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Google-PCDE Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Database Engineer study help |
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Google-PCDE study help - Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Database Engineer Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: Google-PCDE Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Database Engineer study help January 2024 by team

Google-PCDE Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Database Engineer

Exam Specification: Google-PCDE Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Database Engineer

Exam Name: Google-PCDE Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Database Engineer
Exam Code: Google-PCDE
Exam Duration: 2 hours
Passing Score: Not specified
Exam Format: Multiple-choice and scenario-based questions

Course Outline:

1. Google Cloud Platform Overview
- Overview of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services
- Understanding GCP database offerings
- Key concepts and features of GCP database solutions

2. Database Planning and Design
- Assessing business requirements for database solutions
- Designing database architectures and schemas
- Planning for scalability, availability, and disaster recovery

3. Database Implementation and Deployment
- Deploying and provisioning database instances on GCP
- Configuring database security and access controls
- Migrating data to GCP databases

4. Database Management and Monitoring
- Managing database operations and configurations
- Performing database backups and restores
- Monitoring database performance and optimizing query execution

5. Database Performance Tuning and Optimization
- Analyzing database performance bottlenecks
- Optimizing database schemas and indexes
- Implementing caching and query optimization techniques

6. Data Security and Compliance
- Securing data in GCP databases
- Implementing encryption and access controls
- Ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations

Exam Objectives:

1. Understand the key features and services of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) databases.
2. Plan and design database architectures based on business requirements.
3. Implement and deploy GCP database solutions.
4. Manage and monitor database operations and configurations.
5. Perform database performance tuning and optimization.
6. Ensure data security and compliance in GCP databases.

Exam Syllabus:

Section 1: Google Cloud Platform Overview (15%)
- Overview of GCP services
- GCP database offerings and features

Section 2: Database Planning and Design (20%)
- Assessing business requirements
- Database architecture and schema design
- Scalability, availability, and disaster recovery planning

Section 3: Database Implementation and Deployment (20%)
- Deploying and provisioning database instances
- Security and access control configuration
- Data migration to GCP databases

Section 4: Database Management and Monitoring (20%)
- Managing database operations and configurations
- Backup and restore procedures
- Performance monitoring and query optimization

Section 5: Database Performance Tuning and Optimization (15%)
- Performance bottleneck analysis
- Schema and index optimization
- Caching and query optimization techniques

Section 6: Data Security and Compliance (10%)
- Database security measures
- Encryption and access control implementation
- Compliance with data privacy regulations
Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Database Engineer
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Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Database
Question: 30
Your company has PostgreSQL databases on-premises and on Amazon Web Services (AWS). You are planning
multiple database migrations to Cloud SQL in an effort to reduce costs and downtime. You want to follow Google-
recommended practices and use Google native data migration tools. You also want to closely monitor the migrations
as part of the cutover strategy .
What should you do?
A. Use Database Migration Service to migrate all databases to Cloud SQL.
B. Use Database Migration Service for one-time migrations, and use third-party or partner tools for change data
capture (CDC) style migrations.
C. Use data replication tools and CDC tools to enable migration.
D. Use a combination of Database Migration Service and partner tools to support the data migration strategy.
Answer: A
Question: 31
Your organization operates in a highly regulated industry. Separation of concerns (SoC) and security principle of least
privilege (PoLP) are critical. The operations team consists of: Person A is a database administrator.
Person B is an analyst who generates metric reports.
Application C is responsible for automatic backups.
You need to assign roles to team members for Cloud Spanner .
Which roles should you assign?
A. roles/spanner.databaseAdmin for Person A
roles/spanner.databaseReader for Person B
roles/spanner.backupWriter for Application C
B. roles/spanner.databaseAdmin for Person A
roles/spanner.databaseReader for Person B
roles/spanner.backupAdmin for Application C
C. roles/spanner.databaseAdmin for Person A
roles/spanner.databaseUser for Person B
roles/spanner databaseReader for Application C
D. roles/spanner.databaseAdmin for Person A
roles/spanner.databaseUser for Person B
roles/spanner.backupWriter for Application C
Answer: B
Question: 32
You are setting up a Bare Metal Solution environment. You need to update the operating system to the latest version.
You need to connect the Bare Metal Solution environment to the internet so you can receive software updates .
What should you do?
A. Setup a static external IP address in your VPC network.
B. Set up bring your own IP (BYOIP) in your VPC.
C. Set up a Cloud NAT gateway on the Compute Engine VM.
D. Set up Cloud NAT service.
Answer: C
Question: 33
Your organization has a critical business app that is running with a Cloud SQL for MySQL backend database. Your
company wants to build the most fault-tolerant and highly available solution possible. You need to ensure that the
application database can survive a zonal and regional failure with a primary region of us-central1 and the backup
region of us-east1 .
What should you do?
A. Provision a Cloud SQL for MySQL instance in us-central1-a.
Create a multiple-zone instance in us-west1-b.
Create a read replica in us-east1-c.
B. Provision a Cloud SQL for MySQL instance in us-central1-a.
Create a multiple-zone instance in us-central1-b.
Create a read replica in us-east1-b.
C. Provision a Cloud SQL for MySQL instance in us-central1-a.
Create a multiple-zone instance in us-east-b.
Create a read replica in us-east1-c.
D. Provision a Cloud SQL for MySQL instance in us-central1-a.
Create a multiple-zone instance in us-east1-b.
Create a read replica in us-central1-b.
Answer: B
Question: 34
Your customer is running a MySQL database on-premises with read replicas. The nightly incremental backups are
expensive and add maintenance overhead. You want to follow Google-recommended practices to migrate the database
to Google Cloud, and you need to ensure minimal downtime .
What should you do?
A. Create a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster, install MySQL on the cluster, and then import the dump file.
B. Use the mysqldump utility to take a backup of the existing on-premises database, and then import it into Cloud
C. Create a Compute Engine VM, install MySQL on the VM, and then import the dump file.
D. Create an external replica, and use Cloud SQL to synchronize the data to the replica.
Answer: D
Question: 35
You are managing multiple applications connecting to a database on Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL. You need to be able
to monitor database performance to easily identify applications with long-running and resource-intensive queries .
What should you do?
A. Use log messages produced by Cloud SQL.
B. Use Query Insights for Cloud SQL.
C. Use the Cloud Monitoring dashboard with available metrics from Cloud SQL.
D. Use Cloud SQL instance monitoring in the Google Cloud Console.
Answer: B
Question: 36
Your company uses the Cloud SQL out-of-disk recommender to analyze the storage utilization trends of production
databases over the last 30 days. Your database operations team uses these recommendations to proactively monitor
storage utilization and implement corrective actions. You receive a recommendation that the instance is likely to run
out of disk space .
What should you do to address this storage alert?
A. Normalize the database to the third normal form.
B. Compress the data using a different compression algorithm.
C. Manually or automatically increase the storage capacity.
D. Create another schema to load older data.
Answer: C
Question: 37
Your organization is running a MySQL workload in Cloud SQL. Suddenly you see a degradation in database
performance. You need to identify the root cause of the performance degradation .
What should you do?
A. Use Logs Explorer to analyze log data.
B. Use Cloud Monitoring to monitor CPU, memory, and storage utilization metrics.
C. Use Error Reporting to count, analyze, and aggregate the data.
D. Use Cloud Debugger to inspect the state of an application.
Answer: B
Question: 38
Your application uses Cloud SQL for MySQL. Your users run reports on data that relies on near-real time; however,
the additional analytics caused excessive load on the primary database. You created a read replica for the analytics
workloads, but now your users are complaining about the lag in data changes and that their reports are still slow. You
need to improve the report performance and shorten the lag in data replication without making changes to the current
reports .
Which two approaches should you implement? (Choose two.)
A. Create secondary indexes on the replica.
B. Create additional read replicas, and partition your analytics users to use different read replicas.
C. Disable replication on the read replica, and set the flag for parallel replication on the read replica.
Re-enable replication and optimize performance by setting flags on the primary instance.
D. Disable replication on the primary instance, and set the flag for parallel replication on the primary instance. Re-
enable replication and optimize performance by setting flags on the read replica.
E. Move your analytics workloads to BigQuery, and set up a streaming pipeline to move data and update BigQuery.
Answer: B, C
Question: 39
You are designing an augmented reality game for iOS and Android devices. You plan to use Cloud Spanner as the
primary backend database for game state storage and player authentication. You want to track in-game rewards that
players unlock at every stage of the game. During the testing phase, you discovered that costs are much higher than
anticipated, but the query response times are within the SL
A. You want to follow Google-recommended practices. You need the database to be performant and highly available
while you keep costs low .
What should you do?
A. Manually scale down the number of nodes after the peak period has passed.
B. Use interleaving to co-locate parent and child rows.
C. Use the Cloud Spanner query optimizer to determine the most efficient way to execute the SQL query.
D. Use granular instance sizing in Cloud Spanner and Autoscaler.
Answer: C
Question: 40
Your team uses thousands of connected IoT devices to collect device maintenance data for your oil and gas customers
in real time. You want to design inspection routines, device repair, and replacement schedules based on insights
gathered from the data produced by these devices. You need a managed solution that is highly scalable, supports a
multi-cloud strategy, and offers low latency for these IoT devices .
What should you do?
A. Use Firestore with Looker.
B. Use Cloud Spanner with Data Studio.
C. Use MongoD8 Atlas with Charts.
D. Use Bigtable with Looker.
Answer: C
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Google Professional study help - BingNews Search results Google Professional study help - BingNews Parents are giving Google access to their kids' skin color and eyelid shapes for $50 No result found, try new keyword!A Google contractor has been paying $50 for parents to provide videos of their children for use in training artificial intelligence models. Thu, 04 Jan 2024 06:53:37 -0600 en-us text/html You can now repair your Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 at home No result found, try new keyword!Thankfully, Google's latest flagships the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro, easily be considered one of the best Android phones of last year, are now among the expansive list of devices that can ... Thu, 04 Jan 2024 00:03:50 -0600 en-us text/html Graduate Certificate in Professional Study

Give Your Teaching Career a Boost with a Professional Study Graduate Certificate

If you would like to advance your professional career by pursuing additional coursework beyond your degree, a Graduate Certificate of Professional Study within the field of education from Southern New Hampshire University can provide you with the opportunity to engage with a broad range of topics. Earning your graduate certificate is a great way to add to your teaching résumé while enhancing your understanding of important educational concepts and strategies.

This field-based certificate program, available through the SNHU Vermont Campus, is ideal for practicing educators seeking applied learning and professional development opportunities within the topic areas of curriculum, assessment and evaluation, education technology, learning and development, and teacher leadership.

Although this program is currently available in a limited number of districts within the state of Vermont, we encourage you to reach out to the SNHU Vermont Campus at if you are interested in participating or learning more.

See Yourself Succeed with a Professional Study Graduate Certificate from SNHU

The field-based Professional Study Graduate Certificate program in education at SNHU allows you to choose from the following five subject areas: Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation, Education Technology, Learning and Development, and Teacher Leadership. This is a 15-credit program, and you will select five three-credit courses to complete in accordance with your chosen topic.

As a private, nonprofit university, SNHU has one mission - to help you see yourself succeed. The benefits of enrolling in a field-based graduate program at SNHU include:

  • Convenience. Pursue your graduate degree or certificate where you work, and complete international field studies around your teaching schedule.
  • Supportive community. We have a deep understanding of how adults learn best, and we know all of our students personally. Our cohort model allows you to learn with colleagues.
  • Relevance. All course material and assignments apply directly to your classroom practice.
  • Affordability. It’s our mission to make higher education more accessible. That’s why, SNHU is one of the most affordable private, nonprofit universities in New Hampshire. 
  • Constructivist classrooms. Our instructors design the classroom experience so that it begins with your experiences and builds toward exceptional practice in a collaborative manner.

Careers & Outcomes

The Professional Study program is designed to help educators advance their careers without committing to a full master’s degree program. The goal of this program is to produce teachers who are prepared to impact their schools and their students in meaningful ways, both inside and outside of the classroom. Whether your goal is to develop new curriculum, become familiar with new teaching technology, or learn new leadership skills, SNHU can help you take the next step in your career.

Professional Study (Post-Master's Graduate Certificate)

In addition to the standard Professional Study Graduate Certificate in education program, SNHU also offers a Professional Study Post-Master's Graduate Certificate option. This program is similar to the standard graduate certificate version, but is designed for educators who have already earned their Master of Education. This program also features Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation, Education Technology, Learning and Development, and Teacher Leadership as subject areas; however, many of the courses within the post-master's program cover more advanced topics.


With multiple pathways to choose from, the program will help you develop a deeper understanding of responsive, responsible teaching methods. Participants will plan and deliver purposeful learning opportunities that incorporate current research and best practices to engage students in meaningful ways. SNHU will help you learn to create strengths-based, inclusive, and collaborative learning communities in classrooms and schools. The program will also help you understand the need for professional analysis, innovation, and continually evolving professional strategies while evaluating your own personal growth, teaching practice development, and personal leadership.

Graduate Tuition

Our Manchester campus aims to keep tuition and related costs low for our students so that you can pursue your degree and your goals.

Beyond low tuition rates, we help our students save through transfer credits, credit for prior learning, grants and scholarships, tuition assistance and more.

This certificate is not eligible for federal financial aid. Students seeking alternatives to federal financial aid can explore tuition assistance, grants and scholarships, as well as private loans. To learn more about private loans, visit our Funding Your Education with Student Loans page.

Tue, 19 Dec 2023 09:59:00 -0600 en text/html
10 top-trending health questions you had for Dr. Google in 2023 No result found, try new keyword!Google users in the United States wanted to know more about strep throat, how to lower cholesterol and what helps with bloating. Thu, 28 Dec 2023 21:46:30 -0600 en-us text/html Career growth: 9 in-demand professional certifications to consider for 2024

There are 9 in-demand professional certifications to consider obtaining to grow your career. According to reports, these certifications will enhance your resume for career advancement. 

These credentials are usually obtained through short-term programs, and open doors to higher-paying jobs and new industries, even new locations irrespective of a specific degree. 

Obtaining certifications such as those for project management through programs like Google, qualifies you for specific roles. Hence it’s important to consider these certifications as supplementary qualifications, which are often paired with degrees to showcase a candidate’s comprehensive skills. 

Here are 9 of these in-demand certifications: 

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) 

Possessing project management skills is crucial in today’s business, finance, and technology sectors, making it a prerequisite for anyone aspiring to become a supervisor or manager.

  • The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certificate, at the associate level, helps those seeking to develop practical experience in managing company projects.
  • To attain this certification, candidates must fulfil either a 1,500-hour project experience requirement or complete 23 hours of project management education.
  • The certification process involves passing a 150-question exam and a fee payment of up to $300. 

Project Management Professional (PMP) 

  • The PMP Certification is a good choice for project management, particularly for seasoned professionals. The certification process demands substantial experience, requiring 7,500 hours of project leadership; however, a four-year degree reduces this to 4,500 hours. 
  • Complementing this is a mandatory 35-hour education component. The journey concludes with a rigorous 200-question exam which costs a $555 fee for prompt certification. 

IIBA Agile Analysis Certification (IIBA-AAC) 

The demand for business analytics professionals is surging due to the growing reliance on data-driven insights. 

  • Businesses actively seek skilled data analysts for a deeper understanding of their customers. To validate data analytics proficiency, the IIBA Agile Analysis Certification is needed. The certificate is an independent certification indicating expertise in dynamic environments. 
  • The certification process involves an 85-question exam within two hours, with an exam fee of up to $525. Minimal eligibility requirements include two to five years of agile-related experience, and recertification is required every three years. 

Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) 

The CSCP Certification is for those aspiring to or currently working as supply chain managers. 

  • This credential validates credibility and expertise in supply chain management. Prerequisites include a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, a minimum of three years of relevant business experience, and a possession of at least one other approved certification.
  • The certification process involves successfully passing the exam and paying a fee of up to $969. 

CompTIA A+ Technician Certification 

The CompTIA A+ Technician Certification is for entry-level individuals venturing into the technology field without formal computer science degrees. 

  • This certification equips candidates with essential skills to troubleshoot diverse technologies, making it an ideal choice for roles like support specialists or help desk technicians.
  • Moreover, it qualifies individuals for additional on-the-job training.
  • The certification process entails passing a written exam and involves a minor fee for acquiring the certificate, offering a valuable foundation for a successful career in technology. 

SHRM-CP Certification 

Dedicated human resources professionals are needed for every business. 

The SHRM-CP Certification provides substantial benefits, qualifying individuals for open HR positions and elevating their credibility for higher-value roles.

  • With financial advantages, certificate holders can earn 14% to 15% more than non-certified peers, making it an ideal progression certificate for those committed to the HR field. 
  • The certification process involves applying for the SHRM-CP program, studying for three to four months, and completing the four-hour exam, often within the allotted time. 

Google Digital Marketing and eCommerce Professional Certification 

This Google Digital Marketing and eCommerce Professional Certificate is divided into seven courses for focused learning. 

  • It is tailored for aspiring digital marketers without marketing degrees and spans six months, demanding 10 hours of weekly study.
  • With a $39 monthly subscription fee on Coursera, the overall cost is budget-friendly, totalling less than $300 over six months.
  • This comprehensive and accessible certificate empowers individuals to develop insights and expertise in digital marketing and online commerce strategies. 

Google Project Management Professional Certificate 

The Google Project Management Professional Certificate is highly sought after for project management specialists and team leaders.

  • With 140 hours of instruction and various practice-based assessments, completing the program opens job opportunities at Google and other US employers.
  • Over six months, requiring a $39 monthly fee on Coursera, financial assistance from Google is available. Ideal for middle-level managers, this certificate enhances skills and job responsibilities.
  • Explore other valuable Google certificates in analytics, cloud security, machine learning, and beyond for a well-rounded skill set. 

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate 

The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate stands out for aspiring data scientists and IT professionals. With no prerequisites in computer science or programming, the program consists of nine courses, qualifying participants for entry-level data science jobs and providing an IBM digital badge for portfolio enhancement.

  • Additionally, earn up to 12 transferable college credits. Over an 11-month study period, the subscription fee of $39 per month on Coursera results in a total cost of approximately $429, offering a valuable and comprehensive learning experience.
Sat, 30 Dec 2023 16:42:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Study Skills Self-Assessment




1. I know how to study in a way that keeps my attention.
2. I find it hard to get started on a project.
3. I get easily distracted and find it hard to break away from friends, extra-curriculars and/or social media to start or finish homework.
4. I find it hard to stay on task when completing homework.
5. I ask questions as I engage the homework or complete reading assignments.
6. I have a long-term goal of what I’d like to do after college or an idea of the area I’d like to work in (e.g., major/vocation).

Time Management/Procrastination



1. I use a paper planner or digital calendar such as Google calendar to track assignments, tests, quizzes and projects?
2. I use the AESC Semester at a Glance tool (pdf) to strategize how to handle busier times of the semester (e.g., midterms).
3. Do you typically finish assignments and papers the day they are due or night before? 
4. Do you create a “to do” list for the current day or week?
5.  Do you find yourself putting projects/tasks off frequently?
6. Do you find a balance between work, school and rest?




1. I study several days in advance of tests and quizzes.
2. I self-assess or give myself mock tests as I study (e.g., answer 200 practice multiple choice questions for a 50 m.c. test or write out essay questions in a timed format)?
3. I am aware of basic test taking strategies for multiple choice questions.
4. I complete all homework assignments.
5. I can easily identify what I know and don’t know before an exam.
6. I review returned exams to prepare for the next exam.




1. If powerpoints or note outlines are available, I have either a paper or digital copy that I bring to class.
2. I identify and write down main concepts and examples.
3. I know what words to look for in listening to a lecture or a large group discussion.
4. I take notes of other students’ group presentations.
5. I use digital audio recording options with professor permission (e.g., hand held digital records, free downloadable apps or software such as Audacity).
6. I check my notes against other students’ notes to make sure I didn’t miss any important details.

Reading Skills



1. I summarize the reading in your own words and take brief notes.
2. I preview the target questions/objectives and review the summary questions at the end of the chapter if reading from a textbook.
3. I break longer chapters into two to three manageable sessions.
4. I engage and ask questions in response to the reading.
5. I turn headings in a chapter into questions and look for the answer to those questions as I read.
6. I use mapping to help remember content I’ve read.

Managing Test Anxiety



1. I experience intense anxiety or stress.
2. I talk to myself in a supportive and calming way during an exam.
3. I use finger relaxation or whole body relaxation strategies when anxious during exams.
4. I forget previously studied material needed for an exam.
5. I am anxious in other arenas of my life (e.g., relationships, work).
6. I calm down as I get further into the exam.

Study Strategies



1. I study where it is quiet and has few distractions.
2. I study for a length of time, then take a short break before returning to studying.
3. I study at the best times of day when I’m most awake.
4. I set doable study goals, such as the number of problems I will do or the pages read.
5. I study at least two hours for every hour I am in class each week.
6. I start studying with the most difficult subjects first.
Program Details
ESF Short-Term Programs Travel abroad with an ESF faculty member and your classmates! Most short-term courses are between one to three weeks in length and take place over spring or summer break.
ESF Exchange Programs Spend a semester or summer abroad with one of ESF's university partners.
ESF Partner Study Abroad Study abroad for a winter, summer, or semester with one of ESF's recommended study abroad providers, any other SUNY institution or through another study abroad program provider. Many of these programs are immersive or field-based opportunities. Short-term, summer, and semester programs are all available!


Quick Tips

Before researching programs, think about your goals for education abroad. What type of experience are you hoping to have and what are you most interested in learning? What type of opportunities do you have limited access to in Syracuse and how might you gain those abroad? Use these questions to help guide you to better understand what it is you want out of your international experience and how you might be able to find a program that fits those criteria.

In addition to thinking about what is important to you, take some time to recognize what is not important to you. When choosing a education abroad program, it can be easier to find a "perfect" match if you understand what you are willing to compromise. Are financials the most the important piece to you? Specific classes for your major? Perhaps a research topic in a specific field? Rank the things that are most important to you so we can help you find that "perfect" opportunity.

You never know where you might find recommendations, advice or input. Ask your classmates, professors, advisors, parents, guardians, coaches, etc. You never know what you might discover. Don't forget to visit OIE as well – we serve as the repository for all of the different opportunities in front of you and can help guide you when you're not sure where to even start.

Fri, 14 Aug 2020 12:08:00 -0500 en text/html Study: Google does a brain good

(CNN) -- Can Google make you smarter? Is the more you Yahoo, the better? A new study suggests that searching online could be beneficial for the brain.

Searching online triggers areas of the brain that control decision-making and complex reasoning.

A study at the University of California, Los Angeles, measured brain activity of older adults as they searched the Web.

"There's so much interest in exercising our minds as we age," said the researcher, Dr. Gary Small, a professor at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA. "One result of this study is that these technologies are not all bad. They may be good in keeping our brains active."

To study what brains look like when people are searching the Internet, Small recruited two groups of people: one that had minimal computer experience and another that was Web savvy.

Members of the technologically advanced group had more than twice the neural activation than their less experienced counterparts while searching online. Activity occurred in the region of the brain that controls decision-making and complex reasoning, according to Small's study, which appears in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

Small said he can't pinpoint why there was more brain activity in the experienced users.

"The way I theorized is that when we are confronted with new mental challenges, we don't know how to deal with it," he said. "We don't engage neural circuits. Once we figure out a strategy, we engage those circuits. "

In the study, 24 people were divided into the two groups, who were similar in age ranging from 55 to 78 years old, sex and educational achievement. Their only difference was their technological experience.

The number of people in the study was small, "but adequate to see a difference between the groups. It was so significantly different," Small said.

The subjects went into the magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, scanner, which is like a large tunnel. The MRI monitored their brain activity while the subjects strapped on goggles, through which they saw a book page or an Internet search page.

They were given search tasks such as finding out how to choose a car or looking up the benefits of eating chocolate or drinking coffee. They had buttons and keyboards to conduct a simulated online search.

Their other task was to read pages laid out like a book.

"The bottom line is, when older people read a simulated book page, we see areas of the brain activated that you'd expect, the visual cortex, and areas that control language and reading," he said. "When they search on the Internet, they use the same areas, but there was much greater activation particularly in the front part, which controls decision-making and complex reasoning. But it was only for the people who had previous experience with the Internet." Interactive: See MRIs of study participants' brain activity »

Liz Zelinski, a professor of gerontology and psychology at the University of Southern California, said the findings about the brain activity differences aren't surprising and offered this analogy: "If you wanted to study how hard people can exercise, and you take people that already exercise and people that don't exercise, aren't they going to be different to start out?"

Research has shown that as the brain ages, its structure and function also changes. Such changes have been linked to declines in brain speed, control and working memory and other cognitive abilities.

Taking on mentally challenging tasks could improve brain health, according to recent studies. Brain teasers, such such as Nintendo's Brain Age game and computer programs are geared towards boomers and aging adults. And everyone has different recommendations from crossword puzzles to Sodoku to video games as ways to keep the brain sharp, Zelinski said.

Her recommendation: "Do something hard and challenging that's fairly unusual for them to do, something they haven't done before. The idea is it should be difficult. If you do a crossword puzzle all your life, it's not going to be challenging for you."

For many aging Americans, learning how to use a computer is a challenge.

The barrier for most seniors is the disinterest and intimidation, said Tobey Gordon Dichter, the founder of a nonprofit group, Generations on Line, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based organization that provides instructions and encourages seniors to get on the Web.

"It does so much for the mind," Dichter said about searching online. "It allows for the mind to take where you where you want to go. It's on-demand information."

But it's difficult at first, she added. "When you're undertaking new frustrating tasks, like learning a language or how to use a computer, you're pushing those neurons."

The Pew Internet and American Life Project reported in a 2006 sample survey that about 32 percent of people who are 65 and older used the Internet.

Jewel Hall, 71, surfs the net on her laptop every other day. The Maryland resident said searching online forces her to think.

"It'll make you think, 'Do I have the right thing in there?' " Hall said. "Should I try to put something else in there? It makes you think, "What can I put in there to make the right things come up?' You do use your brain a lot."

Small has written a book, "iBrain," which examines the impact of technology on the human brain and said he wants to conduct further studies on the effects of technology on the organ.

Small encourages older adults to learn how to use search engines and said, "This could be exercising their brain and their neural circuitry in a way that's helpful."

All About NeurologyAging and the ElderlyInternet

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US Army Corps of Engineers to help with flooding prevention plan in Daytona Beach

A Volusia County congressman is sharing details about a plan to prevent flooding in Daytona Beach.

The Midtown neighborhood of Daytona Beach saw bad flooding during the 2022 hurricane season.

Rep. Michael Waltz said the city is weeks away from signing a historic agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Watch: City of Palm Bay says there is no issue with flooding in one neighborhood, but a resident disagrees

It will bring economists, biologists, and other experts together for a feasibility study.

“What’s amazing about these federal projects and what’s important, is that they are also buying the maintenance and repairs for the decades to follow,” Waltz said.

Watch: Heavy rainfall causes flooding, road closures in Volusia County

After the two-year study, construction on a long-term flooding fix could begin.

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