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ACP-600 Project Administration in Jira Server

ACP-600 Project Administration in Jira Server

Capable Project Administrators are essential to the optimal functioning of Jira in large organizations.

Certified Jira Project Administrators are the power users who know how to configure projects and boards, customize workflows and manage project permissions in their organization's Jira Server or Data Center instance. They live in Jira day-to-day, and can help scale their instance to meet the demand of their business, so their Jira Administrator and teams can get more work done.

Roles, Permissions and Issue Level Security

Given business requirements, determine appropriate permissions for project team members

Determine if and how issue-level security should be configured in a project

Manage project role membership

Troubleshoot issues with roles, permissions and issue security and escalate if required

Project Configuration

Describe how versions are managed in Jira

Given requirements, determine how to create and configure project components and auto assi

Describe how to manage general project configurations (e.g., project details, project sidebar)

Describe the use of schemes and the implications of using project templates

Issue Types, Workflows, Fields, Screens and Notifications

Given business requirements, determine the appropriate issue types

Given business requirements, determine the appropriate Jira workflow configuration

Given a scenario, determine the appropriate method to edit project workflows to meet business needs

Given business requirements, determine appropriate screen configuration

Given business requirements, determine appropriate field configuration

Given business requirements, determine if and how to add fields to project screens

Given business requirements, recommend the appropriate project notifications

Troubleshoot issues with notifications, workflows, fields and screens Reports, Dashboards and JQL

Determine an appropriate dashboard configuration

Identify the appropriate project reports

Translate business requirements into appropriate JQL queries

Global Configuration

Given a scenario, select changes to issue links, time tracking, priorities and resolutions.
Project Administration in Jira Server
Atlassian Administration information search

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Project Administration in Jira Server
Question: 57
Teresa is able to see the Start Progress transition but not the Approve transition on an issue. Her co-worker is able to see both.
Identify two possible causes why Teresa can NOT see the Approve transition. (Choose two.)
A. Teresa is not listed in the correct security level for the issue.
B. Teresa does not have the Transition Issues permission.
C. Teresa is not in the correct group or project role.
D. Teresa does not meet the condition on the Approve transition.
E. Teresa does not have the correct global permission.
F. Teresa does not have the correct Application access.
Answer: BC
Question: 58
Which two can project administrators associate with project roles? (Choose two.)
A. Security levels
B. Application access
C. Global permissions
D. Groups
E. Individual users
F. Project permissions
Answer: AD
Question: 59
Martina is unable to perform the following actions in the App project:
Create and manage versions
Create and manage components Rank issues in the backlog
The App project does not use a shared permission scheme.
Which two permissions will allow her to perform those actions? (Choose two.)
A. Transition Issues
B. Move Issues
C. Administer Projects
D. Bulk Change
E. Schedule Issues
Answer: CE
Question: 60
All projects use a shared permission scheme.
The Browse Projects permission needs to be updated. Project administrators need to be able to manage access to their own projects.
What entry should be added to the Browse Projects permission?
A. Group
B. Project lead
C. Project Role
D. Single user
E. Application access
Answer: B
Question: 61
Indicate which two use cases require the use of issue-level security within a project. (Choose two.)
A. Only managers should be able to see Critical issues in the project.
B. Only managers should be able to choose who sees certain issues in the project.
C. Only managers should be able to see the project.
D. Only managers should be able to set the Due Date on issues in the project.
E. Only managers should be able to Close issues in the project.
Answer: BC
Question: 62
The extract of a permission scheme is shown below.
Clare is joining your team to help out as first-level support. Her job will be:
Analyze incoming requests
Re-assign requests to subject matter experts
Which two project roles will she need? (Choose two.)
A. Editors
B. Workers
C. Assigners
D. Viewers
E. Assignables
F. Administrators
Answer: CD
Question: 63
The extract of a permission scheme is shown below
Angela is a new team member. Her main tasks are:
Search the project for duplicate bugs
Link them
Close duplicate bugs in the workflow
Which two project roles does she need? (Choose two.)
A. Linkers
B. Creators
C. Editors
D. Transitioners
E. Viewers
F. Administrators
Answer: AE
Question: 64
View the extract of a Jira Software Scrum projects permission scheme shown.
The project uses a simplified workflow.
Who can drag and drop issues to the Closed column on the board?
A. only the board administrator
B. any user with Jira Software application access
C. nobody
D. any logged in user
E. only members of the Administrators project role
Answer: B
Question: 65
For the DEV project, Max has these requirements relating to time logging:
I need to be able to edit time logs.
I need to be able to delete time logs.
Which three project permissions does Max need in order to meet these requirements? (Choose three.)
A. Schedule Issues
B. Edit All Worklogs
C. Move Issues
D. Delete All Worklogs
E. Work On Issues
F. Edit All Comments
Answer: BDE
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Atlassian Administration information search - BingNews Search results Atlassian Administration information search - BingNews Atlassian delivers 12 new ways to bring information to DevOps teams - SD Times

Atlassian wants to improve the way development, IT operations and business teams work together by allowing them to share and get the right information in the tools they are already working in.

In a recent DevOps Trends Survey, the company found that DevOps tools and practices teams use to make their lives easier actually come with new challenges such as disconnected tools, manual processes and collaboration blockers. 

Creating a DevOps culture
DevTestOps Landscape Survey 2020
Report: DevOps needs to undergo a human transformation

“Teams often spend a lot of time inside tools doing coordination, status updates and tool configuration instead of getting back to the core benefits,” Suzie Prince, head of product for Bitbucket Cloud at Atlassian, told SD Times. “The best teams collaborate and have a shared understanding, and that’s how you respond best to your business needs.” 

To provide better collaboration and a shared understanding amongst DevOps teams, the company is announcing 12 new features and integrations focused on bringing teams back to “collaboration, coding and building secure software instead of all this kind of coordination work,” Prince explained.

The new features follow the value chain through planning, tracking, building, continuous integration and deployment. 

For planning and tracking, one key feature is the introduction of the “Your Work” dashboard in Bitbucket Cloud. The dashboard has been expanded to include assigned Jira issues that allow teams to move from one task to the next within the dashboard instead of having to jump around between tools. According to Prince, one of the major blockers the company sees is that developers have to look in multiple places to find work or update status. 

Atlassian is also releasing a new code review experience to enable developers to easily identify changes, and create action items in one place with automation. The new DevOps Automation Triggers can automate low-level tasks like updating Slack or Twitter channels so teams can manually focus on more high-level tasks like features with high risk or high value. 

For review, test and deployment phases, Atlassian released a new pull request experience for Bitbucket Cloud that enables faster code reviews with consolidated lists of tasks, integrated Jira issue creation, and activity feed filters.

The new Atlassian VS Code Integration aims to bring the development pipeline into developers’ editors with the ability to access their task list from Jira Software Cloud, perform code review, and use CI/CD tracking. 

On the DevSecOps side of things, the company announced code insights in Bitbucket, which includes integration with Mabl for test automation, with Sentry for automated monitoring and with Snyk for catching critical security vulnerabilities early. 

“This is powered by third-party integrations because we want that open tool chain. We know that the best teams are using many tools to do this work right. Sentry and Snyk really bring in this idea that as a developer is coding, if there are security vulnerabilities, we want to tell them at that moment so that we can stop the vulnerabilities before they get to production,” said Prince. 

Automated change management is also available with Jira Service Desk Cloud and Bitbucket Pipelines. This feature can pause the CI/CD process, create a change request and trigger a deployment once approved. The company’s risk assessment engine can score the risk of a change and auto-approve and deploy those changes. Additionally, the change management view can streamline high-risk changes and provide traceable change request information. Automated change management provides support for Bitbucket, Jenkins, CircleCI and Octopus Deploy.

If security vulnerabilities do happen in production, Atlassian also wants to give teams the power to escalate and troubleshoot quickly. The company is providing an incident investigation dashboard that will provide information on what happened for the incident, the potential cause, and the developer that made the change so the change can be rolled back and the incident can be resolved. 

“What is going to show incident managers is the deployments that happened right before an incident occurred so that they can try to pinpoint the cause, it will show the commit, who the people were, and will even show the Jira tickets all the way down the value stream where things came from,” said Prince 

Opsgenie and Bitbucket Cloud integration also puts alerts in one place as well as filters out the noise so the right people can focus on the right issues and  take the right action, Prince explained 

Other updates include a resource hub with guidance on how to connect tools and practices in order to create a successful DevOps culture; and integration with Slack and Statuspage. The resource hub will include a DevOps Community with exclusive “ask me anything” sessions from DevOps thought leaders; DevOps Confluence templates; and DevOps guides. 

“DevOps hasn’t yet fulfilled its promise,” said Prince. “We want to bring time back for developers, we want to get them back to coding to innovating to delivering value.”

More detailed information is available here

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Information for Employees

This is your page for information, help, and resources related to the impact recent events have had on you as an employee here at Sac State. Information changes rapidly, so this webpage should serve as your one-stop shop for information, curated from all of our campus partners.

The Virtual Calming Room is a resource for you to redefine your self-care and highlights the need and commitment for tools and strategies to cope with on-going stress. We recognize that many members of campus community are currently experiencing pain and trauma caused by racism and bias, as well as the ongoing stress of the pandemic. We hope that these resources and tools provide some assistance.

Fri, 19 Jun 2020 15:24:00 -0500 en text/html
Do you search compulsively for health information online? You could have this common disorder

In the age of "Dr. Google," it can be tempting to click your way to self-diagnosis — but an overload of health information can cause its own set of symptoms.

"Cyberchondria," a subset of health anxiety, is described as a condition in which an individual excessively searches for health information online

While cyberchrondria may not start as a physical disease, it can cause intense levels of anxiety and fear that can negatively impact a person's health, according to Dr. Maggie Williams, a family physician in Scottsdale, Arizona, and medical director for MDLIVE Virtual Primary Care.


Dr. Marc Siegel, clinical professor of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center and a Fox News medical contributor, said he and his colleagues used to call the condition "medical students' disease."

An overload of health information can cause its own set of symptoms called "cyberchondria," or heightened health anxiety.  (iStock)

"When you know a little, but not enough, you imagine you have everything and constantly worry," he told Fox News Digital.

Although cyberchondria is not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) as a formal diagnosis, it’s thought to be closely related to hypochrondria, a more general heightened anxiety about one’s health.


In 2014, two U.K. researchers, Eoin McElroy and Mark Shevlin, created a "cyberchrondria severity scale" that measures a person's score across eight areas: compulsion, distress, excessiveness, reassurance seeking and mistrust of medical professionals.

Growing prevalence of cyberchrondria

As Siegel pointed out, the condition is becoming more common over time. 

"The invention of the internet and then the perfection of search engines created a global hypochondria, where patients searched to find possible explanations for their symptoms," he said.

"The invention of the internet and then the perfection of search engines created a global hypochondria, where patients searched to find possible explanations for their symptoms," a doctor told Fox News Digital. (iStock)

"It especially increased during the pandemic, when dogma abounded and everyone was suddenly an expert," Siegel added.

A study published in JIMR Formative Research last year found that COVID-19 caused a spike in the condition in spring 2020, as people experienced higher levels of "cyberchondria-related distress and compulsion during the pandemic."

"The invention of the internet and then the perfection of search engines created a global hypochondria, where patients searched to find possible explanations for their symptoms."

One user shared experiences with cyberchrondria on Reddit: "I thought that I might see something that will ease my mind, but … it makes it all worse and worse. Out of the 100 times I checked a symptom online, only 10 of them kinda made me feel safe."

Another user wrote, "I'm pretty sure I have this. The pandemic definitely made my health anxiety worse. Unfortunately, the pandemic also made it harder to get in to see a doctor in a timely manner and so the internet is the next logical place to look for answers."

In one study, more than half of respondents said they searched online instead of going to the doctor — and more than two in five turned to social media to ask about their symptoms. (iStock)

In a small study by MDLIVE Virtual Primary Care, more than half of respondents said they searched online instead of going to the doctor, and more than two in five (42%) turned to social media to ask about their symptoms.

Another 22% said they rely on artificial intelligence for medical answers.


Nearly half of the 518 respondents, who provided data in August 2023, said they have misdiagnosed or mistreated an issue based on information they found online.

As Siegel warned, online medical information "isn't often accurate, and it isn't filtered, and it lacks clinical judgment."

Telltale signs of cyberchondria

Several signs may indicate that people are experiencing cyberchondria, Williams said.


"Most people may not recognize the symptoms before it’s too late, after they’ve invested hours, delayed access to the doctor and worsened their overall anxiety," she told Fox News Digital.

One warning sign is spending one to three hours or more at a time searching for symptoms online.

A quarter of survey respondents said that when experiencing a health issue, they spend more than one hour searching for their symptoms online. (iStock)

A quarter of the survey respondents said that when experiencing a health issue, they spend more than one hour searching for their symptoms online.

Obsessive medical searches may also get in the way of day-to-day activities, Williams noted.

In the MDLIVE study, 41% of respondents said that compulsively searching for symptoms has gotten in the way of their daily tasks.

"Most people may not recognize the symptoms before it’s too late, after they’ve invested hours, delayed access to the doctor and worsened their overall anxiety."

"You may feel a compulsion to search online constantly, often rechecking symptoms multiple times, despite having completed an exhaustive search," Williams said.

Another symptom of cyberchrondria is high levels of distress and anxiety when searching for symptoms online — an rather than easing of concerns.

It’s best to consult with a health care professional at the onset of any symptoms, a doctor advised.  (iStock)

Fifty-eight percent of the participants in MDLIVE’s study said that searching online for their symptoms made them more anxious. 

"You may also have a heightened fixation on a particularly serious disease or condition, despite any evidence that you are suffering from it," Williams added.

Addressing or preventing cyberchondria

If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of cyberchondria, Williams said it’s important to set boundaries on the time spent searching for health information online. 

"Resist the urge to check and recheck symptoms," she advised.


She also recommends avoiding "deep diving" into online forums or threads where people share "worst-case scenarios." 

"These tend to be exceptions rather than the rule, which can unnecessarily increase your anxiety," she said.

It’s best to consult with a health care professional at the onset of any symptoms, Williams advised. 

For those who might have trouble physically getting to a doctor’s office, a doctor suggested setting up a telehealth visit to address concerns in a timely manner, which will reduce the temptation to dive into online searching. (iStock)

"They can provide accurate information about your health concerns, potentially helping you to sidestep the slippery slope of cyberchondria," she said.

Siegel noted that as a physician, one of his jobs is to help patients sort through their fears and worries and put them in perspective of real risk and disease. 

"You may also have a heightened fixation on a particularly serious disease or condition, despite any evidence that you are suffering from it."

"This is even more the case with social media, where you end up searching through videos — especially TikTok — and become convinced you have a disease," he said. "This all increases anxiety and is bad for health."

For those who might have trouble physically getting to a doctor’s office, Williams suggested setting up a telehealth visit to address concerns in a timely manner, which will reduce the temptation to dive into online searching.


It's important to address cyberchrondria seriously, just as you would with any other health issue, she said.

"If you're experiencing anxiety related to your health, you may find it helpful to speak with a mental health professional."

For people suffering from cyberchondria, experts recommend finding a trustworthy doctor who can guide them. (iStock)

While there are some reputable sources of health information on the internet, not all online information is factual or trustworthy.

"I still rely on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institutes for Health, Mayo Clinic, NYU Langone and CIDRAP (Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy)," said Siegel.


That said, he warned that even vetted medical websites can still sometimes be wrong.

For those suffering from cyberchondria, Siegel advised them to find a doctor they can trust who can help guide them, while at the same time pulling back from online sources.

For more Health articles, visit

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Do Not Sell My Information


If you are a California resident, you have the right to opt out of the “sale” of your “personal information” under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).

Politico and our advertising partners collected certain pieces of personal information to deliver interest-based advertising. This use of your information may be considered a “sale” under the CCPA. Politico also provides limited personal information to our business partners, who may use it to contact you about various goods and services that may be of interest to you. California consumers who wish to opt out of the sale of their Personal Information may follow the instructions below. More details on the categories of personal information that we “sell”, according to CCPA, can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Opting out of the sharing of your personal information by Politico with marketers: Please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:
· Email address
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· State of residence

Opting out of interest-based advertising: Politico uses or participates in each of these services to deliver interest-based advertising. To opt-out, you will need to visit each of the following websites for more information and follow their instructions to use their opt-out tools.
· Network Advertising Initiative:
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· Teads: Information on how to opt-out of the sale of personal information can be found in Section 9 of the Teads Privacy Policy (

Many of these tools use cookies to store your opt-out preferences on your specific browser and device. You must opt-out on each device and on each browser to exercise your rights. If your browser blocks cookies (or if you choose to delete them from your browser), your opt-out preferences may not be effective. We do not control the opt-out mechanisms listed above and are not responsible for their operation.

Note that we may still deliver advertising to you that is not tailored to you based on your personal information, and that we may still use your personal information for other purposes such as analytics, measurement and attribution. We may also share your personal information with third parties for other purposes in accordance with our Privacy Policy .

If you have any other questions or requests, please email us at [email protected].

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Presidential Search

Our Next President

Among the many opportunities awaiting the new president, the following inter-related imperatives are of particular note.

  • The seventh president of the University of New Haven will step into a creative space: with talented faculty and staff, a generous alumni base, and an engaged board, the next president is expected to lead the mapping of a distinctive and sustainable future for the University that draws upon a spirit of entrepreneurialism and strategic risk-taking. While the University has an ongoing 2026 strategic plan, A Bold Path Forward, it is the new president who will take up the baton, listening and learning, studying, assessing realities and opportunities, and sharpening vision and focus.

  • Even as the next strategic plan is being developed, the new president will begin the effort to inspire the extended UNewHaven community in support of the vision. Like many campus communities, the University of New Haven faculty, students, and staff have experienced substantial change throughout the pandemic years and into Fall of 2023. The new president will draw upon their own fresh perspective and introduction into the campus and extended UNewHaven community to raise faculty and staff morale, engage with the University's exceptional students and be present and visible at campus events, come to know UNewHaven alumni and friends, and inspire the campus and its extended community to move forward as one university to greet what will surely be an exciting future.

  • The University of New Haven’s seventh president will develop their leadership team, aligning both the organizational structure and team in service of the University’s mission, vision, values, and direction. Immediate priorities include the above-mentioned evaluation of the student mix and a sharpening of the enrollment strategy, a continued focus on nurturing an inclusive campus community characterized by high morale, where all belong and are supported in their educational and professional goals, and an aggressive fundraising effort in service to campus priorities.

  • The University of New Haven has a loyal alumni base of more than 68,000 living alumni. The president has an opportunity to generate significant benefits for the University by developing stronger ties with this community as well as with parents, benefactors, and friends. The president should develop and nurture meaningful relationships with key alumni and benefactors, engaging in fundraising efforts and connecting benefactors to the mission, programs, and people of UNewHaven, optimizing a powerful resource of support for the financial and overall well-being of the University. The new president should also work to broaden and diversify the pipeline of active donors, alumni, and friends.

  • With a strong and highly collaborative leadership team on campus and a branding initiative that is underway that has already generated considerable excitement, Power On, the president will be expected to represent the University externally: with the national press, at national organizations like NAICU and other higher education associations, within the regional and extended business community, civic leaders, and especially with alumni and donors. As the face and voice of the University, the next president will embody the institution’s mission, vision, and values, raising both friends and funds in service to such. In so doing, they will raise awareness of the University, burnish its brand, and advance its objectives.

Procedure for Candidacy

WittKieffer is assisting the University of New Haven in this search. Additional information may be found in the presidential profile (PDF).

Applications, nominations and inquiries are invited. Applications should include, as two separate documents, a CV or resume and a letter of interest addressing the themes in the presidential profile (PDF). Professional references are not requested at this time.

Application materials should be submitted using WittKieffer’s candidate portal. Review of materials has begun and will continue until an appointment is made. For fullest consideration, candidate materials should be received by December 11.

Nominations and inquiries can be directed to: Robin Mamlet, Melody Rose, Ph.D., and Sandra Chu at

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Additional Information

The contents of the WebMD Site, such as text, graphics, images, and other material contained on the WebMD Site ("Content") are for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the WebMD Site!

If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately. WebMD does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, physicians, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on the Site. Reliance on any information provided by WebMD, WebMD employees, others appearing on the Site at the invitation of WebMD, or other visitors to the Site is solely at your own risk.

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Atlassian: Atlassivan

Atlassian, a global collaboration company, created AtlassiVan, a branded motorhome that acted as a roaming office to deliver a campaign that would help fill the talent pipeline and amplify the brand's employee value proposition.

The challenge

At the Federal Government's Job and Skills Summit in September 2022, Atlassian announced a major hiring push focused on research and development professionals in Australia and New Zealand to support its continued growth. The company tasked Ogilvy PR with delivering a campaign that would help fill the talent pipeline and amplify Atlassian's employee value proposition, Team Anywhere.

The insight

Accenture and Tech Council of Australia research painted Australia as a country full of opportunity but failing to reach its true tech-based potential. A critical talent shortage of 186,000 workers is expected by 2030. For Atlassian, securing a pipeline...

Mon, 23 Oct 2023 00:09:00 -0500 en-GB text/html
Healthcare Administration Concentration

The Healthcare Administration concentration is for those who aspire to become leaders and innovators in the healthcare industry. You'll study healthcare policy, health informatics, and finance trends to make informed and ethical decisions in the healthcare setting.

Face to Face


You'll meet during the evening on campus.

Location: St. Paul

Start Dates: Courses start every 6 weeks. Contact your enrollment counselor for details.


Fully Online

You'll complete 100% of your coursework online.

Location: Online

Start Dates: Courses start every 6 weeks. Contact your enrollment counselor for details.


Partially Online

Courses will be a mix of online and face to face sessions. You'll complete over half of your coursework at one of our convenient locations.

Location: St. Paul

Start Dates: Courses start every 6 weeks. Contact your enrollment counselor for details.

Total Credits


Finish in as Few as

24 months


  • Managerial Accounting (BUSN615)

    Examination of key managerial accounting concepts and their applications in modern organizations. Exploration of best practices and emerging trends in accounting with a focus on managerial decisions. Research of topics and cases may include ethics, environmental accounting, long-term versus short-term profitability, constraint management, technology, cost structures, and controls.

    3 credits

  • Marketing Management (BUSN645)

    Evaluation of market research and effectiveness of various marketing strategies. Analysis of emerging trends that influence marketing strategy decisions. Integration of the impact of globalization on international marketing practices. Distinguish between ethical and unethical marketing practices. Application of marketing concepts in light of a personal faith and the Christian worldview.

    3 credits

  • Business Strategy (BUSN680)

    Analysis of the fundamental elements of organizational strategy. Evaluation of the influences on an organization's strategy and the ability of an organization to achieve its strategy given its characteristics. Integration of ethical thinking and personal faith principles with strategy. Analysis of issues impacting strategic planning in organizations.

    3 credits

  • MBA Portfolio Deliverable (BUSN789)

    Synthesis of key learnings from the MBA program, including a reconsideration of earlier work, leadership theories and growth concepts, and the development of a professional portfolio.

    0 credits

  • Managerial Economics (ECON635)

    Application of economic analysis in formulating managerial decisions, drawing upon concepts of demand, production, costs, pricing strategies, profit and competition. Analysis of the broad macroeconomic forces that influence the business environment. Analysis of opportunities and risks in a global economic environment.

    3 credits

  • Healthcare Policy and Economics (HCAM600)

    Examination of healthcare policies from an economic perspective. Exploration of foundational economic theories and their relationships to the structure and function of the US healthcare system. Analysis of the determinants to health, the social distribution of health and disease, health disparities, quality, cost and accessibility of healthcare services.

    3 credits

  • Health Informatics and Application (HCAM605)

    Analysis of the role of information systems and technology within a healthcare organization. Appraisal of business and technical issues associated with the selection, deployment, and use of health informatics. Evaluation of analytic methods to design, implement, and evaluate best-practice models for patient care and care delivery.

    3 credits

  • Legal Aspects in Healthcare (HCAM610)

    Analysis of the more significant legal issues encountered by healthcare administrators and the ramifications of those issues. Exploration of the legal, policy and ethical issues encountered by healthcare professionals in the continuously evolving healthcare system. Assessment of ethical concepts in the resolution of health care ethical dilemmas.

    3 credits

  • Finance for Healthcare Administrators (HCAM615)

    Assessment of planning and financial decision making of healthcare organizations. Financial evaluation both as a proactive exercise and a tool for organizational control. Exploration of issues of budgeting, cost determination, pricing and rate setting in a healthcare environment. Integration of academic and practical approaches and perspectives regarding healthcare financial problems.

    3 credits

  • Engaging Your Potential (LEAD607)

    Orientation to Bethel University Graduate School, the MBA and MA Strategic Leadership programs, and the career coaching process.

    0 credits

  • Leadership Theory & Personal Agency (LEAD611)

    Analysis of leadership theory and research as it applies to individuals and organizations. Evaluation of personal leadership capacities and identification of specific areas of growth in capacity and resilience. Analysis of the relationship between personal faith and leadership service

    3 credits

  • Organizational Diagnostics and Health (LEAD641)

    Examination of organizational health and the key systems necessary to build and sustain it. Assessment of one’s leadership characteristics and personal approach to organizational health and change. Use of research, theory, and faith and their roles in organizational effectiveness.

    3 credits

  • Leadership Formation and Strategic Talent Management (LEAD651)

    Creation of a personal leadership philosophy grounded in understanding of the importance of developing others. Recognition of one’s ability to both coach and to be coached. Understanding of foundational leadership processes, practices and strategies in effective talent management. Demonstration and recognition of the importance of culture, nondiscriminatory inclusion, and personal faith while providing recommendations to increase effectiveness.

    3 credits

  • Data Analytics for Leaders: Making Ethical Decisions (LEAD661)

    Exploration of data analytics relevant to the business setting. Analysis of methods to visualize and explain quantitative data. Synthesis of appropriate strategies to make ethical and effective data driven managerial decisions.

    3 credits

  • Strategic Communication for Leaders (LEAD671)

    Application of the theories of persuasion in communication contexts including public speaking, business writing, and interpersonal responses. Analysis of both ethical and persuasive communication skills during interpersonal interactions. Evaluation of the interactions between technology and communication. Demonstration of public speaking with the use of professional presentation software.

    3 credits

  • Integrative Team Capstone (LEAD795)

    Culmination of leadership courses as students continue in graduate work. Foundation for a collaborative project that synthesizes scholarship and practice around the development of a real-life business/leadership project. Exploration of interconnections within business and connections with other aspects of life.

    3 credits

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