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Exam Code: 5V0-62.22 VMware Workspace ONE 21.X UEM Troubleshooting Specialist answers January 2024 by team
VMware Workspace ONE 21.X UEM Troubleshooting Specialist
Vmware Troubleshooting answers

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Question: 11
Which feature is included in VMware Workspace ONE Assist in Attended Mode?
A. View and export detailed device information, access activity logs, run commands, and manage files
B. Restrict employees' ability to pause or end a remote session for enhanced privacy.
C. Remotely connect to any unenrolled or enrolled device in seconds, directly from the VMware Workspace ONE
D. Restrict additional users to a remote session to assist with issues.
Answer: A
The feature that is included in VMware Workspace ONE Assist in Attended Mode is view and export detailed device
information, access activity logs, run commands, and manage files. This feature allows the administrator to remotely
access the device screen and perform various actions to troubleshoot issues or assist the user. The administrator can
also view the device details, such as battery level, network status, memory usage, and so on. The administrator can
also access the device logs, run commands such as ping or traceroute, and manage the device files1.
Question: 12
The SSL certificates for on-premises VMware Workspace ONE UEM recently expired and were rotated Soon after.
Android devices entirely stopped receiving push notifications and many reported AWCM as being disconnected. It was
confirmed that the SSL certificates held been rotated on IIS as well as the load balancer.
Which strategy accurately describes the solution for this problem?
A. The SSL certificates were not updated on all device services servers, so updating the remaining servers would
resolve the issue.
B. The Device Services service was not restarted after the SSL certificate rotation on II
C. so restarting the service would resolve the issue.
D. The Device Management binding was not updated for SSL handshake compatibility, so selecting the correct binding
would resolve the issue.
E. The AWCM keystore was missed for rotation of SSL certificates, so running the keytool import targeting the new
certificate would resolve the issue
Answer: D
The strategy that accurately describes the solution for this problem is running the keytool import targeting the new
certificate. The AWCM keystore is a Java keystore file that contains the SSL certificates used by AWCM to establish
secure connections with devices and other components. If the SSL certificates are rotated on IIS and the load balancer,
but not on the AWCM keystore, then AWCM will not be able to communicate with devices using push notifications.
To resolve this issue, the administrator must import the new SSL certificates into the AWCM keystore using the
keytool command2.
Question: 13
A number of enrolled devices have not checked in with VMware Workspace ONE UEM for several days. When the
administrator attempted to push a profile to the devices the devices did not check in to receive the profile.
Which component should be focused on when troubleshooting this device connectivity issue to VMware Workspace
A. UEM Console
D. Device Services
Answer: D
The component that should be focused on when troubleshooting this device connectivity issue to VMware Workspace
ONE UEM is Device Services. Device Services is a component of Workspace ONE UEM that handles device
enrollment, management, and communication. Device Services also hosts the AWCM service, which is responsible for
delivering push notifications to devices. If Device Services is not working properly, devices may not be able to check
in with Workspace ONE UEM or receive profiles, commands, or policies3.
Question: 14
When an organization administrator attempts to configure a shared SaaS Workspace ONE UEM environment to use
their internal Active Directory Certificate Authority, "Test Connection" fails.
For which service should the organization administrator enable verbose logging to resolve this issued?
A. ACC (AirWatch Cloud Connector) service
B. AWCM (AirWatch Cloud Messaging) service
C. UAG (Unified Access Gateway) Tunnel service
D. Console service
Answer: A
The service that the organization administrator should enable verbose logging to resolve this issue is ACC (AirWatch
Cloud Connector) service. ACC is a service that integrates Workspace ONE UEM with internal enterprise systems,
such as Active Directory or Certificate Authority. ACC enables Workspace ONE UEM to use internal resources
without exposing them to the Internet. If âTest Connectionâ fails when configuring a shared SaaS Workspace ONE
UEM environment to use an internal Active Directory Certificate Authority, it could indicate that there is a problem
with ACC configuration, connectivity, or synchronization. Enabling verbose logging for ACC can help identify and
troubleshoot the root cause of the issue4.
Question: 15
A dozen users just reported various issues with VMware Workspace ONE UFM managed applications on their
Android and iOS devices The administrator would like to use VMware Workspace ONE to simultaneously gather
detailed troubleshooting information about all these devices with one action
Which form of logging should be used to accomplish this goal?
A. Settings-based targeted logging
B. ACC (AirWatch Cloud Connector) verbose logging
C. Device-based targeted logging
D. AWCM (AirWatch Cloud Messaging) verbose logging
Answer: C
The form of logging that should be used to accomplish this goal is device-based targeted logging. Device-based
targeted logging allows the administrator to enable debug logging for multiple devices at once, based on various
criteria, such as platform, model, ownership, and so on1. Device-based targeted logging can help collect more detailed
information about device events, actions, and errors for troubleshooting purposes.
Question: 16
A VMware Workspace ONE 3dministrator is troubleshooting an information in the CloudConnector.log.
Which logging level should the administrator use?
A. Verbose
B. Debug
C. Error
D. Information
Answer: A
The logging level that the administrator should use is verbose. Verbose logging provides the most detailed information
about the ACC (AirWatch Cloud Connector) service, such as configuration, connectivity, synchronization, and errors2.
Verbose logging can help identify and troubleshoot the root cause of the issue with the CloudConnector.log.
Question: 17
Refer to the exhibit.
An IT administrator tried to start a remote session using Workspace ONE Assist but received this request timeout
What might be the root cause of this issue"?
A. Workspace ONE Assist agent failed to connect to the Workspace ONE Assist server
B. Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub failed to connect to the Workspace ONE Assist server
C. The devices were connected remotely using the unattended mode in Workspace ONE Assist agent.
D. The Administrator didn't have proper level of access to Workspace ONE Assist's features.
Answer: A
The root cause of this issue is that Workspace ONE Assist agent failed to connect to the Workspace ONE Assist
server. The request timeout error indicates that the Workspace ONE Assist agent did not receive a response from the
Workspace ONE Assist server within the specified time limit3. This could be due to network issues, firewall settings,
or authentication problems. The administrator should check and resolve these issues to enable remote sessions using
Workspace ONE Assist.
Question: 18
An organization wants to use VMware Workspace ONE UEM to deploy a new internal application to Android devices.
An organization administrator uploads the application installation file into UEM and assigns the application via a
smart group Users report the application installation begins on their devices but fails after about ten minutes
What is the most likely cause of this issue?
A. The application installation file is corrupted.
B. The application installation file extension is not supported.
C. The organization's Google integration is misconfigured.
D. The application assignment is misconfigured.
Answer: A
The most likely cause of this issue is that the application installation file is corrupted. A corrupted file may cause the
application installation to fail or abort on the devices4. The administrator should verify the integrity of the application
installation file and upload a new file if needed.
Question: 19
Upon deploying a fresh Unified Access Gateway via the OVF template, the administrator sees the following:
Refer to the exhibit.
The administrator would like to avoid running the VAMI command and reconfiguring the network
Which other option to remediate this error message is possible?
A. Reboot the UAG, press F10, and in the setparams, enter rw init=/bin/bash.
B. Login to the UAG with the root account, and manually modify the Ifconfig.
C. Redeploy the UAG to ensure that all of the guest property configurations have been configured correctly
D. Power off the UAG, and reconfigure the quest properties to ensure that the information is correct.
Answer: C
The other option to remediate this error message is to redeploy the UAG to ensure that all of the guest property
configurations have been configured correctly. The error message indicates that there is a problem with the guest
property settings of the UAG appliance, such as network configuration, edge service settings, or certificate settings5.
Redeploying the UAG can help fix any errors or inconsistencies in the guest property settings.
Question: 20
Refer to the exhibit.
The VMBeans company has created the following organization group (OG) structure:
The administrator at the Logistics OG has the Console Administrator role.
Which two smart groups could this administrator manage? (Choose two.)
A. VMBeans (VMBeans)
B. Logistics Team Central Office
C. Midwest Rugged
D. Sales Android Device
E. Sales Laptop
Answer: A,B,C
The administrator at the Logistics OG has the Console Administrator role, which means they can manage all the smart
groups that are created in their own OG or below1. Therefore, they can manage the Logistics Team Central Office and
Midwest Rugged smart groups, which are both created in the Logistics OG. They cannot manage the VMBeans
(VMBeans), Sales Android Device, and Sales Laptop smart groups, which are created in higher OGs.

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Pro Take: The Cloud Isn’t The Answer to All IT Problems—At Least for Now

The remarkable growth of cloud computing notwithstanding, companies still keep an enormous amount of their data and digital workloads on more old-fashioned private infrastructures. And, that is unlikely to change soon. 

Too often, the cloud is discussed simply in terms of migration, a mass movement in one direction, from one place to another. While a mass migration of data and workloads from private data centers to the public cloud has been under way for years, it’s only part of the story. Many workloads remain on private clouds and data centers for a range of reasons, including costs.

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Tue, 12 Dec 2023 03:26:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Optimism alone isn’t the answer to our problems

It feels rather surreal to be saying hello to January 2021, still lacking the usual celebratory punctuations of Christmas and New Year, and with last year's painful wounds, having barely scabbed over, now freshly ripped open once again.

Our events industry is decimated. The hospitality sector is gasping for air and the supporting infrastructure for both, left on the side-lines. The Westminster governance seems illogical and confused - and the data upon which they build their twisting direction has been dubiously calculated, widely disputed, and at times found wholly inaccurate.

It's been a very hard time to be running a business or to be employed or furloughed, not knowing what the future holds, and now things are set to get much worse.

So how do we now deal with this practically and psychologically? I've observed on social channels, people seem to be meeting this over-extended hiatus with something close to blind optimism.

You've probably seen similar platitudinal posts on "staying positive", and "this will all be over soon" and "now the vaccines are here" etc. Optimism is useful, but rather counterintuitively is not the best strategy for dealing with crisis or indeed tyranny. To face down the dragon, so to speak, we need to employ more than optimistic hope.

The atrocities of the twentieth century taught us that measured stoicism can be a better approach to crisis.

James Stockdale, the US Navy admiral, and longest surviving Vietnam prisoner of war veteran, has some good advice to offer: Stockwell was tortured daily for seven years to the point where he could no longer walk. He suffered unspeakably at the hands of the camp guards, but managed to survive, while many others perished in much less time.

In what has become known as the Stockdale paradox from his conversations with Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, Collins asked Stockdale which prisoners didn't make it out of Vietnam.

Stockdale replied: "Oh, that's easy, the optimists. Oh, they were the ones who said, 'We're going to be out by Christmas.' And Christmas would come, and Christmas would go. Then they'd say, 'We're going to be out by Easter.' And Easter would come, and Easter would go. And then Thanksgiving, and then it would be Christmas again. And they died of a broken heart. This is a very important lesson. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end - which you can never afford to lose - with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be."

So one should paradoxically believe fully in realising one's aims eventually, whilst staring into the brutal reality of what one faces daily, dealing squarely with hardship, in order to survive. Collins goes on to extrapolate that whilst living this paradox, one can acquire a balance of stoicism, belief and strategy enough to overcome most situations. I think this paradox may aid our industry much in 2021.

We will eventually get back to relative normality, but we all need to adapt and overcome the immediate challenges that we still face.

For individuals this might mean finding work elsewhere in the interim. It means that to constantly apply for jobs in sectors that are shrinking is a fool's errand. If no one is playing: change the game. There is honour in adaptation, and character is to be found in how one deals with the short term, to rise again in the long.

In the summer, I was buoyed to read on LinkedIn about a former team member from years ago, who decided to start a gardening service while she was between roles. I thought to myself, that's really impressive - she has what it takes. It took me back to when I was unemployed in my twenties, and instead of signing on, I worked for a removals company with a gang of Eastern European lads and we quickly became firm friends. For about eight months I had the best time, and I will always cherish that experience, as it helped shape me mentally and physically!

For agency and business owners in the events, experiential and hospitality space this year will mean diversification and adaptation on a grand scale in order to make the economic sunrise on the horizon.

Hard decisions still need to be made, and many more jobs will be lost when furloughing ends. I believe that bosses should openly talk to employees now so that people understand this fact. To be prepared is half the victory after all. Whatever the action taken, and whatever the toil needs to be suffered - we must not lose our resolve, nor our fight. So how do we prepare our minds for this?

Nietzsche famously said, "He who has a 'why' to live for, can bear almost any 'how'." And as we face more challenges as an industry, and more damaging economic policy, it becomes more important to orientate our minds in the most advantageous way. So, finding one's "why" is not just important, but paramount.

Another philosopher and survivor of the war camps of last century, author Viktor Frankl, in his book Man's Search for Meaning, laid out three main areas for finding meaning in life.

Firstly, a great love or relationship is in of itself enough to live a meaningful life.

Secondly, a vocation or job that one truly believes in.

And thirdly, and perhaps the option that everyone has a shot at presently, is that one may find life's meaning in the pursuit of overcoming adversity and suffering itself. So to allow myself to be momentarily optimistic, if only for irony: at least we all now have plenty of stone upon which to sharpen our spiritual swords!

Frankl's work has been developed further by the somewhat controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson who nets everything down to one meta theme: responsibility. And of responsibility, his most important substrate is to speak one's truth, especially to tyranny. Perhaps something to keep in mind for this year.

Maybe our collective responsibility as an industry, is to become more active ourselves, and also support the groups and individuals that already speak on our behalf, some of which I have listed below. There are also some links for those seeking help and support on a personal level too. If this is you - don't wait, please call a number today. You are not alone.

So I hope these great figures' lessons and teachings helps people in some small way, and here's to wishing everyone a better year ahead, eventually. I warmly welcome your comments.

Chris Dawson is founder of Ted Experience and Ted Staffing.

Useful links

Forgotten Ltd - support for small business owners and their employees

HospitalityNet Covid-19 survival guide for the hospitality industry

Silent Nights

The Self Space



Tue, 05 Jan 2021 23:25:00 -0600 en text/html
Lowe's has an answer for Target and Walmart's theft problems No result found, try new keyword!Theft has been a major problem for a lot of retailers, and the Lowe's CEO sees a straightforward answer. A number of major retailers have complained about increased theft and have been taking ... Sat, 23 Sep 2023 00:16:00 -0500 text/html Could polygyny be the answer to Russia's problems?

By Andree Massiah and Gleb BorshchevskiiBBC News and BBC Monitoring

What one thing could prevent depravity and fornication in Russia?

Well according to one legal advisor in Islamic law - or mufti - in Moscow, Ildar Alyautdinov, the answer is polygyny (where the practice of polygamy only applies to men).

He told state-owned news agency RIA Novosti men having more than one wife at the same time would not only "ensure the enforcement of women's rights" but there would also be "much less depravity and fornication, which is spreading so rapidly nowadays".

The mufti also pointed out polygyny would help the demographic situation in Russia, as there are many more women than men in the country.

The reaction in Russia to the mufti's comments have been wide and varied on social media.

Many women (and some men) say Russian men are not financially capable of supporting a single wife, let alone several.

"Russians, including Muslims, cannot feed one wife and two kids - and you are talking about polygyny," says one commentator.

On the popular social network VKontakte, one user said: "I imagine what is going to happen. Some men here are not fond of supporting children born in [traditional] marriages. They avoid paying child support. And some do not want and cannot even support themselves. Can you imagine what is going to happen? Pity the children."

Another simply asked: "Is it really 2019 today?"

People also pointed out the mufti spoke only of polygyny but not of polyandry.

One commentator said: "Moscow mufti Ildar Alyautdinov, who calls for the legalisation of polygyny, forgets about women's equal rights, which means polyandry should be legalised as well."

VKontakte users have also quoted the lyrics of a popular song from the 1966 classic Soviet comedy Kavkazskaya Plenitsa, to joke about the pros and cons of polygyny.

They are: "If I were a sultan, I would have three wives,

"And I would be surrounded by triple beauty.

"But on the other hand, when things are this way,

"There can be so much trouble and worries, oh, save me, Allah.

"It's not so bad to have three wives,

"But it's so bad on the other hand."

The Russian Orthodox Church has also responded to the mufti's remarks.

"For us monogamy is associated with respect for the roles of man and woman and the recognition of their equal dignity in marriage, the special gifts given by the creator to each of the spouses," a spokesman told RIA Novosti.

He added the Orthodox Church agreed extramarital affairs "jeopardise the dignity of man and woman, destroy families and devoid both spouses of happiness".

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