures
- Conducting failure analysis and troubleshooting

6. Health, Safety, and Environmental Considerations
- Hazards associated with coating materials and application
- Personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety practices
- Environmental regulations and best practices for coating operations

7. Coating Repair and Maintenance
- Coating repair techniques and procedures
- Preventive maintenance for coated surfaces
- Inspection of repaired and maintained coatings

8. Practical Assessment
- Hands-on assessment of coating inspection skills
- Conducting coating thickness measurements
- Identifying coating defects and evaluating surface preparation

Exam Objectives:

1. Understand the principles of coating inspection and the role of a coating inspector.
2. Identify different types of coating materials, their properties, and application techniques.
3. Use coating inspection tools and techniques for measuring coating thickness, adhesion, and surface profile.
4. Follow coating inspection procedures, standards, and specifications.
5. Recognize coating defects, failures, and perform failure analysis.
6. Adhere to health, safety, and environmental practices in coating operations.
7. Demonstrate knowledge of coating repair and maintenance techniques.

Exam Syllabus:

The exam syllabus covers the following topics (but is not limited to):

- Coating inspection principles and responsibilities
- Coating materials, application techniques, and surface preparation
- Coating inspection tools and measurement techniques
- Coating inspection procedures and documentation
- Coating performance, failure analysis, and troubleshooting
- Health, safety, and environmental considerations
- Coating repair and maintenance techniques
- Practical assessment of coating inspection skills
Coating Inspector Level 1
NACE Inspector Free PDF

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Coating Inspector Level 1
Question: 32
Relative humidity is
A. a measure of the amount of moisture in the air compared to saturation level.
B. a measure of the amount of moisture in the air compared to the air temperature.
C. the lowest temperature at which moisture forms on a steel surface.
D. the highest temperature at which moisture forms on a steel surface.
Answer: A
Question: 33
Upon arrival of coating materials, the inspector should
A. review coating contractors plans for storage of coating materials and confirm they meet national, local and owners
fire and environmental regulations.
B. observe and document the amount of material and batch numbers.
C. observe aryl document that the applicator WFT at regular intervals during application.
D. observe and document time frame and environmental conditions between each coat.
Answer: B
Question: 34
Which one of these elements is not necessary for corrosion to occur:
A. Anode
B. Cathode
C. Reference Cell
D. Electrolyte
Answer: C
Question: 35
Conventional spray is a good choice when:
A. High production rates are required
B. High quality finishes are required
C. High transfer efficiency is required
D. High viscosity coatings are being applied
Answer: B
Question: 36
Fine cracks in the surface of a coating that rarely reach the substrate are called
A. cracking.
B. alligatoring.
C. checking.
D. blistering.
Answer: C
Question: 37
Using SSPC Vis 1 as a guide when performing a visual inspection of a steel surface prior to surface preparation a
NACE Inspector would assign which designations to the surface condition:
A. Rust Grades A-D
B. Surface Conditions E-G
C. Rust Grades 1-4
D. Surface Condition H
Answer: A
Question: 38
The initial steel condition is important to the NACE Inspector because:
A. If the steel is pitted more coating will be required
B. Less abrasive is need if the mill Scale s gone
C. It affects the final appearance after blasting
D. The Inspector may have to reject the Steel
Answer: D
Question: 39
It is good practice for the NACE Inspector to have instrument calibration certificates available:
A. At all times
B. In the office only
C. In the field only
D. Only if the specification requires it
Answer: A
Question: 40
If a contractor is using a poorly maintained compressor to supply air for abrasive blast cleaning and conventional
airspray, the coating inspector should perform a
A. dry film thickness (DEI) measurement.
B. wet film thickness (WFT) measurement.
C. blotter test for the presence of oil and water.
D. vial lest.
Answer: C
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pdf to doc convertor

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