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78201X Avaya IP Office Platform Support Certified benefits |

78201X benefits - Avaya IP Office Platform Support Certified Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: 78201X Avaya IP Office Platform Support Certified benefits January 2024 by team

78201X Avaya IP Office Platform Support Certified

Test Details:
- Exam Name: Avaya 78201X Avaya IP Office Platform Support Certified
- Exam Format: Multiple-choice questions
- Exam Duration: 90 minutes
- Passing Score: 70%
- Prerequisites: None
- Certification Validity: 2 years

Course Outline: Avaya 78201X Avaya IP Office Platform Support Certified

I. Introduction to Avaya IP Office Platform
A. Overview of Avaya IP Office architecture and components
B. IP Office software versions and licensing
C. Understanding IP Office edition and deployment options

II. IP Office Installation and Configuration
A. Hardware installation and configuration
B. IP Office Manager administration tool
C. System and user configuration

III. IP Office System Management
A. Backup and restore procedures
B. System monitoring and troubleshooting
C. Software upgrades and patches

IV. IP Office Call Routing and Features
A. Incoming and outgoing call routing
B. Hunt groups and call queuing
C. Voicemail and auto-attendant configuration

V. IP Office Unified Communications
A. User and device profiles
B. SIP and H.323 trunks configuration
C. Presence and instant messaging setup

VI. IP Office Integration and Mobility
A. Integrating with third-party applications and systems
B. Configuring Avaya Equinox and Avaya Communicator
C. Mobile and remote worker setup

VII. IP Office Troubleshooting and Support
A. Identifying and resolving common IP Office issues
B. Diagnosing connectivity and call quality problems
C. Avaya support resources and escalation processes

Exam Objectives:
- Understand the architecture and components of Avaya IP Office Platform
- Install and configure IP Office hardware and software
- Manage IP Office systems, including backup, monitoring, and upgrades
- Configure call routing, voicemail, and unified communications features
- Integrate IP Office with third-party applications and systems
- Troubleshoot common IP Office issues and utilize support resources effectively

The syllabus for the Avaya 78201X Avaya IP Office Platform Support Certified course will cover the following topics:
- Introduction to Avaya IP Office Platform
- IP Office Installation and Configuration
- IP Office System Management
- IP Office Call Routing and Features
- IP Office Unified Communications
- IP Office Integration and Mobility
- IP Office Troubleshooting and Support
Avaya IP Office Platform Support Certified
Avaya Certified benefits

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Question: 41
Which default short code is used to toggle the modem function on the analog trunk card?
A. *9000*
B. #9000*
C. *9000#
D. #9000#
Answer: A
Question: 42
A customer has UMS enabled on their VoiceMail Pro server. They want to use Microsoft Outlook to retrieve
voicemail messages, and are not using Microsoft Exchange as the message store.
Which protocol must be configured in Microsoft Outlook to access their messages?
Answer: D
Question: 43
By which method are alarm notifications sent to an IP Office support engineer?
D. System Monitor
Answer: B
Question: 44
Calls into the IP500 V2 are not ringing to the expected user.
Which statement describes how the call routing is validated?
A. Use the System Status Application (SSA) to see what user the call is ringing to.
B. Use Customer Call Status (CCS) to see what user the call is ringing to.
C. Capture a System Monitor trace and escalate to Avaya for an answer.
D. Wait until the system is idle and place test calls so you can hear which telephone is ringing.
Answer: B
Question: 45
What does "IMAP support" mean in the IP Office UMS service?
A. A user can see/listen to voicemail messages via Web browser.
B. A user can receive voicemail messages only using MS Outlook.
C. All messages are forwarded to a user e-mail account and deleted on their telephone.
D. A user can receive voicemail messages to their Outlook, Outlook Express and/or Lotus Notes programs running on
their P
F. A new message is sent to a user e-mail account. The user can listen to it by dialing their telephone number.
Answer: B
Question: 46
A user is testing a mobile telephone in a new deployment of Avaya Communicator. Calls can be made, but the
Presence and Instant Messaging features do not work.
Which statement describes why the user cannot make the new features work?
A. The user does not have the correct profile configured.
B. The new Codecs are not supported.
C. The user is not configured as an agent.
D. The IP Office is only an Essential Edition.
Answer: D
Question: 47
A customer has a requirement to prevent certain users from dialing out after 5 PM; they can only dial the emergency
number and internal extensions.
Which two programming options can you use to achieve this? (Choose two.)
A. Time Profiles
B. Source Number
C. Account Codes
D. User Rights
E. System short Codes
Answer: D,E
Question: 48
A customer with Server Edition has the capacity to register five consoles simultaneously,
and wants to increase it to seven.
Which action is needed to complete this increase?
A. Add a Preferred license.
B. Upgrade to Select Mode.
C. Add five receptionist licenses.
D. Upgrade to the latest software version.
Answer: A
Question: 49
You have just plugged in a new IP500 V2, and you look at its Dashboard display to see the new device. No telephones
are plugged into the unit.
Why are two ports in one of the modules green?
A. There is a Combo Card in the chassis.
B. The operating system is up, and someone is administering the system.
C. The device has power and passed self-test.
D. LAN1 and LAN2 are disconnected.
Answer: A
Question: 50
When a voicemail message is left for a user, where are the voice files held if the customer is using Embedded
A. on the User PC
B. on the SD card
C. on the voicemail server
D. on the UCM
Answer: B

Avaya Certified benefits - BingNews Search results Avaya Certified benefits - BingNews Avaya To Roll Out Three Certification Levels For Partners

The levels,Silver, Gold and Platinum,will be determined by a partner's Avaya revenue, customer support, customer satisfaction surveys, technical expertise and a business management audit, according to executives at the Basking Ridge-based company.

"We will reward commitment to Avaya," said Jan Burton, vice president of sales for the business partner organization at Avaya. "You may choose not to make those investments. That's all right. But certified members will become more premium players in the marketplace."

Levels are based on a partner's Avaya revenue, customer support, customer satisfaction surveys, technical expertise and a business management audit.

Benefits include increased marketing funds, trade show support, lead support, nondisclosure previews of Avaya's technology road map and education vouchers, she said.

Previously, there was no marketable difference between Avaya business partners, which led to mixed experiences for customers, said executives.

"I want to be able to see more differentiation. They need it. It's going to affect [Avaya's branding and their quality of installations," said Jarrod Sipe, president of solution provider Matrix Technologies, Washington.

Some of Matrix Technologies' potential clients have shied away from Avaya because of bad experiences with business partners, Sipe said. "That hurts the name of Avaya and the channel. Direct customers almost expect bad results from a partner because of previous experience," he said.

"If you don't have certifications, it's hard to drive a value proposition," said Kevin Dohrmann, vice president of technology and consulting at IP Revolution, an Omaha, Neb.-based solution provider. "The vendor puts an investment into a partnership, and they expect the reseller to put an investment in also."

The program will launch this month, but most Avaya business partners will not become certified before October, when Avaya's fiscal year begins, Burton said.

Avaya introduced the program at distributor Voda One's Convergence Summit conference earlier this month in St. Pete Beach, Fla.

"Creating a certification program for a converged environment is the way to go, as opposed to getting certified in Avaya PBX or Avaya applications," said Tom Dolan, chairman of Westcon Group, Voda One's parent company.

Silver-tier members must buy $400,000 a year in one of Avaya's four product categories: voice, data, convergence and applications. Gold members must purchase at least $500,000 in two categories, and Platinum members must spend $2.5 million and at least $500,000 in each category, Avaya said.

"Platinum partners must be premier in all areas. We expect them to have business and marketing plans in place. You must have good sales metrics in your organization and actively market Avaya products and logos with sales experience," Burton said.

In addition, Silver members must have a minimum of two Avaya Certified Associate Communication Networking (ACACN) trained technicians, or one per $5 million in Avaya revenue. Gold-level partners must have two Level 2-certified specialists, and Platinum members must have four.

Also, Silver members must maintain a 75 percent customer satisfaction score, Gold 80 percent and Platinum 85 percent. Customer support will be based on "specific things you do to support customers through an evaluation checklist," Burton said. A business management audit will be conducted by Avaya to round out the requirements, he added.

Fri, 22 Dec 2023 16:44:00 -0600 text/html
Avaya Launches New Services Specializations

According to Susan Kuchinski, Avaya's director of worldwide services channel development, the new Avaya Services Delivery Specialization (SDS) program arms solution providers with tools to augment and showcase their ability to deliver a full range of lifecycle services for Avaya products and solutions. Avaya's stable of BusinessPartners and AlliancePartners can now provide services in conjunction with Avaya while demonstrating advanced competencies and expertise in implementation, maintenance support and application integration.

The program also increases partners' visibility to customers, who can easily find and identify partners that have the appropriate skills and qualifications to deliver the level of desired services.

Kuchinski said the program stemmed from a perfect storm of sorts, where customers were seeking out solution providers, but were unsure which had Avaya's endorsement. The new specialization is the next level in Avaya's move for the company and its partners to extend co-delivery of services.

"The opportunity here for partners is for them to build a service business and practice around Avaya that's recognized and accredited by Avaya," she said. "Then they can go to market in a marketplace that provides them with the services revenue necessary to reinvest, build and grow."

The program centers around four specific areas of designation: Implementation Specialist, Implementation Professional, Support Specialist and Integration Expert.

The Implementation Specialist is designated for authorized Avaya partners that achieve advanced capabilities in implementation, while the Implementation Professional designation is for "services-only" Avaya partners that do not resell Avaya product and have found demonstrated expertise in implementation services.

Support Specialists are platinum-, gold- and silver-certified Avaya BusinessPartners and AlliancePartners with significant cross-portfolio sales of Avaya products and who demonstrate a sophisticated level of capability in post-sales maintenance and support.

And the Integration Expert designation targets platinum-, gold- and silver-certified Avaya BusinessPartners and AlliancePartners with deep expertise in Avaya unified communications or contact center portfolios who demonstrate the ability to integrate Avaya applications in multivendor environments, while also meeting the requirements of the Implementation and Support Specialist designations.

Kuchinski said participating partners will have access to Avaya Global Services methodologies and tools to help them deliver services to the customer. Additionally, they receive a broad range of financial, sales, marketing and support benefits. Qualified partners also receive the appropriate SDS designation logo to help customers easily identify their services capabilities.

"We wanted to create a co-delivery partnering model that is more effective and efficient," she said.

Each services specialization requires certain numbers of Avaya Certified Specialists certified in IP telephony, modular messaging, contact center or unified communications. For example, Implementation Specialist, Implementation Professional and Support Specialist designated partners must have a minimum of two Avaya Certified Specialists in IP telephony and two in modular messaging. For Integration Expert, partners must have four Avaya Certified Specialists in IP telephony, contact center and unified communications, or a mix of other Avaya Certified Specialists in other disciplines.

Each different designation also has sets of partner incentives. For example, partners that achieve Implementation Expert and demonstrate the ability to care for an end-to-end Avaya solution have the opportunity to be brought into direct sales opportunities as part of Avaya's high-touch channel model. Those partners can also take top-line revenue with no additional requirements beyond what it takes to qualify for the specialization, Kuchinski said.

Kuchinski added that marketing development funds are accrued against services revenue for all designations.

To qualify, each designation requires a level of competency and certifications, but also requires staffing minimums, customer references, complementary industry certifications and an annual customer satisfaction rating of 85 percent or greater. Partners must also have a staging center or support lab based on the designation they desire.

"The Avaya SDS program is good for our BusinessPartners and good for customers," Carol Giles Neslund, Avaya's vice president of North America channel sales, said in a statement. "SDS enables our channel partners to expand their portfolio of services with streamlined access to a broad range of Avaya tools, systems and people. Customers can quickly identify the channel partners that are the best fit for their project and be assured of their services expertise. This is a great collaborative effort between Avaya Global Services and our Avaya BusinessPartners."

Dick Bourdow, central region vice president for NACR, an Eagan, Minn.-based solution provider, said the new services deliver specialization programs that answer challenges solution providers face in the market by allowing them to differentiate themselves from the pack by illustrating they are backed by Avaya as an expert.

"There was nothing in the marketplace coming from Avaya that said they endorsed us," he said, adding that now customers can see and understand that NACR brings a strong level of services delivery expertise. "It helps us differentiate ourselves."

Bourdow said going into a potential deal with specific designations has a competitive advantage over organizations that may not, which is a win for both NACR and Avaya.

"This will expose us to other providers and distributors," he said. "It shows we have a strong commitment to deliver customers the solutions they want. This gives us validation in the marketplace."

Thu, 28 Dec 2023 08:09:00 -0600 text/html
What Is CISSP Certification? Qualifications, Benefits And Salary

Editorial Note: We earn a commission from partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect our editors' opinions or evaluations.

IT security professionals looking to advance their careers or dive deeper into the realm of cybersecurity should consider the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification. Organizations across industries need to protect their data and proprietary information from cyberattacks, making CISSP-certified professionals a valuable asset to any company.

CISSP certification signals to employers that you know how to best protect web-based information systems and command a strong IT security team. Read on to learn all you need to know about earning CISSP certification.

Who Should Get CISSP Certification?

As an early-career IT security professional, you may be tempted to jump into the CISSP certification process soon after completing an undergraduate degree or spending just a few years working entry-level cybersecurity jobs. However, you’ll have to meet certain benchmarks before qualifying to become a CISSP.

(ISC)², which administers CISSP certification, requires candidates to have completed either five years of full-time employment or four years of employment plus an undergraduate degree (such as a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity) or another approved credential.

(ISC)² also created the Body of Knowledge (CBK), which holds nearly all the information a seasoned cybersecurity professional should know. The CBK lists eight primary domains, including asset security and software development security. To become a CISSP, your past work experience must be within one or more of these eight domains.

Earning CISSP certification is not an easy process. From passing the exam to paying annual fees, this certification requires an investment of time, energy and money. On the other hand, CISSP certification is among the most common cybersecurity credentials required by employers.

Whether you plan to become a chief information officer or an independent security consultant, knowing your “why” can help you stay the course as you work toward earning CISSP certification.

Benefits of CISSP Certification

A CISSP certification is among the gold standards for IT and cybersecurity professionals. This credential can lead to higher salaries, a competitive advantage in the job market and knowledge of the latest industry advancements.

Increase Your Earning Potential

Salaries for CISSP-certified professionals vary by job title and location. On average, these workers earn around $128,000 per year in North America, according to Payscale.

CISSP-certified professionals are some of the most well-paid IT professionals in the industry. This is because employers understand the rigorous process required to become a CISSP, and the credential is recognized on a global scale.

Become a More Competitive Job Candidate

Adding CISSP certification to your cybersecurity resume signifies to recruiters and employers that you are among the top candidates in the information security industry. This credential also guarantees that you have at least four or five years of hands-on experience.

Some professionals plan to earn certification to pursue roles outside of their current organizations. (ISC)²’s 2023 workforce study indicates that 17% of respondents pursue credentials for a position with another company, while 15% considered certification to qualify for promotions.

Build Cybersecurity Expertise

Part of the CISSP certification process is becoming intimately familiar with all relevant information in the world of cybersecurity, both to pass the exam and to maintain certification.

After earning their certification, CISSPs must accumulate a set number of continuing education credits. Continuing education helps build expertise and ensure that CISSPs have current, relevant skills.

Participants in (ISC)²’s workforce study reported that their teams recognize the following benefits of employing cybersecurity professionals with certifications like the CISSP.

  • These workers have a deeper knowledge of critical cybersecurity topics.
  • Certified workers increase confidence in their teams’ ability to handle security challenges.
  • Hiring professionals with cybersecurity certifications ensures current knowledge and practice of information security trends.
  • Certification allows organizations to hire high-level workers with demonstrated expertise in cybersecurity.

Network with Other CISSPs

All CISSPs must become (ISC)² members, granting access to networking opportunities. More than 168,000 cybersecurity professionals are members of (ISC)².

What is the Current Demand for Cybersecurity Professionals?

Between 2021 and 2022, cyberattacks and data breaches increased by 41.5%. This spike in cyberattacks among companies of all types highlights both the need for expert cybersecurity professionals and the gap in supply.

Despite the field’s increasing popularity, the (ISC)²’s workforce study found that 67% of cybersecurity professionals say a shortage of cybersecurity professionals is putting their organizations at risk. (ISC)² estimated a global cybersecurity workforce gap of 3.9 million in 2023.

One potential reason for this workforce gap is that most cybersecurity job requirements include certifications such as the CISSP. Earning certification involves considerable time and effort, making it tougher to close this workforce gap. Meanwhile, technological advances used by malicious parties continue to outpace the rate at which IT and cybersecurity professionals enter the field and develop the expertise necessary to secure data against these attacks.

The Demand for CISSPs

CISSP professionals are in high demand across industries due to their advanced knowledge and ability to defend against data breaches and improve security measures.

According to CyberSeek, CISSP certifications see the most demand among all current cybersecurity job openings requiring certification. As of December 2023, more than 85,000 cybersecurity job listings request CISSP certification.

How to Earn CISSP Certification

To earn CISSP certification, you must first meet requirements for work experience, education and professional credentials. Candidates may have five years of relevant work experience or four years if they also hold a related undergraduate degree or an (ISC)²-approved credential.

If you do not meet these requirements but are still interested in taking the CISSP exam, you can work toward becoming an Associate of (ISC)². Associates have passed the exam but cannot become fully certified until they have fulfilled the work experience requirements.

Pass the Certification Exam

Each candidate has four hours to complete the CISSP certification exam, which comprises 125 to 175 questions. You can find ample preparation resources, including practice exams and study materials, on (ISC)²’s website.

When the time comes, you can register online to take the exam, though the exam itself will take place in person at a Pearson VUE testing center. Note that the exam fee is $749.

To pass, you must score at least 700/1,000 or higher. If you do not pass the CISSP exam the first time, you’re in good company—many test-takers attempt the exam multiple times. You can retake the CISSP exam 30 days after your first try and up to four times within a 12-month period.

Get Endorsed

After passing the CISSP exam, you must obtain an endorsement from a current certification-holder before becoming certified yourself.

This endorsement validates that you have completed the necessary work experience to earn CISSP certification. You have nine months to find an endorsement after passing the exam. In the event you are unable to find someone, (ISC)² may act as your endorser.

Maintain Certification

Like many professional accrediting bodies, (ISC)² requires its members to stay up to date on the latest trends and research in cybersecurity. You must earn at least 120 continuing professional education (CPE) credits every three years to maintain CISSP certification. Many members earn their CPEs by attending courses or conferences, volunteering or teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About CISSP Certification

A CISSP professional maintains an organization’s IT security systems, securing data against external threats. Responsibilities may also include running security audits, gathering data on security performance, managing teams of IT security professionals and creating security reports for stakeholders.

Is CISSP a good certification?

Yes, the CISSP credential is one of the most respected certifications in the cybersecurity field. Its rigor and high standards are well-known in the industry, and many organizations place a high value on recruiting CISSPs.

No, CISSP certification requires five years of professional experience in a cybersecurity-related role or a combination of work experience and education.

Tue, 02 Jan 2024 02:22:00 -0600 Meghan Gallagher en-US text/html
Best Networking Certifications for 2024

Those serious about their information technology (IT) careers should consider one or more of these networking certifications to set themselves apart from their competitors.

When it comes to the care and feeding of modern networks, there’s quite a lengthy list of tools and technologies that qualified IT professionals must master ― especially those who aspire to work as network administrators. In addition to the servers and clients that make up the endpoints in such environments, there’s a lot of network infrastructure to worry about. Add to that the services that run atop of this and related cybersecurity concerns and there is an abundance of focus areas sprouting out of networking.

Those serious about their IT careers should consider one or more of these networking certifications to set themselves apart from their competitors. We’ve put together this article to help make sense of the entirety of the networking certification space. 

We’ve narrowed down the broad range of existing computer networking certifications into more specific categories, within which we’ve highlighted some of the best specific certifications on the market. 

Best Computer Networking Certifications

Computer networking certifications continue to be a gold standard for showing overall knowledge of the networking environment. While networks and their operations have changed drastically over the years — especially with the shift to flexible work and the increasing adoption of cloud technologies — understanding computers is still critical to any more advanced IT role. Networking certifications also open up more advanced areas of study, including cybersecurity roles, network architecture and more advanced system administrator roles. 

Obtaining these certifications demonstrates a willingness to learn as well as mastery of networking essentials. Some of the more advanced certificates are also specifically focused, which can help applicants demonstrate more advanced knowledge of specific technology suites, such as Cisco. Any of these certifications though will help demonstrate knowledge in the computer networking space and make a strong case for job candidates who hold them.

Some of the best computer networking certifications include: 

Best VoIP and Telephony Certifications

Voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) and telephony certifications demonstrate an applicant’s knowledge of designing, implementing and maintaining these communication systems. As corporate voice and telephony services have transformed from traditional public-switched telephone networks and private branch exchanges (PBXs) to VoIP and IP PBXs, VoIP and telephony certifications now focus on digital communications, along with a good mix of IP networking protocols and methods to support such traffic and to maintain service quality. Additionally, VoIP and telephony systems are often combined with digital fax, videoconferencing, instant messaging and mobile communications. 

Obtaining a VoIP and telephony certification demonstrates capability in telecommunications technology. Vendor-specific certifications also exist, which can lead to further career growth and employee specialization. Certificate holders can also apply for more specialized roles in this field and may be more likely to receive promotions or competitive offers from potential employers. 

Some of the most valuable VoIP and telephony certifications include: 

Best Unified Communications Certifications

Unified communications (UC) streamlines communications so that geographically dispersed employees can interact digitally as if they’re in the same office, even if they’re located thousands of miles apart. Centralized administration also makes UC popular with IT managers because it reduces the time and effort needed to support and secure corporate communications of all kinds. Because of a need for specialized skills to make large-scale UC implementations run their best, top UC vendors offer certifications to buttress and boost workforce capability and quality.

UC certifications are in high demand. Job search boards list thousands of open positions for UC certification holders in aggregate. Obtaining a UC certification demonstrates hands-on capability, as well as a strong understanding of the technologies running under the UC hood. 

Some of the best UC certifications, along with related cloud certifications, include: 

Best Red Hat Certifications

Red Hat Inc. provides open-source software solutions to a wide range of clients, including a majority of Fortune 500 companies. While the company is perhaps best known for its Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution, Red Hat also produces a full technology stack including  JBoss middleware, cross-platform virtualization and cloud computing (CloudForms and OpenStack) solutions. Red Hat offers a wide range of certifications covering its diverse product lines and possible employee roles. 

These certifications prepare professionals for roles that require knowledge of the Red Hat environment. Many of these certifications also provide transferable knowledge of Linux and networking components, opening the doors for candidates to additional further growth opportunities. 

Some of the best certifications include: 

Best Information and Cybersecurity Certifications

As cybercrime becomes more prevalent, cybersecurity certifications are more important than ever. Several great cybersecurity certifications help to fill in the cybersecurity knowledge gap while also educating about computer networking concepts — a major bedrock of cybersecurity overall.

Earning a beginner cybersecurity certificate can help launch a cybersecurity career, as well as fill in knowledge gaps applicable to system administrators, network engineers or other similar roles. There are thousands of job listings mentioning these certifications. Some of our favorites include: 

Cybersecurity skills are in high demand. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), there are almost 700,000 open cybersecurity roles in the United States with continued labor shortages in this area.

Best Storage Certifications

Skills and certifications related to networked forms of storage, such as storage area networks, network-attached storage, virtualized storage and storage as a service, are in high demand. Like the rest of the tech industry, a variety of vendor-specific and general knowledge certifications exist in this area. 

A search across the job boards reveals hundreds of positions mentioning various storage certifications. A few of the standouts can help applicants stand out in this field while also nurturing either generalized or specific skills. Some of our favorite certifications in this space include: 

Best Digital Forensics Certifications

There’s been a steady demand for digital forensics certifications for the past several years, as computer crime rates continue to escalate. These certifications demonstrate a knowledge of how to perform aspects of digital forensics, including data recovery, evidence preservation and digital artifact preservation. 

These certifications can help individuals find employment with law enforcement or government roles, which may require specific certifications as evidence of meeting minimum standards. Many of these certifications are mentioned hundreds of thousands of times across job listings for specific, open roles. Some of the best digital forensics certifications include: 

Best Wireless Networking Certifications

The majority of networks most people interact with on a daily basis — either professionally or personally —  are wireless. These certifications cover various aspects of wireless networking, from understanding the underlying technologies to covering design and security aspects of network implementation.

As wireless networking continues to expand and evolve, especially with the addition of 5G networks and blended cellular data networks, certifications can help candidates stand out from the rest of the job application pack. Some of our favorite wireless networking certifications cover a wide range of subject areas to help prepare employees for the future of networking. These certifications include: 

Best Big Data Certifications

Today’s organizations are looking for better ways to pull the information they need from massive volumes of data available to them. Big data system administrators store, manage and transfer large sets of data, making them amenable to analysis.

Along with the surge in big data interest comes a growing number of certifications to recognize the necessary skills in working with enormous data sets. The target audience is IT professionals with a background in analytics, data mining, business intelligence or data management, along with a knack for and interest in mathematics and statistics.

Some of our favorite big data certifications include: 

The adoption of big data is relatively new, only emerging in 2005 with the emergence of large quantities of data being collected through platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. Since then, data has exploded in value.

Best International Association of Privacy Professionals Certifications

Founded in 2000, the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) is more than just a certification body. It is a full-fledged not-for-profit membership association with a focus on information privacy concerns and topics. Its membership includes both individuals and organizations, in the tens of thousands for the former and the hundreds for the latter, including many Fortune 500 outfits.

The IAPP has developed a globally recognized certification program around information privacy. All these certifications comply with the ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 standard, which means they have been developed to meet stringent requirements for analyzing the subject matter and the fields of work to which they apply.

The IAPP’s certifications include: 

Privacy standards have become increasingly important as various regulatory bodies have put in place privacy-focused regulations, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, the United Kingdom’s Data Protection and Digital Information Bill and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Best SANS GIAC Certifications

The SANS Institute was founded in 1989 to provide IT security and administration information, thought leadership and vendor-neutral training for individuals and businesses. SANS presents in-class courses, training events and technical conferences worldwide. It also offers self-paced online training (SANS OnDemand) and interactive virtual training (SANS Live Online).

SANS courses are known to be expensive. However, these certifications are frequently held in extremely high regard and feature some of the best training available from industry experts. SANS offers training across the entire technology spectrum, covering cyber defense, cyber offense, cloud, open source intelligence, security architecture and more. 

Picking the best SANS GIAC certifications is difficult, as the course catalog is so broad and uniformly well done. However, some well-regarded standouts from SANS include: 

Best Data Center Certifications

Data center certifications are intended for professionals who either work or aspire to work in or manage data centers. These certifications cover a large area, including data center security, efficiency, management and design. 

Earning a data center certification showcases a holder’s knowledge and ability to take on data center-related tasks. Like other certifications, data center certifications come in both generalized knowledge and vendor-specific flavors, providing utility to a wide range of learners. 

Some of the best data center certifications include: 

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The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® certification is a globally recognized, entry-level credential accepted across many industries. This professional designation is ideal for students, recent graduates and professionals seeking to gain project management experience or manage larger projects.

The CAPM certification can be a crucial stepping stone toward a career in project management and toward earning the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. If you’re considering earning the CAPM credential, this article overviews its purpose and benefits, along with key considerations for prospective candidates.

What Is CAPM Certification?

The CAPM certification is a credential administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® to prepare candidates for entry-level project management positions.

This beginner-level certificate is ideal for project team members, project managers and other professionals who want to learn and implement the fundamental principles of project management. This designation validates your project management skills and your knowledge of processes, frameworks, methodologies and best practices.

CAPM Requirements

To apply for the CAPM certification and take the exam, candidates must meet the following prerequisites.

  • Have a secondary degree such as a high school diploma, an associate degree or the global equivalent.
  • Complete 23 hours of project management education by the time you sit for the exam.

The CAPM Certification Exam

The CAPM exam comprises 150 questions, which test-takers have three hours to complete. The exam includes topics covered in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)®. However, test-takers should focus their studies on PMI’s CAPM exam content outline. This outline comprises four sections, each of which is included in the CAPM exam. The sections are:

  • Agile frameworks and methodologies
  • Business analysis frameworks
  • Predictive plan-based methodologies
  • Project management core concepts and fundamentals

Benefits of CAPM Certification

The CAPM certification is a popular designation that helps companies and organizations find well-suited candidates with certifiable knowledge and experience in project management. Below are some of the benefits that come with earning the CAPM certification.

Validates Credibility, Skills and Knowledge

The CAPM certification evaluates candidates against rigorous guidelines, requiring professionals to meet specific competency measures regarding project management skills, processes and best practices. This assessment process demands a strong understanding of best practices, principles, industry-standard ethics and professional conduct.

This designation signals to potential employers that you can fulfill their organization’s specific roles and requirements.

Develop Leadership Skills

In addition to expanding their project management knowledge, CAPM candidates develop leadership skills through the certification process. Entry-level practitioners can learn to manage teams effectively in various work environments. The certification process also teaches project management and leadership fundamentals, which typically include the following.

  • Human resource management
  • Project and organization lifecycle
  • Project integration management
  • Project management processes
  • Project scope management
  • Quality management
  • Stakeholder and communications management
  • Time, cost and risk management

Helps Your Résumé Stand Out

Earning the CAPM credential demonstrates certifiable competency in the fundamentals of project management. This certification can give you a competitive edge over other entry-level job applicants. Becoming CAPM-certified also indicates a commitment to advancing your skills and knowledge in the field.

Career Development and Advancement

Earning the CAPM certification can help you qualify for various project management roles. Here are some common jobs that CAPM-certified professionals can pursue.

  • Assistant project manager
  • Program manager
  • Project analyst
  • Project coordinator
  • Project manager
  • Technical project manager

Moreover, CAPM certification fulfills the project management education/training requirement for PMP certification. If you’re debating between the CAPM vs. PMP credentials, we recommend starting with the CAPM.

Higher Earning Potential

Payscale reports that the average CAPM certification salary is around $72,000 per year.

What to Consider Before Earning CAPM Certification

The CAPM certification is one way for entry-level project management professionals to develop their skills and knowledge, position themselves as valuable assets to potential employers and expand opportunities for career advancement.

Still, you should take a few considerations into account before pursuing the CAPM certification. Two such considerations are time commitment and CAPM certification cost.

Can You Invest the Time Required?

Candidates typically spend one to three months studying for the CAPM exam. Successful test-takers usually use a combination of courses, study groups and self-study to prepare.

PMI recommends that CAPM candidates review the CAPM handbook, quiz themselves using PMI-provided sample questions, complete a formal study course through one of PMI’s authorized training partners and review the exam content outline.

To fulfill the education requirement, you can sign up for PMI’s course on project management basics. This course meets the CAPM-required 23 educational hours.

Can You Afford It?

The CAPM certification exam costs $225 for PMI members and $300 for nonmembers. These prices do not include the costs of CAPM training or exam preparation courses. Training course prices vary depending on the program and organization. Generally, the cost of CAPM bootcamps, training courses and classes ranges between $200 and $500.

CAPM candidates may find helpful information in the seventh-edition PMBOK, which PMI members receive with their memberships. Nonmembers must purchase this guide if they want to use it to prepare for the exam. The cost of the PMBOK guide can vary depending on the retailer.

Does Your Company or Future Career Value or Require It?

Certification requirements vary depending on your employer, company and organization. If you aspire to work in a specific role or with a particular organization, consider researching the job requirements to see if they include CAPM certification.

Project management skills are in high demand across many industries and organizations. Earning a globally recognized certification can make you more marketable and increase your job opportunities.

Will Your CAPM Certification Pay Off?

Is PMI certification worth it? We think so, and starting with the CAPM credential is a great first step.

There’s a rising global demand for project managers across many industries. Project management ranked as one of the fastest-growing fields in the World Economic Forum’s 2023 Future of Jobs report. To keep up with demand, a 2021 report from PMI projects that 2.3 million professionals need to enter the project management field every year until 2030, indicating a steady market that could create strong job security.

Moreover, even early-career project management professionals earn relatively high salaries, according to the results of a salary survey by PMI. In the U.S., project managers with less than three years of experience earn a median annual salary of $80,000.

Earning your CAPM certification can be a vital stepping stone in your career. CAPM certification can help with career advancement and increase your earning potential.

Frequently Asked Questions About CAPM Certification

How much does CAPM certification cost?

The CAPM certification exam costs $300 for non-PMI members and $225 for PMI members. This price does not include the cost of training or other study materials, which vary in cost depending on the provider.

What is the difference between PMP and CAPM certification?

Both are PMI certifications. CAPM certification serves entry-level project management professionals. The PMP designation is reserved for more experienced project managers. The CAPM credential fulfills the PMP’s educational requirements, making it a great stepping stone.

The CAPM exam includes 150 multiple-choice questions and needs to be completed within the three-hour time limit. Some test-takers find the exam quite challenging. PMI recommends using a combination of study methods to prepare.

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7 Enticing Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds may be small, but they’re incredibly rich in nutrients. A staple in the ancient Aztec and Maya diets, these seeds have been touted for their health benefits for centuries.

The nutrients in chia seeds may promote heart health, support strong bones, and improve blood sugar management (1).

What’s more, chia seeds are versatile and can be used in many recipes. Personally, I embrace their gel-like consistency by mixing them with liquid and making chia pudding.

Here are 7 health benefits of chia seeds, all supported by science.

Chia seeds are tiny black or white seeds from the plant Salvia hispanica L. They’re believed to be native to Central America (1).

Historically, Aztec and Mayan civilizations used the seeds in their diets, as well as for medicinal purposes, religious rituals, and cosmetics. Today, people all over the world enjoy chia seeds (2).

Ancient civilizations viewed chia seeds as highly nutritious — a belief that’s backed by modern science. In fact, just 1 ounce (oz), which is 28 grams (g) or 2 tablespoons (tbsp) of chia seeds, contains (3):

  • calories: 138
  • protein: 4.7 g
  • fat: 8.7 g
  • alpha-linolenic acid (ALA): 5 g
  • carbs: 11.9 g
  • fiber: 9.8 g
  • calcium: 14% of the Daily Value (DV)
  • iron: 12% of the DV
  • magnesium: 23% of the DV
  • phosphorus: 20% of the DV
  • zinc: 12% of the DV
  • vitamin B1 (thiamine): 15% of the DV
  • vitamin B3 (niacin): 16% of the DV

This nutritional profile is particularly impressive, considering that it’s for just a single serving of about two tablespoons.


Despite their tiny size, chia seeds are highly nutritious. They’re packed with fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and various micronutrients.

Chia seeds are also an excellent source of antioxidants (1, 4).

Antioxidants not only protect the sensitive fats in chia seeds from going rancid but also benefit human health by neutralizing reactive molecules known as free radicals, which can damage cell compounds if they build up in your body (1).

For example, free radical damage contributes to aging and diseases like cancer (5, 6).

The specific antioxidants in chia seeds include chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol. These may all have protective effects on your heart and liver, as well as anticancer properties (1).

For example, chlorogenic acid may help lower blood pressure, while caffeic acid has anti-inflammatory effects (7, 8).


Chia seeds are high in antioxidants. These compounds help protect the seed’s delicate fats while also offering health benefits to humans.

The fiber and protein in chia seeds may benefit those trying to lose weight.

One oz (28 g) of chia seeds has close to 10 g of dietary fiber. That means they’re a whopping 35% fiber by weight (3, 9, 10).

Although research on this topic is mixed, some studies suggest that eating fiber may play a role in preventing overweight and obesity (11).

Additionally, the protein in chia seeds could help reduce appetite and food intake.

One study in 24 participants found that eating 0.33 oz (7 g) or 0.5 oz (14 g) of chia seeds mixed with yogurt for breakfast increased feelings of fullness and reduced food intake in the short term compared with eating chia-free yogurt (12).

Even so, studies examining the effectiveness of chia seeds for weight loss have observed mixed results.

In an older study from 2009 involving 90 people with overweight, consuming 50 g of chia seed supplements per day for 12 weeks did not affect body weight or health markers like blood pressure and inflammation markers (13).

In contrast, a 6-month study involving 77 people with overweight or obesity and type 2 diabetes eating a reduced-calorie diet found that those who took chia seeds daily experienced significantly greater weight loss than those who received a placebo (14).

Though adding chia seeds to your diet is unlikely to cause weight loss on its own, it may be a useful addition to a balanced, nutritious diet if you’re trying to lose weight.


Chia seeds are high in protein and fiber, both of which have been shown to aid weight loss. However, studies on chia seeds and weight loss have provided mixed results.

Given that chia seeds are high in fiber and omega-3s, consuming them may reduce your risk of heart disease.

Soluble fiber, the kind primarily found in chia seeds, can help lower total and LDL (bad) cholesterol in your blood. In turn, this can reduce your risk of heart disease (15).

Consuming ALA, the omega-3 fatty acid in chia seeds, has also been linked to decreased heart disease risk (16).

Still, studies specifically examining the connection between chia seeds and heart health have had inconclusive results.

Some rat studies have shown that chia seeds can lower certain heart disease risk factors, including high triglyceride and oxidative stress levels (17, 18).

A few human studies found that chia seed supplements significantly reduced blood pressure in people with hypertension, or high blood pressure, which is a strong risk factor for heart disease (19, 20).

Overall, chia seeds may benefit heart health, but more research is needed.


Chia seeds may reduce the risk of heart disease, likely due to the fiber and ALA they contain. However, more human research is needed.

Chia seeds are high in several nutrients that are important for bone health, including:

Many observational studies suggest that getting enough of these nutrients is important for maintaining good bone mineral density, an indicator of bone strength (21, 22).

In addition, ALA in chia seeds may play a role in bone health. Observational studies have found that consuming this nutrient could also be associated with increased bone mineral density (23).

Therefore, it’s possible that regularly eating chia seeds could help keep your bones strong.

One animal study found that rats who received chia seeds daily for about 13 months had increased bone mineral content compared with a control group. The authors concluded that ALA may have contributed to this benefit (24).

However, besides animal studies, a limited number of studies have explored this topic, specifically. Ultimately, more human research is needed.


Chia seeds are high in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and ALA. All of these nutrients have been linked to improved bone mineral density.

Consuming chia seeds may help with blood sugar regulation, possibly due to their fiber content and other beneficial compounds.

People with diabetes may experience high blood sugar levels. Consistently high fasting blood sugar levels are associated with an increased risk of several complications, including heart disease (25).

Promisingly, animal studies have found that chia seeds may improve insulin sensitivity. This might help stabilize blood sugar levels after meals (26, 1).

Research in humans is sparse, but some older studies have shown promising results.

In particular, older research from 2010 and 2013 suggests that eating bread containing chia seeds helps lower post-meal rises in blood sugar among healthy adults, compared with eating bread without chia seeds (27, 28).

Nevertheless, more research is needed to learn more about the connection between these nutritious seeds and blood sugar regulation.


Animal studies suggest that chia seeds may help with blood sugar management, but more human research is needed.

How many chia seeds should you eat a day?

A common serving size is one ounce (28 g or 2-3 tbsp) of chia seeds. Remember to drink plenty of water to reduce the risk of any digestive side effects.

What happens if I eat chia seeds every day?

Limited research in animals and humans has found that taking chia seeds daily can lead to greater weight loss and bone mineral content (14, 24). That said, eating too many can cause some side effects, so start with a small dose, like 1 oz (28 g) daily, and make sure to drink plenty of water.

Can eating chia seeds reduce belly fat?

Both animal and human studies show chia seeds may help reduce visceral (belly) fat in certain populations. However, larger, higher-quality studies are needed (14, 28, 29).

Is a spoonful of chia seeds a day good for you?

A tablespoon of chia seeds is about 0.5 oz or 14 g. This is a very small dose that isn’t likely to cause any side effects. That said, to see any benefits, you might want to consume a little more.

Chia seeds are not only rich in minerals, omega-3 fat, antioxidants, and fiber but also easy to prepare.

Studies suggest chia seeds have various health benefits, ranging from weight loss to a reduced risk of heart disease. However, more research involving humans is needed before any firm conclusions can be made.

If you want to reap the possible benefits of chia seeds, consider incorporating them into your diet. They’re a great addition to smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, baked goods, and more.

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