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HPE0-V14 Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions testing |

HPE0-V14 testing - Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: HPE0-V14 Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions testing January 2024 by team

HPE0-V14 Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions

Exam ID : HPE0-V14

Exam type : Proctored

Exam duration : 1 hour 30 minutes

Exam length : 60 questions

Passing score : 66%

Delivery languages Japanese, English, Korean

Supporting resources These recommended resources help you prepare for the exam:

Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions, Rev. 19.41

Introduction to HPE SMB Hybrid IT Architectures, Rev. 19.41

This ATP certification validates a successful candidate has foundational knowledge and skills of the HPE infrastructure strategy, encompassing SMB server, storage, networking, and management tools and their underlying architecture technologies. Given a set of customer requirements and a solution design, implement the solution.

This exam has 60 questions. Here are types of questions to expect:

Multiple choice (multiple responses), scenario based

Multiple choice (single response), scenario based


Multiple choice (multiple responses)

Multiple choice (single response)


Point and click

20% Describe, differentiate, and apply industry standard, foundational SMB architectures and technologies

Identify and explain industry standard IT technologies used in small and medium-sized solutions and their use cases

20% Recommend and position HPE products, solutions, and appropriate services for use cases

Given a use case, recommend the appropriate HPE products, solutions, and services to meet the business requirement

20% Evaluate customer environment, and plan and design solutions using the HPE portfolio to meet customer requirements

Identify and describe planning, design and sizing tools and when to use them.

Given customer requirements, design an HPE server solution to meet those requirements

Given customer requirements, design an HPE storage solution to meet those requirements

Given customer requirements, design an HPE network solution to meet those requirements.

Given customer requirements, design an end-to-end, small to medium-sized HPE solution to meet those requirements

20% Install, configure, and upgrade HPE solutions and their components and validate the implementation

Install physical solution systems including racking, power, and cabling connections

Given a solution, configure and validate the server, storage and/or networking components including integrating subsystems.

10% Troubleshoot and remediate HPE solution components

Identify the tools and methods to troubleshoot and remediate an HPE solution and when to use each tool and method

Analyze, troubleshoot, and remediate HPE solutions including component integrations (server, storage, and networking)

10% Manage, monitor, administer, and operate HPE solutions and their components

Manage HPE solutions and subsystems to ensure the solution continues to meet customer requitements
Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
HP Solutions testing

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Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
Question: 65
What is a benefit of a NAS device?
A. SAS connectivity to hosts
B. dedicated file services
C. iSCSl Protocol services
D. shared Block Level access
Answer: B
Question: 66
What does StoreOnce use to allow independent software vendors (ISV) to be aware of the HPE StoreOnce Backup system and its capabilities without
A. Recovery Manager Central
B. Catalyst Target
C. Virtual Tape Library
D. NAS Target
Answer: B
Question: 67
A customer is moving a server from a co-location facility back into their existing data center to comply with new internal policies on data management Due to
budget constraints, the customer cannot purchase any additional switches and will need to use an existing end-of-row design with HPE FlexFabric switches
While the server will be installed six racks away from the switches, the total cable run with cable management Is expected to be 35 m.
Which component should be selected when designing the 10 Gbps connectivity option for the server?
A. QSFP28 Active Optical Cable
B. SFP+ 10G LC SR Transceiver
C. SFP+ Active Optical Cable
D. SFP+ Direct Attach Copper Cable
E. QSFP+ Active Optical Cable
Answer: C
Question: 68
A customer is purchasing a complete HPE solution that includes servers, storage, and networking. They need to leverage cloud storage for an off-site copy of
their data in case of disaster.
Which HPE solutions should you suggest? (Choose two.)
A. HPE MSA Storage
B. HPE StoreOnce
D. HPE StoreEver
E. HPE Nimble Storage
Answer: B,E
Question: 69
A customer needs a shared storage solution for a virtualization platform that will host a database application. The customer is considering an HPE Nimble
Which feature would lead you to propose an HPE Nimble AF40 over an HPE 3PAR All Flash array?
A. Fibre Channel Connectivity
B. 10Gb iSCSI support
C. Supported by Infosight for predictive analytics
D. Predictable performance event with one failed controller
Answer: D
Question: 70
Which feature in a block storage array eliminates redundant data through the process of using indexes that refer to the original set of data?
A. deduplication
B. compression
C. thin provisioning
D. thick provisioning
Answer: A
Question: 71
Which web service uses baste CRUD operations performed on resources using HTTP Post, Get. Put. Delete, and Patch?
Answer: B
Question: 72
A customer is subject to regulatory requirements and their data is highly sensitive.
Which HPE Smart Array feature addresses their need for an level of security for data stored inside their server?
A. Secure Encryption
B. SmartCache
C. Smart Battery backed-up write-cache
D. Rapid Parity Initialization
Answer: A
Question: 73
A client complains about systems reliability issues caused by their staffs inability to identify the root cause of failures. The clients lead administrator wants
to automatically send data from HPE OneView to additional listeners in the network.
What should you configure in HPE OneView to enable the external monitoring of the managed devices?
A. Configure a scope to include the listener.
B. Configure SNMP Trap Forwarding.
C. Configure scheduled reports to export the data to the listener.
D. Configure the listener as a managed device.
Answer: B
Question: 74
Where would a customer go to run the SSD wear Gauge report on an HPE ProLiant server?
A. OneView Standard
B. UEFI System Bios
C. insight Diagnostics
D. Smart Storage Administrator
Answer: D
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HP Solutions testing - BingNews Search results HP Solutions testing - BingNews HP Beefs Up App Testing Tools For Virtual, Mobile Environments

Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday launched Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) version 2.5, a set of software development tools that speeds up the testing process for apps in mobile and virtual environments.

ALI 2.5 now works with a wider range of development environments and software configuration management systems. When software code is changed, there are requirements that need to be validated, and ALI 2.5 takes artifacts and provides traceable information between them.

"This is valuable in virtual environments, where testing and development need to be built and torn down when validating bunch of changes," Matthew Morgan, senior director of product and solution marketing for HP Software, said in an interview.

Change-based testing is common in Agile software development environments, and ALI 2.5 will be available through all HP software resellers, said Morgan. "Partners can wrap in their own value-added expertise on how to be successful in an Agile environment," he said. "There is also a change based testing component."

HP is also integrating its functionality for testing mobile apps using real devices in the cloud. While HP's existing LoadRunner in the Cloud product is for testing apps, the new HP Testing for Mobility Services handles the other side of the equation: functionally validating apps to ensure that they work as intended.

Developers need to ensure that apps work on all devices, but going out and buying every Android and smartphone and iPhone obviously isn’t feasible. HP Testing for Mobility Services, a joint effort between HP and partner Perfecto Mobile, determines whether apps work on these devices and operating systems.

This is not an emulator, but a service that sits in the cloud and enables developers to run test cases. Developers using the service will find the image of the device they wish to test against, and then load their app into the cloud based device -- which is a fully functional smartphone that includes GPS and camera features, according to Morgan.

"By having all test cases automated across all devices, we're able to do run automated tests against the devices, and developers see the results right away," said Morgan. "Without this, they would have to do all this manually."

HP also rolled out Enterprise Mobility Services for SAP Applications, a service that boosts employee efficiency by allowing mobile users to obtain data from SAP NetWeaver and Sybase's Unwired platforms.

Sun, 10 Dec 2023 22:35:00 -0600 text/html
$420 off this HP Envy 2-in1 makes it an excellent choice for students

You can get a $920 laptop for under $500 with this huge saving at Best Buy on the HP Envy 2-in-1.

Laptops for students need to be capable and portable, but they also need to be affordable. After all, a $1,000 laptop is way out of budget for most students, and more of a match for coders

Thu, 04 Jan 2024 23:08:00 -0600 en text/html
HP Partners Testing The Waters On WebOS Development

Hewlett Packard has big aspirations for WebOS, and it's trying to get channel partners excited, too. But while they're intrigued by WebOS, many long-time HP partners are still in wait-and-see mode, cognizant of the fact that HP faces a fierce headwind of mobile industry competition.

Yet, HP partners who have dipped their toes in the WebOS development waters have come away impressed with its user interface, multitasking capability and the ease with which they can build applications. WebOS' "touch to share" technology, which transfers URLs and files from one device to another by tapping them together, is seen as another potential differentiator for HP.

Synnex, whose CEO Kevin Murai has made mobility a top long-term strategic priority, is an early entrant to WebOS development and built a scheduling application for HP's Americas Partner Conference in March.

Rob Moyer, vice president of cloud computing programs at Synnex, said the distributor has long admired Palm's technology and feels that it will get even better under HP's watch. "We picked WebOS very early, and we did so mainly because of its technology attributes," he said in an interview. "We've always liked Palm and we wanted to be early adopters."

Greenville, S.C.-based Synnex has a dedicated WebOS development team that is working on a "handful" of other apps, but Moyer declined to elaborate on the size of the team or on how many WebOS apps are forthcoming.

Bedrock Technology Partners, an HP partner based in San Mateo, Calif., is building customized apps for several customers who have expressed interest in the platform. CEO Dean Cappellazzo sees opportunities in building applications for his customers, particularly in areas such as field sales, manufacturing floors, healthcare, point-of-sale and other verticals.

"It’s important for HP to build a community of application developers to grow WebOS, and we've already begun making these investments," Cappellazzo said.

HP's TouchPad tablet, slated for launch this summer, could challenge the iPad in verticals such as healthcare and education, according to Moyer.

"There's definite a high level of interest from channel partners in these segments," he said. "Organizations are supporting iPad because of user demand, but there's definitely a sense that the market would like a really good alternative to the iPad. And I think they are more comfortable with HP's business model."

Next: HP's View Of The TouchPad Tablet Competition

Kristin Rogers, executive vice president of sales and marketing at PC Mall, a Torrance, Calif.-based direct marketer of products from HP, Apple, IBM, Lenovo and Microsoft, says HP has focused on the TouchPad tablet as more than just a point product, but an offering that channel partners can wrap into any number of vertically focused technology solutions.

"HP sees this as a significant opportunity for businesses, and I respect the fact that they're not just treating it as a cool product," said Rogers. "They're getting the channel to recognize that this is really a platform, much more than just a cool device."

Moyer acknowledges that Apple has a big head start in tablets but says it's still early days in the space. HP executives have expressed similar sentiments recently: At APC, Stephen DeWitt, senior vice president of HP's Americas Solution Partners Organization, blasted Apple for ignoring its channel partners. Todd Bradley, executive vice president of HP's Personal Systems Group, likened the looming tablet competition to a marathon as opposed to a sprint.

In addition to the WebOS feature set, HP sees its channel marketing and distribution strength as factors that can give it a leg up on Apple and other competitors. HP will market the TouchPad tablet as a device that fits neatly into the enterprise IT stack and functions as just another device on the network. PC Mall's Rogers says this is a shrewd approach that leverages one of HP's strengths.

"HP has a substantial and competent channel and that's an advantage," Rogers said. "HP has identified significant vertical market opportunity and they know how to build a channel that totally gets this opportunity."

Starting this summer, HP partners that sell WebOS solutions will receive new HP PartnerONE program benefits, including market development funds, volume programs, deal registration and technology practice development. In November, HP will introduce an Elite mobility program offering that will provide more substantial benefits for partners that meet more stringent mobility practice requirements.

"We are going to help our partners develop mobility practices that include services like app development, mobility virtualization and mobility management," Stephen DiFranco, vice president and general manager of HP's Americas Solution Partners Organization, said at APC.

Will these incentives be enough for HP to build a critical mass of WebOS developers? One problem is that HP's "early days" argument works both ways: Without enough apps, WebOS devices' appeal will remain limited to the same small segment of the market that thought the Palm Pre was the bee's knees. HP will probably need more partners to invest in WebOS development than it does right now for WebOS to generate significant momentum.

Next: HP's Challenges With WebOS

At least one development firm outside the HP partner ecosystem is content to remain on the WebOS sidelines for now.

Roundarch Labs, a Chicago-based user experience and technology design firm that does Flash and Silverlight development, hasn't invested significantly in WebOS development but does have the in-house skills necessary to do so. Dave Meeker, director of emerging technology and co-director at Roundarch Labs, says customer interest has yet to materialize.

"The biggest challenge that WebOS has right now is less related to the ability for agencies to build for the platform, and more so about our clients not asking for apps as Palm has been trailing so far behind iOS and android," said Meeker. "Like all software platforms, should WebOS start to gain market share and become relevant for our clients, we will most certainly be addressing their needs."

PC Mall is a large nationwide solution provider with a $100 million services business, but Rogers says the company has traditionally drawn the line at application development. The growing demand for Sharepoint development is causing PC Mall to reconsider this stance, but for the moment, WebOS development isn’t in the company's plans, she said.

How WebOS fares in the market will be a litmus test of sorts for HP's ability to exert influence in a new market by leveraging its channel. But while Palm wasn't able to achieve widespread success on its own, HP can bring to bear a much larger array of marketing weapons. Plus, CEO Leo Apotheker is very bullish on WebOS. With support like this, WebOS will have plenty of chances to make its mark.

"The HP team has aligned all major resources and strategies from Apotheker on down," said John Convery, executive vice president of vendor relations and marketing at Denali Advanced Integration, a Redmond, Wash.-based HP partner. "I certainly believe HP has a very unique approach here and a major competitive advantage."

Fri, 08 Dec 2023 14:00:00 -0600 text/html
HP Envy Move review: The most adorable all-in-one desktop I've ever used — this SHOULD be your next family PC

I'm starting to think I might be in the minority with this memory, but there was a time when many houses had a 'family computer room.' It wasn't exactly made to represent a home office but as an entire room built around a shared PC that often came with sibling arguments on who had the next turn.

Laptops almost solved that problem, but they never felt like they genuinely replaced the concept of a shared machine. All-in-one PCs came closer, but they're tethered to AC power like desktop computers.

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