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005-002 information - Certified MySQL 5.0 DBA Part I Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: 005-002 Certified MySQL 5.0 DBA Part I information January 2024 by team

005-002 Certified MySQL 5.0 DBA Part I

Exam: 005-002 Certified MySQL 5.0 DBA Part I

Exam Details:
- Number of Questions: The exam consists of approximately 70 multiple-choice questions.
- Time: Candidates are given 120 minutes to complete the exam.

Course Outline:
The Certified MySQL 5.0 DBA Part I course is designed to provide professionals with the knowledge and skills required to administer and manage MySQL databases. The course covers the following topics:

1. Introduction to MySQL
- Overview of MySQL and its features
- Understanding relational databases
- Installing and configuring MySQL

2. MySQL Server Administration
- Managing MySQL server instances
- Server startup and shutdown
- Configuring server options and variables
- User and privilege management

3. Database Design and Data Types
- Designing efficient database schemas
- Creating and modifying tables
- Data types and storage requirements
- Indexing and optimizing table performance

4. SQL Language and Queries
- SQL fundamentals and syntax
- Querying and retrieving data from tables
- Modifying and manipulating data
- Using functions and expressions

5. Data Security and Backup
- User authentication and access control
- Creating and managing user accounts
- Database backup and recovery strategies
- Implementing security best practices

6. Performance Tuning and Optimization
- Analyzing query performance
- Query optimization techniques
- Indexing and table partitioning
- Monitoring server performance

Exam Objectives:
The exam aims to assess candidates' understanding and proficiency in the following areas:

1. MySQL architecture and server administration
2. Database design and table management
3. SQL language and query execution
4. Data security and backup strategies
5. Performance tuning and optimization techniques

Exam Syllabus:
The exam syllabus covers the topics mentioned in the course outline, including:

- Introduction to MySQL
- MySQL server administration
- Database design and data types
- SQL language and queries
- Data security and backup
- Performance tuning and optimization

Candidates are expected to have a comprehensive understanding of these topics to successfully pass the exam and demonstrate their proficiency in administering and managing MySQL databases.
Certified MySQL 5.0 DBA Part I
mySQL Certified information

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Certified MySQL 5.0 DBA Part I
Question: 116
Which of the following correctly defines the general difference between a read lock and a
write lock?
A. A read lock allows other clients to read the same data, however will prevent any
modification of the data until the lock is released.
B. A read lock prevents any other client from reading the same data, until the lock is
C. A write lock only prevents any other client from modifying the locked data until the lock
is released.
D. A write lock prevents any other client from reading or writing the locked data until the
lock is released.
Answer: A, D
Question: 117
Which of the following describes how deadlocks may occur and how InnoDB resolves
A. Deadlocks happen anytime when more than one lock is placed in a table.
B. Deadlocks happen when two transactions both have locks that the other is waiting for
the release of the lock that the other holds.
C. InnoDB resolves deadlocks by terminating and rolling back one of the deadlocking
D. InnoDB resolves deadlocks by terminating and rolling back both of the deadlocking
Answer: B, C
Question: 118
When working with InnoDB, for which of the following reasons should you use the FOR
UPDATE locking modifier?
A. You intend to run more than ten UPDATE statements in one transaction.
B. You intend to execute an UPDATE statement on any row.
C. You intend to SELECT a set of rows, then modify those rows.
Answer: C
Question: 119
Which of the following are characteristics of the MyISAM compressed-row storage
A. Tables are packed to save space.
B. Rows cannot be looked up as efficiently.
C. Storage is optimized for quick retrieval.
D. Tables are read-only.
E. All rows have the same size.
Answer: A, C, D
Question: 120
Which of the following are requirements for InnoDB binary portability?
A. Both machines must use the same operating system.
B. Database and table names must use lowercase format.
C. Both machines must use two's-complement integer arithmetic.
D. Both machines must use IEEE floating-point format or contain no floating-point
Answer: B, C, D
Question: 121
Which of the following (series of) statements will leave the three tables A, B and C locked
for reading, writing and reading respectively once all statements have been executed?
Answer: C
Question: 122
The MySQL server host crashes at 10:00 in the morning, and is brought back online at
10:30. In order to ensure that all data are consistent, a copy is first made of the table,
tablespace and log files currently on the server host, and these files are then restored from a
backup made at 03:00 the same morning. What should be done in order to bring the
database to the state it was at just before the server host crashed?
A. The mysql_restore utility should be used to update the server to its last known state.
B. The binary logs recorded after the backup at 03:00 should be re-applied to make the
database file consistent with the state just before the crash.
C. The procedure described is wrong; instead, the mysqlcheck utility should be used and
only if that fails should backup copies be restored.
D. Once the backup files from 03:00 have been restored, there is nothing more that can be
done to restore the database files.
Answer: B
Question: 123
What will the following statement do in a Windows environment? Assume that there are no
conflicts in the pathname definitions. C: mysqld --install MySQL50 --defaults-
A. MySQL 5.0 will be installed using default configuration file C:\my-opts.cnf
B. MySQL will be installed as Windows service name MySQL50 and will use C:\my-
opts.cnf as configuration file
C. An error message will be issued as --install is not a valid option for mysqld
Answer: B
Question: 124
Which of the following describes how READ LOCAL locking works?
A. It locks a table for reading only by connections on localhost.
B. It locks a table for reading but allows concurrent inserts.
C. It locks a table for writing, preventing reads until it is released.
Answer: B
Question: 125
Suppose your are adding rows to a MyISAM table and the server runs out of disk space.
What will happen?
A. The server will crash.
B. An error message will be returned to the client.
C. The server suspends that INSERT operation until space becomes available.
D. The server suspends operations on all MyISAM tables until space becomes available.
Answer: C
Question: 126
When you upgrade from one version of MySQL to another which of these steps are
considered necessary?
A. Check the MySQL Reference Manual upgrading section and read the parts that concern
your upgrade
B. Backup your databases
C. Stop the MySQL server
D. Install the new version of MySQL on top of the existing version
E. Start the new server
F. None of the above
Answer: A, B, C, D, E
Question: 127
When you acquire an advisory lock using GET_LOCK(), the lock isreleased if
A. You issue another GET_LOCK() statement
B. You issue a RELEASE_LOCK() statement
C. Your connection to the server terminates
D. None of the above
Answer: A, B, C
Question: 128
Which of the following statements are true for the MERGE storage engine?
A. It uses table-level locking.
B. It uses row-level locking.
C. Underlying MyISAM tables are read-locked when you issue a SELECT statement on a
MERGE table.
D. Underlying MyISAM tables are write-locked when you issue a SELECT statement on a
MERGE table.
E. Underlying MyISAM tables are read-locked when you issue a statement that modifies a
MERGE table.
F. Underlying MyISAM tables are write-locked when you issue a statement that modifies a
MERGE table.
G. To LOCK a MERGE table, it is sufficient to lock just that table.
H. To LOCK a MERGE table, you need to lock all underlying MyISAM tables as well.
Answer: A, C, F, G
Question: 129
When installing a RPM based distribution, the data directory will be set to which of the
following locations?
A. /Var/lib/mysql
B. /Usr/mysql/data
C. /Var/mysql/data
D. /Usr/local/mysql/data
Answer: A
Question: 130
Which of the following are reasons to not just enable all logging?
A. Security risks.
B. More disk space is used.
C. More memory is used.
D. Slower performance.
Answer: B, D
Question: 131
Where is the data stored for a table that is defined as using the FEDERATED Storage
A. The data will always be stored on the local host.
B. The data will always be stored on a remote host.
C. The data can be stored on any host depending on the definition of the table.
D. The data will always be stored on disk.
E. The data will always be stored in memory.
F. The data will be stored according to the storage engine of the referenced table.
Answer: C, F
Question: 132
The my.cnf file contains the following entries: innodb_data_home_dir =
innodb_data_file_path = /ibdata/ibdata1:50M;/disk2/ibdata2:50M:autoextend.Which of the
following statements are true?
A. The data files will be stored below the default data directory
B. There are two InnoDB data files
C. There are three InnoDB data files
D. The total minimum size of the InnoDB data files is 100MB
E. The total maximum size of the InnoDB data files is 100MB
F. The initial size of the InnoDB data files on server startup will be set to 50MB. If more
space is needed, another 50MB will be allocated.
Answer: B, D
Question: 133
Which of the following statements are true regarding the data directory on a Windows
binary installation?
A. A script needs to be run to initialize it after installation.
B. It comes pre-initialized.
C. You can choose to pre-initialize it or initialize it manually during the installation.
Answer: B
Question: 134
Which types of startup options can be configured for the server?
A. Location of important directories and files
B. Logging settings
C. Backup intervals
D. Storage Engine dependent options
E. Performance related settings
F. The root password
Answer: A, B, D, E
Question: 135
When will you be able to copy InnoDB table space files to other systems and use the data
A. You can always use them, because InnoDB files are platform independent.
B. Both systems need to be either 32 Bit or 64 Bit platforms.
C. Both systems need to run the same operating system.
D. Both systems must be either little endian or big endian architecture.
Answer: A
Question: 136
Isolation levels can be set...
A. Per transaction
B. Per user name
C. Per session
D. Globally
Answer: A, C, D
Question: 137
Which of the following statements are true?
A. InnoDB tables will be automatically recovered after a crash.
B. MyISAM tables will be automatically recovered after a crash.
C. InnoDB tables will be recovered after a crash if the innodb-recover option is configured.
D. MyISAM tables will be recovered after a crash if the myisam-recover option is
E. InnoDB tables cannot be recovered after a crash, you have to restore data from backup.
F. MyISAM tables cannot be recovered after a crash, you have to restore data from backup.
Answer: A, D
Question: 138
When working with the InnoDB engine, which of the following correctly defines the
READ UNCOMMITTED isolation level?
A. It allows a transaction to only see its uncommitted changes.
B. It allows a transaction to see committed changes made by other transactions.
C. It allows a transaction to see uncommitted changes made by other transactions.
D. It allows a transaction to see both committed/uncommitted changes made by other
Answer: C
Question: 139
When choosing a storage engine for each of your tables, which things are to consider?
A. Locking Characteristics: Some storage engines lock on row level, some on page level,
some on table level.
B. Transactions support: Some storage engines support transactions, some don't.
C. Storage media: Some storage engines store data on disk, some in memory.
D. Licenses: Some storage engines cannot be used in commercial environments, others can.
E. Backup methods: Some storage engines support online backup and point in time
recovery, some don't.
Answer: A, B, C, E
Question: 140
Which two of the following statements best describe the purpose of the slow query log and
how you enable it?
A. The slow log records the timestamps of when the server is performing slowly and when
it is low on resources.
B. The slow log records the text of all queries that exceed the long_query_time variable.
C. The slow log is enabled with the --log-slow-queries or --log-slow-queries=file_name
D. The slow log is enabled with the --log-slow or --log-slow=file_name option.
Answer: B, C
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mySQL Certified information - BingNews Search results mySQL Certified information - BingNews MySQL course
This course has been developed in collaboration with dozens of hiring companies in India and U.S. to prepare fresh graduates to work as MYSQL web developer.
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We require that students have access to a laptop or PC to install required software and work on real problems as part of this course.

Course consist of prepared lecture notes, videos of lectures, live access to teachers for 12 hours a day, hundreds of real life assignments plus sharing of best assignments from class.

Software development is essentially a group activity; so students take part in group discussions, learn to comment on each others code and work on group projects to prepare for working as web developers.

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Who can take the MySQL training?

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CISSP Certification Requirements And Cost

Editorial Note: We earn a commission from partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect our editors' opinions or evaluations.

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) credential demonstrates mastery of developing and overseeing large-scale cybersecurity programs. When it comes to the best cybersecurity certifications, many consider CISSP the industry’s gold standard. Individuals who meet CISSP requirements can earn the certification and qualify to take on more professional responsibility in their cybersecurity jobs.

This guide offers information on CISSP certification requirements, including experience, suggested preparation times and CISSP certification exam costs.

What Is CISSP Certification?

CISSP certification, offered by (ISC)², is an advanced credential for information systems and cybersecurity professionals. This certification highlights an individual’s ability to create, deploy and manage cybersecurity efforts for large organizations.

CISSP certification requirements include a significant amount of professional experience and passing a lengthy exam. This credential suits experienced workers over entry-level and mid-level professionals.

Though this certification is not required by employers, it can boost candidates’ earning power and help them qualify for advanced roles in information security. CISSPs often work in positions like chief information security officer (CISO), network architect, security auditor and security manager, among others.

CISSP Certification Requirements

Aspiring CISSPs should familiarize themselves with the certification’s requirements before pursuing this credential.

Gain Experience

CISSP certification requirements stipulate that each candidate must have a minimum of five years of relevant professional experience. (ISC)² specifies eight security domains:

  • Domain 1: Security and risk management
  • Domain 2: Asset security
  • Domain 3: Security architecture and engineering
  • Domain 4: Communication and network security
  • Domain 5: Identity and access management
  • Domain 6: Security assessment and testing
  • Domain 7: Security operations
  • Domain 8: Software development security

Prospective CISSPs must accumulate experience in two of the eight domains to meet CISSP certification requirements. They can also apply (ISC)²-approved four-year college degrees and other credentials, which may qualify as a year of experience. Paid and unpaid internships also count toward the CISSP requirement.

Pass the Certification Exam

The CISSP exam covers the eight domains of security in a four-hour test comprising 125 to 175 required responses. These appear as multiple-choice questions and advanced innovative items. Test-takers must earn a 700 out of 1,000 to pass. Candidates register to take the exam with Pearson VUE.

Get Endorsed

After passing the exam, individuals can apply for endorsement online. The endorsement must come from an (ISC)²-certified professional who can advocate for your professional experience as a credential-holder in good standing. Individuals must receive endorsements within nine months of passing the exam.

Cost of Becoming a CISSP

Earning CISSP certification can deliver many professional benefits, but individuals should also understand the costs associated with pursuing the credential. Along with the required time investment, consider the following CISSP certification exam costs and any required payments relating to preparation and recertification.

CISSP Certification Exam Prep

Many organizations offer prep courses for the CISSP certification exam, and their costs vary drastically. Make sure to include exam prep costs, which may range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, in your CISSP budget. (ISC)² offers several exam prep methods, including self-paced, instructor-led and team-based options.

CISSP Certification Exam Cost

The CISSP certification exam costs $749. Individuals can receive vouchers from partner organizations after completing CISSP exam training courses.

Recertification Cost

Individuals must meet CISSP recertification requirements every three years to maintain their credentials. Each certification holder must earn 120 continuing professional education (CPE) credits over this three-year period. Costs relating to CPEs can vary significantly, but each certified individual must pay an annual $125 fee to (ISC)².

Common Careers for CISSPs

Individuals who have met CISSP requirements and earned their credentials can pursue work in many information security and cybersecurity roles. As of 2023, the number of open cybersecurity roles far outpaces the number of qualified professionals, indicating strong continued demand in the sector.

We sourced salary information for this section from Payscale.

Data from indicates that among current cybersecurity openings requiring certification, CISSP ranks as the most in-demand credential. The following section explores roles for CISSP certification-holders.

Chief Information Security Officer

Average Annual Salary: Around $173,500
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, information security or a related field; master’s preferred
Job Description: CISOs rank among the top positions in information security for responsibility and salary. This C-suite role reports directly to the CEO and requires significant experience, practical skills and expertise in information security.

CISOs oversee their organizations’ information security efforts. Often referred to as “chief security officers,” they supervise teams of infosec workers, set organizational directives, establish company-wide best practices and manage resource allotment. CISOs working in large, international businesses may interact with government agencies and congresspeople to ensure compliance with legal standards for information security.

Information Technology Director

Average Annual Salary: Around $125,000
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field, MBA degree often preferred
Job Description: IT directors oversee departments of IT workers and manage organizations’ computer systems operations. They provide solutions to companies’ computer-related issues, including software upgrades, security concerns and general technical issues. IT directors communicate with executives to ensure company-wide directives are carried out successfully.

These directors research new IT software and hardware to keep their organizations up to date and safe. They track metrics for managing IT professionals, along with storage, hardware and software. IT directors also handle employee schedules and budget planning. As department heads, they must possess strong communication skills to interact with mid-level professionals and C-suite executives.

Security Analyst

Average Annual Salary: Around $73,500
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, computer and information technology or a related field
Job Description: Security analysts work in computer systems, networks and information security departments to prevent, monitor and respond to security breaches. This broad professional title refers to workers who handle a variety of tasks in computer and network security.

These professionals work in many industries as “first responders” for cyberattacks. They must demonstrate deep knowledge of hardware, software and data storage to understand potential vulnerabilities and security solutions. Security analysts may help design security systems and handle encryption efforts for businesses to protect sensitive information.

Network Architect

Average Annual Salary: Around $126,000
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in network engineering or a related field; master’s in cybersecurity or a related field often preferred
Job Description: Network architects design and implement organizations’ security infrastructures. These professionals test and analyze existing safety structures to identify vulnerabilities and improvements. They install and maintain computer systems, including interconnected devices like firewalls and routers.

Before deploying any updates or upgrades, these information security professionals create models to test their networks in a controlled environment. Modeling allows network architects to forecast security and traffic issues before implementing their infrastructures in the real world. They also train and educate IT workers on organizational best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions About CISSP Requirements

What are the requirements to become CISSP-certified?

The two primary CISSP requirements are passing the exam and gaining five years of relevant professional experience.

No. CISSP certification suits experienced cybersecurity and information security professionals, requiring a minimum of five years of experience in the field.

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Best IT Certifications for 2024

Earning specialized certifications is a surefire way to advance your career in the IT field, regardless of industry or current career level. The right certification validates your skills and knowledge, which makes you more desirable to future employers who want to attract and retain the best employees. Below, we’ll explore the top IT certifications and share how to examine your goals to choose the right path forward. 

We’ve narrowed IT certifications into specific categories to help IT professionals assess what’s available and pursue the best certifications to show their willingness to learn and develop the in-demand career skills employers want.

Best database certifications 

Database platforms have changed greatly over the years, but database technology remains important for various applications and computing tasks. Available certifications for IT professionals include those for database administrators (DBAs), database developers, data analysts and architects, business intelligence, and data warehousing specialists, and other data professionals.

Obtaining database certifications demonstrates an understanding of database concepts, design, implementation, administration and security. This can boost your credibility in the job market and show potential employers that you have the skills needed to work with databases. The best database certifications include the following:

Best SAS certifications 

SAS is one of the world’s leading firms for business analytics, data warehousing and data mining. Today, the SAS Global Certification Program offers 23 credentials across categories including foundation tools, advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management and administration.

SAS programmers remain in high demand, with a quick search of job boards showing thousands of open positions. Obtaining SAS certification shows employers that you are proficient in the company’s popular suite of tools. Some of SAS’s certification programs include the following: 

Many professionals earn certifications to help navigate their career paths. According to the IT Salary Report, 92 percent of information technology professionals have at least one certification.

Best Cisco certifications 

Cisco Systems is a market leader not only in networking and communications products, but also storage networking and solutions for data centers. Cisco offers a variety of certifications for IT professionals, ranging from entry level credentials to expert-level exams. 

These certifications prepare professionals for Cisco-related careers. A search of job boards reveals thousands of open positions for Cisco experts, underscoring the continued relevance of these skills. Some of Cisco’s certifications include the following:

Best Dell certifications 

Dell Technologies remains one of the world’s leading computing companies. In addition to its well-known hardware lineup, Dell also offers solutions for networks, storage, servers, gateways and embedded computing, as well as a broad range of IT and business services.

Becoming certified in Dell products can help make IT professionals competitive in engineering roles for server, virtualization, networking, systems, integration and data security. Additional roles include consultants, account executives, system administrators, IT managers and deployment managers.

Best mobility certifications 

In the mobile era, it has become increasingly important for network engineers to support local, remote and mobile users, as well as provide proper infrastructure. The focus on application and app development now leans more toward mobile environments, requiring security professionals to thoroughly address mobility from all perspectives.

Due to the fast-changing nature of mobile technology, not many mobility certifications have become widely adopted. However, a few of the top mobility certifications can help IT professionals stand out in this rapidly evolving field. 

If part of your job includes selling and implementing an IT solution, you may want to pursue the best sales certifications. You’ll show your organization that you’re willing to go above and beyond to reach sales targets.

Best computer hardware certifications 

As remote and computer-based work has become more common, it’s more important than ever that businesses and individuals be able to maintain their hardware. While discussions about potential computer-related jobs often revolve around software work and coding, jumping into the IT field by becoming a computer technician is an excellent starting point.

Today, thousands of hardware technician jobs are available across the country. Entering this industry becomes more accessible for those who acquire computer hardware certifications. These certifications can showcase your expertise and proficiency in the upkeep of computers, mobile devices, printers and other hardware components.

Best Google Cloud certifications 

IT pros with solid cloud computing skills continue to be in high demand as more companies adopt cloud technologies. Today, Google Cloud is one of the market leaders in the cloud computing space. 

Regardless of where you are in your IT career, engaging with certification programs can demonstrate your willingness to keep on top of rapidly evolving cloud technologies. To that end, Google has introduced a host of certifications for its cloud platform, including the following: 

Best evergreen IT certifications

In the fast-changing world of technology, it can help to focus on certifications that have stood the test of time. “Evergreen” refers to certifications that remain popular year after year. 

The top evergreen certifications are based on recent pay surveys in IT, reports from IT professionals about certifications they want or pursue the most, and those that appear most frequently in online job postings. Obtaining these credentials is one step toward ensuring that your skills remain relevant for a long time: 

Best IT governance certifications 

IT governance provides structure for aligning a company’s IT with its business strategies. Organizations faced with compliance rigors always need experienced IT pros who can see the big picture and understand technology risks. This means certified IT governance professionals are likely to remain in high demand.

Earning one of the following certifications proves a commitment to understanding the role of IT governance and its position in a company’s current and future success. Getting certified can validate your expert knowledge and lead to advanced career opportunities.

Best system administrator certifications 

An IT system administrator is responsible for managing and maintaining the information technology infrastructure within an organization. The position demands sought-after career skills, ranging from configuring and maintaining servers and clients to managing access controls, network services, and addressing application resource requirements.

If you’re in charge of managing modern servers, there’s a long list of tools and technologies that system administrators must master. Obtaining some of the most prominent system administrator certifications can demonstrate your mastery to potential employers. 

Best ITIL certifications 

ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, was developed to establish standardized best practices for IT services within government agencies. Over the ensuing four decades, businesses of all types embraced, modified, and extended ITIL, shaping it into a comprehensive framework for managing IT service delivery. 

The ITIL framework remains the benchmark for best practices in IT service and delivery management, offering certification programs that cater to IT professionals at all levels. These training and certification courses ensure that IT professionals stay well-prepared for the ongoing evolution in IT service delivery management. There are four certifications in the ITIL certification program:

Best enterprise architect certifications 

An IT enterprise architect is responsible for designing and managing the overall structure and framework of an organization’s information technology system. Enterprise architect certifications are among the highest that an IT professional can achieve; fewer than 1 percent ultimately reach this level. 

Enterprise architects are among the highest-paid employees and consultants in the tech industry. These certifications can put IT professionals on a path to many lucrative positions. The average worker earns over six figures annually. Some top enterprise architect certifications are listed below:

To become an enterprise IT architect, you’ll need knowledge of systems deployment, design and architecture, as well as a strong business foundation.

Best CompTIA certifications

CompTIA is a nonprofit trade association made up of more than 2,000 member organizations and 3,000 business partners. The organization’s vendor-neutral certification program is one of the best recognized in the IT industry. Since CompTIA developed its A+ credential in 1993, it has issued more than two million certifications.

CompTIA certifications are grouped by skill set and focus on the real-world skills IT professionals need. Armed with these credentials, you can demonstrate that you know how to manage and support IT infrastructure. 

Best Oracle certifications 

A longtime leader in database software, Oracle also offers cloud solutions, servers, engineered systems, storage, and more. The company has more than 430,000 customers in 175 countries. 

Today, Oracle’s training program offers six certification levels that span 16 product categories with more than 200 individual credentials. Considering the depth and breadth of this program — and the number of Oracle customers — it’s no surprise that Oracle certifications are highly sought after. 

Vendor-specific certifications address a particular vendor’s hardware and software. For example, you can pursue Oracle certifications and Dell certifications to become an expert in those companies’ environments.

Best business continuity and disaster recovery certifications

Business continuity and disaster recovery keep systems running and data available in the event of interruptions or faults. These programs bring systems back to normal operation after a disaster has occurred.

Business continuity and disaster recovery certifications are seeing a healthy uptrend as new cloud-based tools grow in popularity. While business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning have always been essential, they’re becoming more critical than ever — and IT certifications are following suit.

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Professional Certifications

Stand out in today's competitive job market.

Developed in collaboration with and led by industry professionals and subject matter experts, our rigorous training will equip you with the latest knowledge and best practices in your chosen field. Employers and industry leaders recognize the value of certified professionals, often offering increased career prospects and higher earning potential.

Thu, 13 Jul 2023 19:08:00 -0500 en text/html
Earn top-flight IT certifications with this CompTIA training bundle for under $65 No result found, try new keyword!With courses valued at $39 each, this collection would usually cost nearly $600. But as part of this new year savings blowout sale, the entire course bundle is on sale now at just $64.97. But you'll ... Thu, 04 Jan 2024 18:44:28 -0600 en-us text/html Airbyte Announces Certified Connectors for MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL Databases Making Massive Amounts of Data Available for AI Modeling

Open source platform easily moves unlimited size data from popular databases to choice of 68 destinations including vector databases

SAN FRANCISCO, November 28, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Airbyte, creators of the fastest-growing open-source data integration platform, today announced availability of certified connectors for MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases, enabling datasets of unlimited size to be moved to any of Airbyte’s 68 supported destinations that include major cloud platforms (Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google), Databricks, Snowflake, and vector databases (Chroma, Milvus, Pinecone, Qdrant, Weaviate) which then can be accessed by artificial intelligence (AI) models.

Certified connectors (maintained and supported by Airbyte) are now available for both Airbyte Cloud and Airbyte Open Source Software (OSS) versions. The Airbyte connector catalog is the largest in the industry with more than 370 certified and community connectors. Also, users have built and are running more than 2,000 custom connectors created with the No-Code Connector Builder, which makes the construction and ongoing maintenance of Airbyte connectors much easier and faster.

"This makes a treasure trove of data available in these popular databases – MongoDB, MySQL, and Postgres – available to vector databases and AI applications," said Michel Tricot, co-founder and CEO, Airbyte. "There are no limits on the amount of data that can be replicated to another destination with our certified connectors."

Coming off the most recent Airbyte Hacktoberfest last month, there are now more than 20 Quickstart guides created by members of the user community, which provide step-by-step instructions and easy setup for different data movement use cases. For example, there are six for PostgreSQL related to moving data to Snowflake, BigQuery, and others. In addition, the community made 67 improvements to connectors that include migrations to no-code, which facilitates maintenance and upgrades.

Airbyte’s platform offers the following benefits.

  • The largest catalog of data sources that can be connected within minutes, and optimized for performance.

  • Availability of the no-code connector builder that makes it possible to easily and quickly create new connectors for data integrations that addresses the "long-tail" of data sources.

  • Ability to do incremental syncs to only extract changes in the data from a previous sync.

  • Built-in resiliency in the event of a disrupted session moving data, so the connection will resume from the point of the disruption.

  • Secure authentication for data access.

  • Ability to schedule and monitor status of all syncs.

Airbyte makes moving data easy and affordable across almost any source and destination, helping enterprises provide their users with access to the right data for analysis and decision-making. Airbyte has the largest data engineering contributor community – with more than 800 contributors – and the best tooling to build and maintain connectors.

Airbyte Open Source and connectors are free to use. Airbyte Cloud cost is based on usage with a pricing estimator here. To learn more about Airbyte and its capabilities, visit the Airbyte website.

About Airbyte

Airbyte is the open-source data movement leader running in the safety of your cloud and syncing data from applications, APIs, and databases to data warehouses, lakes, and other destinations. Airbyte offers four products: Airbyte Open Source, Airbyte Enterprise, Airbyte Cloud, and Powered by Airbyte. Airbyte was co-founded by Michel Tricot (former director of engineering and head of integrations at Liveramp and RideOS) and John Lafleur (serial entrepreneur of dev tools and B2B). The company is headquartered in San Francisco with a distributed team around the world. To learn more, visit

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With 246 hours of content, the 2024 Super Bundle covers a range of certifications and important skills. Through in-depth video tutorials, you learn how to manage multiple devices and identities, develop solutions for Azure, maintain security and more.

Each course works toward a specific certification. For example, you get full prep for Microsoft Security Operations Analyst (SC-200) and Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions (AZ-305). The lessons are easy to follow, and they include everything you need to know for the relevant exam.

All the content comes from IDUNOVA, an education provider that has been helping IT professionals for 20 years. You get unlimited on-demand access to all the materials, with streaming on desktop and mobile devices.

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What Is CISSP Certification? Qualifications, Benefits And Salary

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IT security professionals looking to advance their careers or dive deeper into the realm of cybersecurity should consider the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification. Organizations across industries need to protect their data and proprietary information from cyberattacks, making CISSP-certified professionals a valuable asset to any company.

CISSP certification signals to employers that you know how to best protect web-based information systems and command a strong IT security team. Read on to learn all you need to know about earning CISSP certification.

Who Should Get CISSP Certification?

As an early-career IT security professional, you may be tempted to jump into the CISSP certification process soon after completing an undergraduate degree or spending just a few years working entry-level cybersecurity jobs. However, you’ll have to meet certain benchmarks before qualifying to become a CISSP.

(ISC)², which administers CISSP certification, requires candidates to have completed either five years of full-time employment or four years of employment plus an undergraduate degree (such as a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity) or another approved credential.

(ISC)² also created the Body of Knowledge (CBK), which holds nearly all the information a seasoned cybersecurity professional should know. The CBK lists eight primary domains, including asset security and software development security. To become a CISSP, your past work experience must be within one or more of these eight domains.

Earning CISSP certification is not an easy process. From passing the exam to paying annual fees, this certification requires an investment of time, energy and money. On the other hand, CISSP certification is among the most common cybersecurity credentials required by employers.

Whether you plan to become a chief information officer or an independent security consultant, knowing your “why” can help you stay the course as you work toward earning CISSP certification.

Benefits of CISSP Certification

A CISSP certification is among the gold standards for IT and cybersecurity professionals. This credential can lead to higher salaries, a competitive advantage in the job market and knowledge of the latest industry advancements.

Increase Your Earning Potential

Salaries for CISSP-certified professionals vary by job title and location. On average, these workers earn around $128,000 per year in North America, according to Payscale.

CISSP-certified professionals are some of the most well-paid IT professionals in the industry. This is because employers understand the rigorous process required to become a CISSP, and the credential is recognized on a global scale.

Become a More Competitive Job Candidate

Adding CISSP certification to your cybersecurity resume signifies to recruiters and employers that you are among the top candidates in the information security industry. This credential also guarantees that you have at least four or five years of hands-on experience.

Some professionals plan to earn certification to pursue roles outside of their current organizations. (ISC)²’s 2023 workforce study indicates that 17% of respondents pursue credentials for a position with another company, while 15% considered certification to qualify for promotions.

Build Cybersecurity Expertise

Part of the CISSP certification process is becoming intimately familiar with all relevant information in the world of cybersecurity, both to pass the exam and to maintain certification.

After earning their certification, CISSPs must accumulate a set number of continuing education credits. Continuing education helps build expertise and ensure that CISSPs have current, relevant skills.

Participants in (ISC)²’s workforce study reported that their teams recognize the following benefits of employing cybersecurity professionals with certifications like the CISSP.

  • These workers have a deeper knowledge of critical cybersecurity topics.
  • Certified workers increase confidence in their teams’ ability to handle security challenges.
  • Hiring professionals with cybersecurity certifications ensures current knowledge and practice of information security trends.
  • Certification allows organizations to hire high-level workers with demonstrated expertise in cybersecurity.

Network with Other CISSPs

All CISSPs must become (ISC)² members, granting access to networking opportunities. More than 168,000 cybersecurity professionals are members of (ISC)².

What is the Current Demand for Cybersecurity Professionals?

Between 2021 and 2022, cyberattacks and data breaches increased by 41.5%. This spike in cyberattacks among companies of all types highlights both the need for expert cybersecurity professionals and the gap in supply.

Despite the field’s increasing popularity, the (ISC)²’s workforce study found that 67% of cybersecurity professionals say a shortage of cybersecurity professionals is putting their organizations at risk. (ISC)² estimated a global cybersecurity workforce gap of 3.9 million in 2023.

One potential reason for this workforce gap is that most cybersecurity job requirements include certifications such as the CISSP. Earning certification involves considerable time and effort, making it tougher to close this workforce gap. Meanwhile, technological advances used by malicious parties continue to outpace the rate at which IT and cybersecurity professionals enter the field and develop the expertise necessary to secure data against these attacks.

The Demand for CISSPs

CISSP professionals are in high demand across industries due to their advanced knowledge and ability to defend against data breaches and improve security measures.

According to CyberSeek, CISSP certifications see the most demand among all current cybersecurity job openings requiring certification. As of December 2023, more than 85,000 cybersecurity job listings request CISSP certification.

How to Earn CISSP Certification

To earn CISSP certification, you must first meet requirements for work experience, education and professional credentials. Candidates may have five years of relevant work experience or four years if they also hold a related undergraduate degree or an (ISC)²-approved credential.

If you do not meet these requirements but are still interested in taking the CISSP exam, you can work toward becoming an Associate of (ISC)². Associates have passed the exam but cannot become fully certified until they have fulfilled the work experience requirements.

Pass the Certification Exam

Each candidate has four hours to complete the CISSP certification exam, which comprises 125 to 175 questions. You can find ample preparation resources, including practice exams and study materials, on (ISC)²’s website.

When the time comes, you can register online to take the exam, though the exam itself will take place in person at a Pearson VUE testing center. Note that the exam fee is $749.

To pass, you must score at least 700/1,000 or higher. If you do not pass the CISSP exam the first time, you’re in good company—many test-takers attempt the exam multiple times. You can retake the CISSP exam 30 days after your first try and up to four times within a 12-month period.

Get Endorsed

After passing the CISSP exam, you must obtain an endorsement from a current certification-holder before becoming certified yourself.

This endorsement validates that you have completed the necessary work experience to earn CISSP certification. You have nine months to find an endorsement after passing the exam. In the event you are unable to find someone, (ISC)² may act as your endorser.

Maintain Certification

Like many professional accrediting bodies, (ISC)² requires its members to stay up to date on the latest trends and research in cybersecurity. You must earn at least 120 continuing professional education (CPE) credits every three years to maintain CISSP certification. Many members earn their CPEs by attending courses or conferences, volunteering or teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About CISSP Certification

A CISSP professional maintains an organization’s IT security systems, securing data against external threats. Responsibilities may also include running security audits, gathering data on security performance, managing teams of IT security professionals and creating security reports for stakeholders.

Is CISSP a good certification?

Yes, the CISSP credential is one of the most respected certifications in the cybersecurity field. Its rigor and high standards are well-known in the industry, and many organizations place a high value on recruiting CISSPs.

No, CISSP certification requires five years of professional experience in a cybersecurity-related role or a combination of work experience and education.

Tue, 02 Jan 2024 02:22:00 -0600 Meghan Gallagher en-US text/html
Teacher Certification Certification

Have you:

  • Met all of the University of North Georgia's institutional requirements?
  • Met all of the graduation requirements for your teacher certification program?
  • Completed our teacher preparation program, in a specific teaching field?

If so, then you are eligible to apply for a Georgia teaching certificate!

Establishing Connection...

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Directory of Certified Ecologists Information Submission

We thank you for your choice of ESA’s certification as a professional credential. As this program evolves, we hope to make better use of the Directory of Certified Ecologists as a way of highlighting certified ecologists to public individuals who may be seeking the services of professional ecologists. So it’s important that we have fully up-to-date information about you to share! Please take a moment to fill in the form below with as much information as you are comfortable sharing.

As your employment or professional information changes, make sure to keep ESA informed! You can return to this form and re-submit information at any time (notifications are sent to staff), update your electronic records with ESA, or even just shoot an email to

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