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DAS-C01 exam contents - AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty (DAS-C01) Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: DAS-C01 AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty (DAS-C01) exam contents January 2024 by Killexams.com team

DAS-C01 AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty (DAS-C01)

Exam Detail:
The DAS-C01 AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty exam is designed to validate the knowledge and skills of individuals working with data analytics on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Here are the exam details for the DAS-C01 exam:

- Number of Questions: The exam typically consists of multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. The exact number of questions may vary, but it is typically around 65-75 questions.

- Time Limit: The time allotted to complete the exam is 170 minutes (2 hours and 50 minutes).

Course Outline:
The DAS-C01 certification exam covers a wide range of topics related to data analytics on AWS. The course outline typically includes the following domains:

1. Collection, Storage, and Data Management:
- Understanding AWS data collection services, such as AWS Data Pipeline, AWS Glue, and AWS Database Migration Service (DMS).
- Implementing data storage and data management solutions using AWS services like Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon DynamoDB.
- Configuring data access and security controls.

2. Processing:
- Designing and implementing data processing solutions using AWS services like Amazon EMR, AWS Lambda, and AWS Glue.
- Transforming and enriching data using AWS Glue and AWS Lambda functions.
- Implementing data governance and data quality controls.

3. Analysis and Visualization:
- Leveraging AWS services like Amazon Athena, Amazon QuickSight, and Amazon Quicksight to perform data analysis and visualization.
- Designing and optimizing queries and data analysis workflows.
- Creating interactive and insightful dashboards and visualizations.

4. Machine Learning:
- Understanding the principles of machine learning (ML) and its application in data analytics.
- Implementing ML solutions using AWS services like Amazon SageMaker, AWS Glue, and Amazon Rekognition.
- Evaluating and optimizing ML models.

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the DAS-C01 exam are as follows:

- Assessing candidates' knowledge of AWS data analytics services and their capabilities.
- Evaluating candidates' proficiency in designing and implementing data collection, storage, and management solutions.
- Testing candidates' ability to process and transform data using AWS data analytics services.
- Assessing candidates' understanding of data analysis and visualization techniques using AWS services.
- Evaluating candidates' knowledge of machine learning principles and their application in data analytics on AWS.

Exam Syllabus:
The specific exam syllabus for the DAS-C01 exam covers the following topics:

1. Domain 1: Collection, Storage, and Data Management:
- AWS data collection services.
- Data storage solutions on AWS.
- Data management and security controls.

2. Domain 2: Processing:
- AWS data processing services.
- Data transformation and enrichment using AWS services.
- Data governance and data quality.

3. Domain 3: Analysis and Visualization:
- AWS services for data analysis and visualization.
- Query optimization and performance tuning.
- Dashboard creation and interactive visualizations.

4. Domain 4: Machine Learning:
- Machine learning principles and concepts.
- AWS machine learning services.
- ML model evaluation and optimization.
AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty (DAS-C01)
Amazon Certified exam contents

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AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty (DAS-C01)
Question: 93
A company wants to provide its data analysts with uninterrupted access to the data in its Amazon Redshift cluster.
All data is streamed to an Amazon S3 bucket with Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose. An AWS Glue job that is
scheduled to run every 5 minutes issues a COPY command to move the data into Amazon Redshift.
The amount of data delivered is uneven throughout then day, and cluster utilization is high during certain periods.
The COPY command usually completes within a couple of seconds. However, when load spike occurs, locks can
exist and data can be missed. Currently, the AWS Glue job is configured to run without retries, with timeout at 5
minutes and concurrency at 1.
How should a data analytics specialist configure the AWS Glue job to optimize fault tolerance and improve data
availability in the Amazon Redshift cluster?
A. Increase the number of retries. Decrease the timeout value. Increase the job concurrency.
B. Keep the number of retries at 0. Decrease the timeout value. Increase the job concurrency.
C. Keep the number of retries at 0. Decrease the timeout value. Keep the job concurrency at 1.
D. Keep the number of retries at 0. Increase the timeout value. Keep the job concurrency at 1.
Answer: B
Question: 94
A retail company leverages Amazon Athena for ad-hoc queries against an AWS Glue Data Catalog. The data
analytics team manages the data catalog and data access for the company. The data analytics team wants to separate
queries and manage the cost of running those queries by different workloads and teams.
Ideally, the data analysts want to group the queries run by different users within a team, store the query results in
individual Amazon S3 buckets specific to each team, and enforce cost constraints on the queries run against the
Data Catalog.
Which solution meets these requirements?
A. Create IAM groups and resource tags for each team within the company. Set up IAM policies that control
user access and actions on the Data Catalog resources.
B. Create Athena resource groups for each team within the company and assign users to these groups. Add
S3 bucket names and other query configurations to the properties list for the resource groups.
C. Create Athena workgroups for each team within the company. Set up IAM workgroup policies that control
user access and actions on the workgroup resources.
D. Create Athena query groups for each team within the company and assign users to the groups.
Answer: A
Question: 95
A manufacturing company uses Amazon S3 to store its data. The company wants to use AWS Lake Formation to
provide granular-level security on those data assets. The data is in Apache Parquet format. The company has set a
deadline for a consultant to build a data lake.
How should the consultant create the MOST cost-effective solution that meets these requirements?
A. Run Lake Formation blueprints to move the data to Lake Formation. Once Lake Formation has the data,
apply permissions on Lake Formation.
B. To create the data catalog, run an AWS Glue crawler on the existing Parquet data. Register the Amazon
S3 path and then apply permissions through Lake Formation to provide granular-level security.
C. Install Apache Ranger on an Amazon EC2 instance and integrate with Amazon EMR. Using Ranger
policies, create role-based access control for the existing data assets in Amazon S3.
D. Create multiple IAM roles for different users and groups. Assign IAM roles to different data assets in
Amazon S3 to create table-based and column-based access controls.
Answer: C
Question: 96
A company has an application that uses the Amazon Kinesis Client Library (KCL) to read records from a Kinesis
data stream.
After a successful marketing campaign, the application experienced a significant increase in usage. As a result, a
data analyst had to split some shards in the data stream. When the shards were split, the application started
throwing an ExpiredIteratorExceptions error sporadically.
What should the data analyst do to resolve this?
A. Increase the number of threads that process the stream records.
B. Increase the provisioned read capacity units assigned to the streams Amazon DynamoDB table.
C. Increase the provisioned write capacity units assigned to the streams Amazon DynamoDB table.
D. Decrease the provisioned write capacity units assigned to the streams Amazon DynamoDB table.
Answer: C
Question: 97
A company is building a service to monitor fleets of vehicles. The company collects IoT data from a device in each
vehicle and loads the data into Amazon
Redshift in near-real time. Fleet owners upload .csv files containing vehicle reference data into Amazon S3 at
different times throughout the day. A nightly process loads the vehicle reference data from Amazon S3 into
Amazon Redshift. The company joins the IoT data from the device and the vehicle reference data to power
reporting and dashboards. Fleet owners are frustrated by waiting a day for the dashboards to update.
Which solution would provide the SHORTEST delay between uploading reference data to Amazon S3 and the
change showing up in the owners dashboards?
A. Use S3 event notifications to trigger an AWS Lambda function to copy the vehicle reference data into
Amazon Redshift immediately when the reference data is uploaded to Amazon S3.
B. Create and schedule an AWS Glue Spark job to run every 5 minutes. The job inserts reference data into
Amazon Redshift.
C. Send reference data to Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. Configure the Kinesis data stream to directly load
the reference data into Amazon Redshift in real time.
D. Send the reference data to an Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose delivery stream. Configure Kinesis with a
buffer interval of 60 seconds and to directly load the data into Amazon Redshift.
Answer: A
Question: 98
A company is migrating from an on-premises Apache Hadoop cluster to an Amazon EMR cluster. The cluster runs
only during business hours. Due to a company requirement to avoid intraday cluster failures, the EMR cluster must
be highly available. When the cluster is terminated at the end of each business day, the data must persist.
Which configurations would enable the EMR cluster to meet these requirements? (Choose three.)
A. EMR File System (EMRFS) for storage
B. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) for storage
C. AWS Glue Data Catalog as the metastore for Apache Hive
D. MySQL database on the master node as the metastore for Apache Hive
E. Multiple master nodes in a single Availability Zone
F. Multiple master nodes in multiple Availability Zones
Answer: BCF
Question: 99
A retail company wants to use Amazon QuickSight to generate dashboards for web and in-store sales. A group of
50 business intelligence professionals will develop and use the dashboards. Once ready, the dashboards will be
shared with a group of 1,000 users.
The sales data comes from different stores and is uploaded to Amazon S3 every 24 hours. The data is partitioned
by year and month, and is stored in Apache
Parquet format. The company is using the AWS Glue Data Catalog as its main data catalog and Amazon Athena
for querying. The total size of the uncompressed data that the dashboards query from at any point is 200 GB.
Which configuration will provide the MOST cost-effective solution that meets these requirements?
A. Load the data into an Amazon Redshift cluster by using the COPY command. Configure 50 author users
and 1,000 reader users. Use QuickSight Enterprise edition. Configure an Amazon Redshift data source with a
direct query option.
B. Use QuickSight Standard edition. Configure 50 author users and 1,000 reader users. Configure an Athena
data source with a direct query option.
C. Use QuickSight Enterprise edition. Configure 50 author users and 1,000 reader users. Configure an Athena
data source and import the data into SPICE. Automatically refresh every 24 hours.
D. Use QuickSight Enterprise edition. Configure 1 administrator and 1,000 reader users. Configure an S3 data
source and import the data into SPICE. Automatically refresh every 24 hours.
Answer: C
Question: 100
A central government organization is collecting events from various internal applications using Amazon Managed
Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK).
The organization has configured a separate Kafka topic for each application to separate the data. For security
reasons, the Kafka cluster has been configured to only allow TLS encrypted data and it encrypts the data at rest.
A recent application update showed that one of the applications was configured incorrectly, resulting in writing
data to a Kafka topic that belongs to another application. This resulted in multiple errors in the analytics pipeline as
data from different applications appeared on the same topic. After this incident, the organization wants to prevent
applications from writing to a topic different than the one they should write to.
Which solution meets these requirements with the least amount of effort?
A. Create a different Amazon EC2 security group for each application. Configure each security group to
have access to a specific topic in the Amazon MSK cluster. Attach the security group to each application
based on the topic that the applications should read and write to.
B. Install Kafka Connect on each application instance and configure each Kafka Connect instance to write to
a specific topic only.
C. Use Kafka ACLs and configure read and write permissions for each topic. Use the distinguished name of
the clients TLS certificates as the principal of the ACL.
D. Create a different Amazon EC2 security group for each application. Create an Amazon MSK cluster and
Kafka topic for each application. Configure each security group to have access to the specific cluster.
Answer: B
Question: 101
A company wants to collect and process events data from different departments in near-real time. Before storing
the data in Amazon S3, the company needs to clean the data by standardizing the format of the address and
timestamp columns. The data varies in size based on the overall load at each particular point in time. A single data
record can be 100 KB-10 MB.
How should a data analytics specialist design the solution for data ingestion?
A. Use Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. Configure a stream for the raw data. Use a Kinesis Agent to write
data to the stream. Create an Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics application that reads data from the raw stream,
cleanses it, and stores the output to Amazon S3.
B. Use Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose. Configure a Firehose delivery stream with a preprocessing AWS
Lambda function for data cleansing. Use a Kinesis Agent to write data to the delivery stream. Configure
Kinesis Data Firehose to deliver the data to Amazon S3.
C. Use Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka. Configure a topic for the raw data. Use a Kafka
producer to write data to the topic. Create an application on Amazon EC2 that reads data from the topic by
using the Apache Kafka consumer API, cleanses the data, and writes to Amazon S3.
D. Use Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS). Configure an AWS Lambda function to read events
from the SQS queue and upload the events to Amazon S3.
Answer: B
Question: 102
An operations team notices that a few AWS Glue jobs for a given ETL application are failing. The AWS Glue jobs
read a large number of small JOSN files from an
Amazon S3 bucket and write the data to a different S3 bucket in Apache Parquet format with no major
transformations. Upon initial investigation, a data engineer notices the following error message in the History tab
on the AWS Glue console: Command Failed with Exit Code 1.
Upon further investigation, the data engineer notices that the driver memory profile of the failed jobs crosses the
safe threshold of 50% usage quickly and reaches
90"95% soon after. The average memory usage across all executors continues to be less than 4%.
The data engineer also notices the following error while examining the related Amazon CloudWatch Logs.
What should the data engineer do to solve the failure in the MOST cost-effective way?
A. Change the worker type from Standard to G.2X.
B. Modify the AWS Glue ETL code to use the groupFiles: inPartition feature.
C. Increase the fetch size setting by using AWS Glue dynamics frame.
D. Modify maximum capacity to increase the total maximum data processing units (DPUs) used.
Answer: D
Question: 103
A transport company wants to track vehicular movements by capturing geolocation records. The records are 10 B in
size and up to 10,000 records are captured each second. Data transmission delays of a few minutes are acceptable,
considering unreliable network conditions. The transport company decided to use
Amazon Kinesis Data Streams to ingest the data. The company is looking for a reliable mechanism to send data to
Kinesis Data Streams while maximizing the throughput efficiency of the Kinesis shards.
Which solution will meet the companys requirements?
A. Kinesis Agent
B. Kinesis Producer Library (KPL)
C. Kinesis Data Firehose
D. Kinesis SDK
Answer: B
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Amazon Certified exam contents - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/DAS-C01 Search results Amazon Certified exam contents - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/DAS-C01 https://killexams.com/exam_list/Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam Guide No result found, try new keyword!Get this prep guide for FREE and learn all you need to know to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification exam: Deep dive into exam domains (including storage, networking, security ... Tue, 03 May 2022 06:46:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://redmondmag.com/404.aspx?item=%2Fwhitepapers%2F2022%2F05%2Fveeam-aws-certified-solutions-architect-exam-guide&user=extranet%5CAnonymous&site=redmondmag Roundtables and certification schemes in the Pan-Amazon
  • Mongabay has begun publishing a new edition of the book, “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon,” in short installments and in three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.
  • Author Timothy J. Killeen is an academic and expert who, since the 1980s, has studied the rainforests of Brazil and Bolivia, where he lived for more than 35 years.
  • Chronicling the efforts of nine Amazonian countries to curb deforestation, this edition provides an overview of the topics most relevant to the conservation of the region’s biodiversity, ecosystem services and Indigenous cultures, as well as a description of the conventional and sustainable development models that are vying for space within the regional economy.
  • Click the “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon” link atop this page to see chapters 1-13 as they are published during 2023 and 2024.

Sustainability initiatives have been organised for most of the agricultural commodities of the Pan Amazon, including palm oil, soy and beef, but also for coffee and cacao. Several of these initiatives have adopted the term roundtable in their names because it conveys the notion of inclusiveness that is a core concept in these multi-stakeholder initiatives. Typically, the stakeholders include all the participants in a supply chain, from the farmer to the retailer, but also commodity traders, consumer goods manufacturers, banks and service supplies, as well as civil society groups.

Their shared goal is to identify effective solutions to the social and environmental challenges associated with conventional production systems. The mechanism used to reform supply chains is typically a voluntary certification system that verifies that the production, trade and transformation of a commodity has complied with a set of best practices that have been agreed to by all the parties. The search for consensus is important, because it means all of the stakeholders have agreed to accept this package of solutions and commit to supporting the commercialisation of the goods that have been certified as sustainable.

Some environmental activists view these initiatives as a form of greenwash and have questioned their efficacy. Participating companies certify the production within their own supply chain, but roundtable initiatives have not succeeded in transforming their respective sectors. Demand for certified commodities has failed to attract a critical mass of producers that would actually transform the market and change the economic drivers of deforestation.

Adoption is highest for coffee (40%) and cocoa (22%), while commodities linked to industrial plantations tend to be lower: palm oil (20%), sugar (3%) soy (2%) and beef (<1%). Part of the explanation for the slow uptake of the voluntary standards is the lack of demand; typically, only about fifty per cent of certified production is actually sold as a certified commodity.

Road through soybean fields and forests in Bolivia. Image by Rhett A. Butler.

The lack of uptake is yet another manifestation of the dilemma of allocating the cost of environmental protection and social justice. Sustainability protocols cost money, which either adds to the price of a consumer good or reduces the profit margin of commodity producers. Although North American and European consumers are concerned about deforestation, most still choose a lower-cost product, while those in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East are overwhelmingly focused on price. Moreover, global commodity markets are dominated by producers on landscapes that were transformed by agriculture decades or centuries in the past, and these farmers operate without fear of being accused of environmental crimes. Consequently, traders are not motivated to pay a premium to farmers on the agricultural frontier.

A few producers seek to differentiate their products as organic, deforestation-free, fair-trade or antibiotic-free because they are selling their products into a differentiated market and receive a premium for their production in compensation for the extra cost and reduced yields that these systems [allegedly] entail. Others participate because it guarantees them market access. Most producers opt to circumvent the voluntary guidelines or sell to traders unconcerned about sustainability or just ignore the whole process entirely.

Social advocates have questioned the economic benefits of certification because they tend to discriminate against small-scale producers who cannot meet the record-keeping and logistical demands of a certification process. These protocols are negotiated by large-scale producers that dominate the roundtable initiatives and tailor the certification criteria to their supply chains. As formalisation spreads throughout national and international markets, smallholders could be increasingly marginalised within regional and even local markets in contradiction with the stated social objectives of these certification schemes.

“A Perfect Storm in the Amazon” is a book by Timothy Killeen and contains the author’s viewpoints and analysis. The second edition was published by The White Horse in 2021, under the terms of a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0 license).

Read the other excerpted portions of chapter 3 here:

Chapter 3. Agriculture: Profitability determines land use

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Tue, 12 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 Mayra en-US text/html https://news.mongabay.com/2023/12/roundtables-and-certification-schemes-in-the-pan-amazon/
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What Is CISSP Certification? Qualifications, Benefits And Salary

Editorial Note: We earn a commission from partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect our editors' opinions or evaluations.

IT security professionals looking to advance their careers or dive deeper into the realm of cybersecurity should consider the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification. Organizations across industries need to protect their data and proprietary information from cyberattacks, making CISSP-certified professionals a valuable asset to any company.

CISSP certification signals to employers that you know how to best protect web-based information systems and command a strong IT security team. Read on to learn all you need to know about earning CISSP certification.

Who Should Get CISSP Certification?

As an early-career IT security professional, you may be tempted to jump into the CISSP certification process soon after completing an undergraduate degree or spending just a few years working entry-level cybersecurity jobs. However, you’ll have to meet certain benchmarks before qualifying to become a CISSP.

(ISC)², which administers CISSP certification, requires candidates to have completed either five years of full-time employment or four years of employment plus an undergraduate degree (such as a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity) or another approved credential.

(ISC)² also created the Body of Knowledge (CBK), which holds nearly all the information a seasoned cybersecurity professional should know. The CBK lists eight primary domains, including asset security and software development security. To become a CISSP, your past work experience must be within one or more of these eight domains.

Earning CISSP certification is not an easy process. From passing the exam to paying annual fees, this certification requires an investment of time, energy and money. On the other hand, CISSP certification is among the most common cybersecurity credentials required by employers.

Whether you plan to become a chief information officer or an independent security consultant, knowing your “why” can help you stay the course as you work toward earning CISSP certification.

Benefits of CISSP Certification

A CISSP certification is among the gold standards for IT and cybersecurity professionals. This credential can lead to higher salaries, a competitive advantage in the job market and knowledge of the latest industry advancements.

Increase Your Earning Potential

Salaries for CISSP-certified professionals vary by job title and location. On average, these workers earn around $128,000 per year in North America, according to Payscale.

CISSP-certified professionals are some of the most well-paid IT professionals in the industry. This is because employers understand the rigorous process required to become a CISSP, and the credential is recognized on a global scale.

Become a More Competitive Job Candidate

Adding CISSP certification to your cybersecurity resume signifies to recruiters and employers that you are among the top candidates in the information security industry. This credential also guarantees that you have at least four or five years of hands-on experience.

Some professionals plan to earn certification to pursue roles outside of their current organizations. (ISC)²’s 2023 workforce study indicates that 17% of respondents pursue credentials for a position with another company, while 15% considered certification to qualify for promotions.

Build Cybersecurity Expertise

Part of the CISSP certification process is becoming intimately familiar with all relevant information in the world of cybersecurity, both to pass the exam and to maintain certification.

After earning their certification, CISSPs must accumulate a set number of continuing education credits. Continuing education helps build expertise and ensure that CISSPs have current, relevant skills.

Participants in (ISC)²’s workforce study reported that their teams recognize the following benefits of employing cybersecurity professionals with certifications like the CISSP.

  • These workers have a deeper knowledge of critical cybersecurity topics.
  • Certified workers increase confidence in their teams’ ability to handle security challenges.
  • Hiring professionals with cybersecurity certifications ensures current knowledge and practice of information security trends.
  • Certification allows organizations to hire high-level workers with demonstrated expertise in cybersecurity.

Network with Other CISSPs

All CISSPs must become (ISC)² members, granting access to networking opportunities. More than 168,000 cybersecurity professionals are members of (ISC)².

What is the Current Demand for Cybersecurity Professionals?

Between 2021 and 2022, cyberattacks and data breaches increased by 41.5%. This spike in cyberattacks among companies of all types highlights both the need for expert cybersecurity professionals and the gap in supply.

Despite the field’s increasing popularity, the (ISC)²’s workforce study found that 67% of cybersecurity professionals say a shortage of cybersecurity professionals is putting their organizations at risk. (ISC)² estimated a global cybersecurity workforce gap of 3.9 million in 2023.

One potential reason for this workforce gap is that most cybersecurity job requirements include certifications such as the CISSP. Earning certification involves considerable time and effort, making it tougher to close this workforce gap. Meanwhile, technological advances used by malicious parties continue to outpace the rate at which IT and cybersecurity professionals enter the field and develop the expertise necessary to secure data against these attacks.

The Demand for CISSPs

CISSP professionals are in high demand across industries due to their advanced knowledge and ability to defend against data breaches and improve security measures.

According to CyberSeek, CISSP certifications see the most demand among all current cybersecurity job openings requiring certification. As of December 2023, more than 85,000 cybersecurity job listings request CISSP certification.

How to Earn CISSP Certification

To earn CISSP certification, you must first meet requirements for work experience, education and professional credentials. Candidates may have five years of relevant work experience or four years if they also hold a related undergraduate degree or an (ISC)²-approved credential.

If you do not meet these requirements but are still interested in taking the CISSP exam, you can work toward becoming an Associate of (ISC)². Associates have passed the exam but cannot become fully certified until they have fulfilled the work experience requirements.

Pass the Certification Exam

Each candidate has four hours to complete the CISSP certification exam, which comprises 125 to 175 questions. You can find ample preparation resources, including practice exams and study materials, on (ISC)²’s website.

When the time comes, you can register online to take the exam, though the exam itself will take place in person at a Pearson VUE testing center. Note that the exam fee is $749.

To pass, you must score at least 700/1,000 or higher. If you do not pass the CISSP exam the first time, you’re in good company—many test-takers attempt the exam multiple times. You can retake the CISSP exam 30 days after your first try and up to four times within a 12-month period.

Get Endorsed

After passing the CISSP exam, you must obtain an endorsement from a current certification-holder before becoming certified yourself.

This endorsement validates that you have completed the necessary work experience to earn CISSP certification. You have nine months to find an endorsement after passing the exam. In the event you are unable to find someone, (ISC)² may act as your endorser.

Maintain Certification

Like many professional accrediting bodies, (ISC)² requires its members to stay up to date on the latest trends and research in cybersecurity. You must earn at least 120 continuing professional education (CPE) credits every three years to maintain CISSP certification. Many members earn their CPEs by attending courses or conferences, volunteering or teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About CISSP Certification

A CISSP professional maintains an organization’s IT security systems, securing data against external threats. Responsibilities may also include running security audits, gathering data on security performance, managing teams of IT security professionals and creating security reports for stakeholders.

Is CISSP a good certification?

Yes, the CISSP credential is one of the most respected certifications in the cybersecurity field. Its rigor and high standards are well-known in the industry, and many organizations place a high value on recruiting CISSPs.

No, CISSP certification requires five years of professional experience in a cybersecurity-related role or a combination of work experience and education.

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Amazon Prime Video streaming content to include ‘limited advertisements’

Subscribers to Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service will start seeing commercials in films and TV shows from early next year unless they pay an extra £2.99 for an ad-free experience.

The company said customers in the UK and Germany would begin to see “limited advertisements” in its streaming content after 5 February. Prime Video users in the US will start seeing adverts from 29 January.

Rivals Netflix and Disney have already introduced cheaper ad-supported streaming packages in an attempt to win over cost-conscious consumers worried about soaring household bills. However, Amazon’s tier with ads is not cheaper and customers will have to instead pay more to watch without.

The large streaming companies have adjusted their business models after the post-pandemic slowdown in subscriber growth, seeking to shift loss-making services to profitability by introducing ad tiers, raising prices and cutting spending on content.

In an email to Prime Video members, Amazon said the move would allow the company to “continue investing in compelling content and keep increasing investment over a long period of time”.

Amazon said it would not swamp viewers with messaging, saying that it would have “meaningfully fewer ads than ad-supported TV channels and other streaming TV providers”.

The company revealed earlier this year that it planned to follow its rivals and roll out advertising in countries including the UK, US, Germany and Canada.

Amazon’s Prime subscription, which includes access to its music and video streaming services and perks including free and fast delivery on packages, costs £8.99 a month in the UK. The company said it would not be changing the price of the service next year, unless customers opted to pay the extra for the ad-free option.

Netflix, which began to roll out its ad tier in late 2022, has said that it has about 15 million customers globally now signed up to it. The streaming company charges £4.99 a month for the basic tier, significantly less than its £10.99 standard ad-free package.

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Disney+ charges £4.99 a month for its service with ads, which launched in the UK in August, or £7.99 for its standard ad-free package.

Tue, 26 Dec 2023 23:38:00 -0600 Mark Sweney en text/html https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2023/dec/27/amazon-prime-video-streaming-content-to-include-limited-advertisements
The Best Christmas Decorations on Amazon in 2023

Whether you're famous for your homemade holiday cookies or just want a festive place to store Santa's chocolate chips, this ceramic jar is a must. Standing nearly a foot tall, it's hand-painted and made from sturdy earthenware, ensuring it'll last decades. Plus, at $45, it's currently nearly half off the list price of $78.

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Group O Receives ISTA Transport Testing Lab Certification

(MENAFN- EIN Presswire) The best time to begin ISTA packaging testing is during new product development.” - Randal Goff, Group O VP of Engineering & TechnologyMILAN, IL, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2024 /EINPresswire / -- Group O, a leading provider of packaging solutions , announced its certification as a Transport Testing Laboratory by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA).

“Becoming an ISTA-certified testing lab underscores Group O's commitment to delivering packaging solutions that exceed industry benchmarks and prioritizes the safety and integrity of products during transit,” said Group O CEO, Kevin Kotecki.

Group O's certified team conducts pre-shipment tests on packaged products, strictly adhering to ISTA® Test Projects and Procedures. Tests include compression, incline impact, drop, climate, and vibration testing. They evaluate the results, provide a comprehensive analysis, and complete and
submit Certified Laboratory Test Report forms.

By subjecting packaging materials to rigorous testing, businesses can ensure its resilience against the challenges posed during transportation. In the absence of thorough testing, vulnerabilities in packaging can go unnoticed, significantly elevating the risk of damages to products during shipment.

“The best time to begin ISTA packaging testing is during new product development,” said Randal Goff, Group O VP of Engineering & Technology.“By assessing the strength and reliability of shipping cartons early in the process, we can help businesses proactively mitigate risks and uphold the highest quality standards. It's not just about packaging; it's about ensuring the trust and satisfaction of customers."

This certification covers a comprehensive range of protocols, including 1A, 1C, 1G, 2A, 2C, 3A, 3B, 3F, 3L-Small, 3L-A, 3L-D, 3L-G, 3L-H, 6-AMAZON Boxing, 6-AMAZON Type A, 6-AMAZON Type B, 6-AMAZON Type D, 6-AMAZON Type G, 6-AMAZON Type H, 6-FedEx-A, 6-SAMSCLUB, 7D.

To learn more visit the ISTA Packaging Performance Testing page on our website .

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Group O
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